Hello Kitty Headphones

Not satisfied with only having the Hello Kitty earphone charms, my wife decided that she needed her headphones to be branded with the omnipresent feline. As is no surprise, she found exactly what she was looking for:

Hello Kitty headphones

Hello Kitty headphones

Hello Kitty headphones

My wife knows that I like music and she got to get me to wear them by telling me the sound was fantastic (yes, I know that if I had even thought about that statement for a split second that I may have saved myself from what was to come. It is impossible for someone who believes the Hello Kitty theme song is good music to have any idea about what good sound is…)

While the event has likely scarred me for life and I’m already showing signs of post traumatic syndrome, I did learn something from the experience. No matter how bad the Hello Kitty theme song sounds over lousy Hello Kitty speakers, it is infinitely worse when wearing Hello Kitty headphones.

Seeing the winces of pain cross my face as I struggled to get the headphones off as quickly as possible before my brain melted, my wife (obviously believing that my contorted facial expressions were some type of appreciation for Hello Kitty) smiled and said, “You should listen to more. You look good wearing Hello Kitty headphones (yeah right – tell me one guy who “looks good” wearing anything Hello Kitty?)

My theory is that the sound waves from the theme song being so close to my ear drums basically have the same effect as an alien probing my brain with sharp objects and no anesthesia or possibly a microwave cooking it into mush. I have no doubt that I’ll need years of therapy to come to terms with the awful experience and the worst part is that it was nothing out of the ordinary for a day in Hello Kitty Hell…

From Patrícia who should have to listen to the Hello Kitty theme song on a daily basis for even thinking of sending these to me…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Headphones”

  1. I never imagined that I would cause such an horrible situation 🙂 lol I’m sure you’ll survive… it was just another day in HK hell 🙂 By the way… I’ve never listened to HK theme song 😛

  2. Did you hear about Kimora Lee Simmons’ new Hello Kitty collection? I just saw a commercial for a new episode of her reality show ‘Simply Kimora’ that shows parts of the collection. It’s definitely tons of Hello Kitty, enough to make someone already in her hell to feel even more scared. Probably mostly because of the price tags, I doubt they’ll be too cheap.

  3. Comment from La Chatte
    Time: September 26, 2007, 12:11 pm

    “tell me one guy who “looks good” wearing anything Hello Kitty?”

    Jeffree Star


  4. omg is your wife planning to sell that headphone anytime soon?!?! i can’t find it anywhere..not even the sanrio shop..

  5. wow ok so there r ugly ok ….i mean they look so cheap .. hello kitty has failed …

    im sorry the olny head phones i like r skullz candy

    but if ur life is that bad why dont u leave her … i mean you must love her to stay in hello kitty hell ..hmm maybe this is ur way to blow off steam because of ur wifes hello kitty addiction…. no one is perrfect .. maybe it makes her happy.. but just like a drug addiction it fulls her for a little than leaves her empty wanting more .. i dont know what to say.. but hello kitty hell guy if u really love ur wife dont like hello kitty get to u …

  6. woooooooooh all this all over a pair off ear phones wif a a patturn on em

    and i think there reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cutee but the only reason u dnt like thm really is cuz there girly and you secretly dm thm ur jst betending there soo badd cuz ur scared every one would think your gayxx


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