30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hunting”

  1. Your wife is right, that is horrible! It is sad to see Hello Kitty dead! I can only assume that Hello Kitty has taken up an acting career and she isn’t really dead! In that case I say it is funny that Hello Kitty is now an action movie star! hehe.

  2. too funny, but just wait until the wife finds all the knit, crochet, crafting and cross stitch patterns on e-bay. ;}
    She’ll be making her own Hello Kitty sweaters, handbags etc.

  3. hiii! πŸ™‚


    i love hello kitty i have looked on a tattoo and i find her many hello kitty tattoos

    itΒ΄s a sweet hompage ….

    best greetings keeksi

  4. hooray! now, is this one thing you would tell people where to buy from? i love it though. hello kitty makes me sick. all the readers here should kidnap you and put you far away from HKH. without a ransom.

  5. bahahahaaa
    man this is to freaking good!
    can i purchase one of these??
    to cool
    well done
    nicee work (Y)

  6. HKitty, psychopath is one word, not two.

    I’d love to have that shirt, though my mom wouldn’t like the gun and the blood. Mmmm, fairness at last.

  7. The ONLY HK thing I would EVER dignify by buying.

    To the whiners, you’ll sure see OTHER cartoon characters drawn dead and bloody, so get over yourselves.


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