Hello Kitty Glass Slipper

As has been noted on numerous occasions, Hello Kitty has no problem venturing into any area in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar. Hey, if a good fairy tale is out there, Hello Kitty is sure to try and Kittify it. That’s the only explanation that I can find for this Hello Kitty glass slipper:

Hello Kitty glass slipper wedding ring pillow

I’m not sure why this particular product annoys me so much. Yes, it’s useless, but as has already been established, so are all items of the evil feline. I think it’s the combination of nauseating Hello Kitty “cutest thing ever” mentality combined with the unrealistic romantic fairy tale love that simply makes me want to vomit. Just thinking about this combination gives me the dry heaves.

And if that hasn’t made you feel more than a bit queasy, it’s time to go and find an empty bucket or take your laptop to the bathroom. Not only is it a glass slipper, it’s also a wedding ceremony ring pillow bringing that into the equation which should pretty much empty everyone’s stomach (except, of course, for Hello Kitty fanatics who will see this as one of the greatest items ever made). When my wife begins to describe items as “precious” rather than “cute,” that is when I know it’s going to be an extra special Hello Kitty Hellish day…

45 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Glass Slipper”

  1. OH MY GOD… this is retarded… who would be sane enough to buy any of what you’ve shown in this blog? (besides your wife…) Imagine all the money those people waste on HK stuff… some of them would probably have enough to buy a house in Beverly Hills…

  2. This post shows that you are an unromantic slob that has no idea how to please a woman. I had to throw up because of your stupid writing. That is why everyone is getting sick. If you just showed the photos, everyone would be in heaven. When are you ever going to learn?

  3. Darlene, you’re really not going to get this, but I come here for the writing, not the HK product photos. If you don’t like the site, go and annoy someone else huh?

  4. I’m with you all the way on this one Kitty Hell guy…this thing is just freakish. Gotta wonder what the creative team at Sanrio is thinking.
    By the way, I’m starting to get as much amusement from Darlene’s comments as I am from this blog. I’m wondering where the kitty love, joy and happiness has gone though. Doesn’t such hatefulness go against the teachings of the almighty and wise kitty?

  5. I totally disagree with darlene wich I believe her to be a completely detached person… she is not in our dimension, really!! But I do agree that some more real photos would be nice! But it’s all up to Mr. Hellokittyhell… and by the way, I love this blog for the writting!

  6. Hello HKH!

    I love your blog, but what is more shocking to me is that I am a hello kitty fan, but I do agree with what you say here. I thank you for showing me much needed wisdom concerning sanrio merchandise, and because of you, I have gone from fanatic to just a moderate fan of said white cat.

    You know what Darlene? I think you are just as disgusted by hello kitty as HKH, but you are putting up a front to make fun of all the fanatics out there ๐Ÿ˜› But if you really do believe the words that are coming out of your mouth/fingers, may I suggest joining hello-kitty-holics anonymous ? As hello kitty would say: less hate, more love eh?

  7. first off, the whole Cinderella myth bothers me. If you allow yourself to be abused and bullied and bear it sweetly and without complaint, you can later on get revenge by marrying a prince you met only once, who could be a right b*****d, and then torturing your abuseres in return. Does anyone else think this is not a great message for little girls to hear?

    Secondly, anything Hello Kitty does to make some poor man’s wedding even more like a march to the guillotine is just cruel and nasty..

  8. It is stupid hello kitty fanatics like darlene, who, with their naive minds, make life for men a hell lot more miserable.

    Why can’t all you hello kitty fantatics out there just the get the hell out of here?

  9. Darlene:

    I happen to be a woman, and any guy who presented me with a Hello Kitty glass slipper would get the “what the hell were you thinking, couldn’t you have gotten me a Nikon D70 SLR instead or something USEFUL?” lecture.

    True romance is a guy who understands What YOU Want, like my husband who got me a plasma cutter for Christmas.

    If this blog makes you sick, are you masochistic? Only a masochist would insist on hanging around something that makes them ill.

  10. Hey, this blog is honest. Who needs a glass slipper, let alone a HK one? Sanrio puts out all kinds of useless crap so people like Darlene can waste they’re money on them.

    ….I come to this blog to laugh at the sheer uselessness of HK products, and yet, as I’m typing, I’m drinking out of this.

  11. 1st of all… woof (@ slipper). This is coming from a Hello Kitty fan & Cinderella fan who wore faux “glass slippers” for her Sweet 16 ceremony. Just WOOF.

    2nd of all, to everyone here, Darlene’s only friend must be Hello Kitty. This explains her constant need to come here to defend HK and all the free time in which she has to do so. Of course she has no sense of humor or respect for the right to free speech the author has, what else can she really do? Her only friend in the world is an imaginary white cat. Clearly we can understand her need to defend inanimate objects that can’t defend themselves if we remember to remove all logic from our minds!

  12. Mr. Kitty Hell:

    I think Darlene the Kitty Nazi is planning to send you off to a Kitty concentration camp where you will be gassed in a Kitty shower if your not careful. Beware. She’s getting more venomous with every blog.

  13. Darlene, you need to find another interest. It is sad how you can not find the humor in all of these. I am a HK fan also, but I find this blog very very funny. Just because I like Kitty, it does not mean that I assume that everyone else feels the same. You need to have more respect for other people’s right to express themselves. You are the one who hates what HKH guy is saying, but you kept coming back for more. If you hate it so much, don’t come back!!

  14. I totally agree, Barrie. Telling little girls fairy tales about helpless princesses rescued by Prince Charming gives them brain damage, second only to taking a baseball bat to their foreheads. I used to work in a joint that sold wedding accoutrements, and I saw an endless parade of women so desperate to be Cinderella that they totally failed to see that they were marrying guys who were totally wrong for them. I don’t know what the guys’ problem was. One woman came back twice while I worked there, once with husband #5, once with #6. She seemed convinced that if she could just get the wedding frippery right, then *this time* it would work out. The guys were just interchangeable schmucks. She would have loved this Hello Kitty glass slipper shit.

  15. Hey, you can always tell your wife the ORIGINAL Cinderella story. See what she says about these slippers after that…

    The slipper was silk, not glass, for one. Also the sisters didn’t get caught because their feet wouldn’t fit inside the slipper. The evil sisters got caught, because they cut off pieces of their feet (big toe for one, the heel for the other) to fit the shoe on and then bled through it.

    When Cinderella finally marries her “Prince Charming” doves fly down and peck out the step-sisters and step-mothers eyes.

    So basically Hello Kitty is putting her name on a shoe that caused three people to be horribly maimed….I think it fits her.

  16. If you don’t like hellokitty that much then it’s okay to tell your wife. But maybe in a way that she understands. “I think that this hellokitty stuff is freaking me out although as long as you clear a room in the house for me to chill then I am okay with this” because if you tell her to get rid of it all of the stuff then in that case she will choose between “you’ OR “hellokitty” to get rid of. So as long as you act sweet every morning then she’ll be happy and think that you are going with her lifestyle. But at the same time your making your life easier step by step. So keep going with her envirenment and pretty soon she’ll get sick of it. Besides oneday she’ll get old and decrease her fashion styles anyway.

    If that is truely your wish for kitty to be gone then make it happen and see what happens to you! On the day of her 40th birthday it will be all over.
    To bad you don’t have kids. Because if you did then they would have been the ones to solve your issue.

  17. What is wrong with a hellokitty wedding ? It’s exciting and fun and sooooo much better than having a cheap boring one. The one reason why poeple get these weddings is because they are fun. The guy that you posted on this site had a blocker on his face because you wanted to make it sound like your not alone. Well, maybe you didn’t know that there are alot of guys in japan that have hellokitty weddings too except they have a good time during the wedding to make there wifes happy and also because the wedding is fun. If you really loved your wife then you would just go with her plans. Besides she only does this crap because you aren’t saying anything .

  18. Thanks for the link. I just bought one from eBay. I might not use it as a ring holder, but it is pretty enough just for display. ^_^

  19. Wow, that person (Darlene, was it?) is outrageous! Even I think HK is somewhat cute, but these things you speak of on HKH are just over-the-top/overrated! Why would anyone want these things are beyond me…

  20. oh my god this is like the cutes thing ever… i would totally buy this and wear it… hello kitty is like the cutest thing ever… and anybody who says is not… well they’re just crazy and cant see how cute and adorable hello kitty is

  21. Huh. I wonder if the fact that I get nauseous looking at Hello Kitty crap is a good drawing card for finding a good mate someday. I shall have to add this to my list of assets.

  22. “I thought the original Cinderella slipper was fur. Shows what I know.”

    I heard that it was fur too, and that it wasn’t a slipper, and that the Prince tried it on… Think about it, people.

    Aside, that glass shoe… blarg!

  23. If my boyfriend tried to propose to me with that (which he wouldn’t, the boy has sense), I would bonk him on the head with it for wasting money. Why do weddings have to be huge expensive affairs?
    I also wonder why Darlene, while suffering each time she reads this blog, never fails to comment. You have to marvel at her commitment.

  24. Why is Darlene a serial blog-commenter if she hates this place so much? Her obsessive, nonsensical arguments creep me out…

  25. ….

    Is that even real glass? I’m sorry but I so see it as those tacky fake plastic shoes…

    And the fact the whole idea of it being a ring pillow…. Oh god!!! If I saw that in my wedding I would puke!! And then stab myself with my own shoes!

  26. Hi hi- Just came across this site and think it’s great! Really love to hate Darlene’s posts- what a …. well yeah. It just strikes me as Hollywood weird that a lover of Hello Kitty would go to a website that announces its extreme distaste for anything Kitty because of overkill and demand you try and please all HK lovers.
    Seriously- I found this glass slipper thingy a little weird but not all that bad- but then again I’m not living in this poor guy’s cuddly pink version of hell.
    Ha ha Rei stab yourself with your own shoe! I love it! Better though if you offed yourself with the HK shoe – then you could say HK killed you.

    Darlene- get a clue and hang out on a fan site- not a hate site…. unless you’re the kind of sick individual that enjoys being the lone idiot in a crowd of folks just dying to dump on what you love. Wow man- go get yourself a hug and stop inviting strangers to beat on you- it’s kinda weird.

    And for the record I like HK, but I’m not a fanatic- I just like seeing what kind of crazy stuff people put out there- Hey loved the HK Military vehicle too even if it was photo shopped- you’re wife has a delightfully twisted view of the power of pink.

  27. I hate men who can’t realize how scared of they are of feminine things. I realize that HK isn’t for guys, as it’s not meant to be. But hell, football is not meant for all girls! Nor is fishing, cars, hunting, etc. but women put up with those things for their men and some even find themselves enjoying it. I’m not saying that you should love HK as much as your girl, but you should Not act like it would kill you to share something that she loves with her.

    And to any man who thinks like this:
    “Secondly, anything Hello Kitty does to make some poor manโ€™s wedding even more like a march to the guillotine is just cruel and nasty..”
    YOU SHOULD NOT BE GETTING MARRIED! I know a HK wedding isn’t for everyone, and certainly not the overly dramatic ones that actually have furries. But if you think that getting married is ‘like a march to the guillotine’ you’re definitely not mature enough to take a commitment with a woman that you claim to love! It’s disgusting when men say things like this. They shouldn’t propose if that is their mindset. Further more, an HK wedding doesn’t have to be a huge girly, gaudy event. You can make it a fun wedding that reflects a playful personality.
    /end rant.

  28. Would someone “ACTUALLY” WEAR A GLASS SLIPPER?
    I’m trying not be dumb, but do people walk in them the whole time they’re somewhere? The only thing I know is that my dad has 3 collectible ones, not hello kitty kind.


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