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For those of you who have been following this blog for awhile, you may have noticed I recently changed the look of the blog. While I eventually chose the theme that you see in front of you, my wife thought that I should go with the Hello Kitty WordPress theme:

Hello Kitty wordpress theme

Yes, you know things are bad when the evil Kitty has her own WordPress theme. Of course, it makes no sense that this blog would go with such a cutesy theme, but we must once again remember that making sense and being a fanatic of that feline animation character tend to go together as well as oil and water. My wife’s rational for the cute HK theme? “No matter what you write and how much you say bad things about Hello Kitty, most of your readers are Hello Kitty fans. You should appreciate them more and show that appreciation by using the HK theme.” Ouch — one more reminder that I live in Hello Kitty Hell…

No matter, my chosen theme represents how I feel about the cat who is slowly taking over the world (and the dancing devil was starting to drive me nuts). I would like to send out a big thank you to SofaShark who gave me permission to use the image for the header that does so well represent the current life I lead…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty WordPress Theme”

  1. Oh yeah, the new header works well. When you switch to the theme that your wife wants you to use, I will call the appropriate authorities to have you placed in a mental hospital. I promise.

  2. She is right you know. I’m a fan.. I think your site is funny. That’s why I come here. And even though I am a big fan, I still think there are some things here that are totally weird. =)

  3. Although the new header is portorating the situation you are in well, actually I like “dancing devil” header. It reminds me that the devlish thing may come with nice cute apperance. It is really true in a life.

  4. Your wife is right, I’m a fan as well. Your blog amuses me and makes me feel better about myself in the way that I can be appauled at what some people will spend their money on just for HK. Maybe if I didn’t have bills to pay I, too, could waste away my money on stupid things that are generally useless. But since I was young my budget has kept HK at a certain distance with how much she will overrun my life. Your new graphic is cool but… honestly it doesn’t look like you’re in Kitty hell anymore. The dancing Kitty appeared to torment you, adding to the amusement of your hatred for her but now you look like you’re a phoenix rising from the flames of the life-giving Kitty. (Sorry! >.

  5. If you want to start an argument with a HK fan, debate if Barbie Pink is the same pink as Hello Kitty pink. I think they’re both Pepto-Bismol pink, and I can’t stand the color. I am not a Hello Kitty fan. I read for sympathetic amusement only. I prefer the goth bunny who says things like, “I was so touched, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.”

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