Hello Kitty Gold Business Card Personalized

You knew that Sanrio wouldn’t stop at one – it’s not in their character to fail to beat something to complete death when there are Hello Kitty fanatics ready to pay out big dollars for useless crap. To help celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Hello Kitty (like they really need an excuse to launch this stuff – they might as well declare everyday Hello kitty day and use that as an excuse), they have revived the pure gold business card, but now will personalize it with your name and address for the small sum of $110 (12,600 Yen)

Hello Kitty gold business card

To make matters worse, they have decided to release two different patterns of the card and then give fanatics the choice of English or Japanese lettering for their name making 4 different options for the Hello kitty fanatic to choose from. Since we have already established that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t make choices, but get one of everything, the result is over $400 for 4 gold business cards.

For the vast majority of us, we take one look at this business card and know it is completely useless. We think that Sanrio has finally lost their marbles and there is no way that this could possibly be a success (then again, that is exactly what we thought about the Hello Kitty business card). Of course, this common sense has no effect on the Hello Kitty fanatic. “It makes a perfect matching pair with the Hello Kitty business card. My business card right next to Hello Kitty’s business card. It shows how close we are to each other.”

You know that you are living in Hello Kitty Hell when your wife can explain with a straight face the reasons that getting a $110 gold Hello Kitty business card makes perfect sense…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gold Business Card Personalized”

  1. I… don’t get it. A business card that’s too expensive to give away? Are they expecting Paris Hilton or some other rich trash to buy a bunch and use them? What the Hell is the point of this thing? I realise that this may be an irrelevant question in Hello Kitty Hell.

  2. So awful. Your wife could be putting me through the college I can’t afford with all the useless HK things she buys and the stuff she buys with no intention of using but has to have just b/c HK is featured… sigh… I can feel the flames of your Kitty hell licking at my neck.

  3. Stop being so mean. You shouldn’t call Hello Kitty useless. She brings happiness to everyone . Stop commenting and just show the photos so we can all be happy.

  4. Why the hell would you need a HK business card… unless you work for Sanrio? And it is clear that some people here don’t understand the meaning of Hello Kitty Hell… it’s Hell right? Not Heaven?

  5. Darlene, you clearly either didn’t read or didn’t understand my earlier comments on the subject of “more cute items”, so I’ll try again in simpler language.

    1 or 2 cute items in an otherwise normal environment are cute. Something like a kitchenfull of “cuteified” items is far from cute, and this overload factor is what this blog is all about. Sometimes less really is more. Got it now?

  6. and if u get stuck with one, u can sell it to those gold deposit places! (er, cause don’t you get buisness cards to give ’em out?)

  7. It’s like one of those religion cards when ppl come to your door and they ask if you belive in something then shove there crap down your throught here is what it would be like in my mind

    HK cult member : “miss are you aware HK brings hapiness and joy to the world?”
    Me: ” Sorry I completly and utterly disagree”
    HK Zombie – “Must convert the other”
    Me: ” I’m sorry?
    HK Cult member – Here let me leave you a card”
    ***Gives Me the Personlized card that reads : ” Are you willing to sacrafice your soul in order to rule the world?” ***
    Looks up in utter confusion as the cult member skips off with HIS pink pinstrip suit and his HK briefcase to his hot pink HK taxi!! YAY happy happy joy joy


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