Hello Kitty Sex Toy 2

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you may remember that I came across an item that I initially thought was some kind of weirded out Hello Kitty sex toy, but ultimately ended up being something else. You can imagine my surprise when this arrived in the mail:

Hello Kitty ???

Hello Kitty mystery

Hello Kitty wtf

Hello Kitty sex toy

I must admit that my mind did travel there again for a split second (hey, I’m a guy), but I did fully recover before blurting out something that likely would have put me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag.

At least I feel much better these days about previously being ignorant to what these really are. We had friends stop by and while my wife’s girlfriend new exactly what they were and picked them up (they were sitting on the table after she had just unpacked them), her husband almost had a Hello Kitty heart attack – an expression that I remember crossing my face the first time I saw them. It’s not often that Hello Kitty Hell makes me laugh, but I did have to let out a smile at that…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sex Toy 2”

  1. Hmmm…I’m not seeing how this could be a sex toy (I must be naive).

    So, what is this thing and what’s it supposed to do?

    It kind of looks like nunchuks.

  2. OK, I thought I was hip to all the sex toys, but this one has me stumped. WTF would you do with this? It looks kind of like you could jam your unit down one of the tubes, but HK would get in the way and abrade your balls.
    I can’t think of any good organ to put this on, in or around.

    I would ask what the Hell is its actual Sanrio-approved purpose, but Sanrio doesn’t seem to demand that its products have a purpose, so never mind.

  3. Boy – you’re all gonna laugh when you see what these really do. I managed to find the missing picture in this sequence on another website – but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (Hope this doesn’t ruin it for anyone…)

  4. Seriously, how the fck can that be a shex toy? honestly now.

    it’s a boot holder. you put it in tall leather boots to hold them in place.


  5. yeah i agree with them i don’t think this is a sex toy cause its made of cloth. so maybe there right, boot holders. hmmm very odd. i guess we never know until u touch one of them and see for yourself lol

  6. yeah they are boot holders of some sort becauase if u look at those two squares on each of the “stick” things i believe there magnates….oh well everyone makes mistakes it okay ^-^


  8. they keep boots from falling down lol ^^ they make it so ur boots dont get wrinkled u put them in ur boots when ur not wearing them

  9. Sure it’s not a sex toy…even if some dirty mind could go there…i believe it could be nunchucks (and so it would be soooooo coooool though i hate HK) or something like a portable dress holder…when you have that special shirt for your best friend’s wedding and you have to carry it in the car or something…maybe?

  10. I think you’re pretty cool and I greatly enjoy reading your site, but please stop it with the ‘I’m a guy so my mind is dirty.’ Everyone has a dirty mind, but unfortunately there’s a stigma against women expressing it. I know you probably mean it in a good way like you’re humbling yourself to your supposed faults or whatever, but I really wish we did away with this notion that it’s supposedly natural for guys to like sex but not quite so natural for women. Everyone has a dirty mind, not just guys, and no, guys on he average do not have dirtier minds than women. Women are just raised to suppress their own sexuality because otherwise we would be ‘whores.’

  11. Bring on the Whores so i can burn them in a lake of fire damn their eternal Souls, Now thats what i would’ve said if i were RETARDED…………………


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