Hello Kitty Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Earphones seem to be a theme of late. Since Hello Kitty has never found a technology she didn’t like and want to Kittify (actually, as this blog plainly shows, she has never found anything that she wasn’t willing to Kittify), it really came as no surprise when my wife found a Hello Kitty bluetooth wireless earphone set:

Hello Kitty bluetooth

At a cost of $135 (15,750 Yen), the worst part isn’t the price, but that Sanrio has decided to advertise these earphones toward males saying that they’re great for listening to music, school courses, the TV and while playing video games. This, of course, gives the Hello Kitty fanatic the right (in her mind) to insist that her significant other absolutely needs the item (because when has Sanrio ever been wrong?). While I must admit that I wouldn’t mind having wireless bluetooth earphones, one plastered with the evil feline would simply be one more thing to add to my Hello Kitty Hell…

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bluetooth Wireless Earphones”

  1. Lol i love the pose when she looks like shes flipping you off 🙂
    I love this blog by the way, for some odd reason i get some happiness reading about ur hello kitty hell, im going to get my BF to read cause he dont lik hello kitty either.. im no where as fanatic as your wife but i have lots and lots of clothes and jewlery and purses and my BF hates them!


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