Hello Kitty World of Warcraft

In the never ending quest to be everywhere, Hello Kitty invades places that she should never be. How else can you explain the Hello Kitty World of Warcraft personalised interface:

Hello Kitty wow

For those unfamiliar, World of Warcraft (WoW) is an online game where people going around killing anything and everything. Obviously, there are players that believe that adopting a Hello Kitty theme will give them the added advantage they need to spread destruction and misery throughout the world. Hmmmm, on second thought, maybe it isn’t such a bad fit for Hello Kitty after all…

Sent in by Kate who should have to not only use this theme when she plays the game, but also listen to the Hello Kitty theme song the entire time for thinking that showing this to me could ever be a good idea.

53 thoughts on “Hello Kitty World of Warcraft”

  1. Why can’t you get it through your thick head that people want to be close to Hello Kitty and that is why they create Hello Kitty interfaces? People like Hello Kitty. That is why she is so popular. That is why she is on so many things.

    The only person that hates her is you and it is beyond me why there are so many people that come to this blog. It must be so they can laugh at how ridiculous all your posts are. People are already getting tired of you being so negative. Why can’t you just accept that you’re wrong and that Hello Kitty makes people happy. This blog would be much more popular if you would be more positive.

  2. To Darlene: Why does he have to accept that he is “Wrong”?? If you dont like hello kitty..if you think Hello Kitty is stupid you are automatically wrong? What is that kind of crap?

    Not everyone likes Hello kitty and if you hate this blog so much then don’t come here at all! You dont HAVE to read it you know. And if you are gonna read it please stop posting comments to bash this blog or write how *wrong* he is.

    Why should he make this blog so popular? This blog is already popular. It feeds the Hello Kitty fans *like yourself* with the newest things and you are whining about why he is so negative? You must be grateful for this blog! Where can you find so much Hello Kitty stuff in different categories?

    Please if you hate it so much dont come here anymore. But if you want to read it stop placing useless comments.

  3. darlene, you’re so stupid. there are so many people that frequent this blog because the posts are brilliantly funny (and undeniably true) and because people come to laugh at how ridiculous the horribly obsessive Hello Kitty worshippers (like yourself) are.

  4. There is a Hello Kitty theme song? This is a whole new world, I feel like I’ve taken LSD for the first time all over again! There is so much to take in with innocent eyes, I’m going to have to pace myself, I don’t want to get hurt….

  5. Hey hey hey people, I’m agreeing with Darlene on this, it’s true that we come to this blog because “so [we] can laugh at how ridiculous all [the] posts are.”

    Seriously, I’m really laughing at how ridiculous this is. Like, come on, it’s so ridiculous to be so in love with Hello Kitty!!!

    And might I add that nothing is more in the spirit of Hello Kitty than bringing your axe and killing everyone you see in the World of Warcraft.

  6. Ohhhhhhhh, this is just wrong. I’m hoping very hard this is a fake….I can tell you that with a LOT of personal World of Warcraft experience I have NEVER heard of such a thing.

    Although, now that I think about it, I DO know one coworker who played quite a bit who was a Hello Kitty fanatic…..maybe that’s her skin.

    To Darlene: Delusional much?

  7. I have linked to this blog to terrify all of my WoW playing friends. This may just be what it takes to break their addiction. That image is so wrong on so many levels.

  8. i read this blog because i love hello kitty. i don’t think more people would read this blog if it were more positive; the combination of the inherent ridiculousness of a mouthless cat with a giant head and a love for her would really weird me out. i’m sure other fans agree.

  9. wasting you time preaching to darlene. she is a one hit wonder. she makes her comment and runs. she doesn’t have the guts to come on after we have all commented. however, i beat her to the punch this time.
    check out the KittyCon post!

  10. Wow was all I could say at first. I like HK but its nothing close to obsession. A couple of items max. And I play WoW. There is no way I would mix the two. That is the scariest UI I have ever seen. Shadowdragon unfortunately I think this was done with skinner…. Scarier still is the fact that this person is pounding away on many little HK faces to kill ppl and doesn’t see anything odd about it. I put this up on my guilds website as the scariest ui ever thought of.

  11. Okay, after spending a bit of time reading your blog…and then seeing this massacre of the WoW UI…..I think I’m going to have a seizure.

    Seriously…everything in this blog makes me pity you in ways that I can not even describe. If I were your wife, I’d put myself down. I give you props as possibly the best husband ever for being able to tolerate her obsession.

  12. Hey.
    This interface looks a bit strange and a bit hard to see the most important things like chat,spells,minimap etc.
    But i found some addons what can be very useful.
    Could someone list the used addons pls? 🙂

  13. I love WoW. I strongly dislike Hello Kitty. If someone needs to vandalize their WoW with Hello Kitty, that is their deal. Imho, it is the ugliest, most horrific thing I have seen done to WoW, which is my deal.
    What I would be interested in seeing is Hello Kitty replacing Onyxia, Lady Vashj, or Princess. If you are going to mix Hello Kitty with WoW, at least do it right.

  14. Okay, you’re all a bunch of idiots responding to a TROLL. ‘Darlene’, or whatever his real name is, is just laughing and wanking to the attention you gave him.

    Anyone who responds in a comment here is a jackass.

    Oh, wait… d’oh!

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  16. darlene………… I hate hello kitty with all my heart, i even would like to stab a knife in her eye, but it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like hello kitty they are free to do it, as i’m free to hate it, and i think that if ther’s so many people here is because we all hate hello kitty.

    you should learn to tolerate other people’s likes and dislikes.

  17. May God have mercy on you : ) You are indeed a strong man!
    I play WoW. I HATE HK!!!
    I hope that your vision of paradise isn’t pink…

  18. I know Hello Kitty fans who love this website. It’s because they see things here that they never see before, and they’re big enough to not let the editorials of one person get to them. To each their own, I guess. If you like Hello Kitty, great. If not, that’s cool too.


  20. sweet! i was gunna start playin wow again…maybe…i couldn’t make up my mind. if i find this mod though..im soooo gunna start again hehe 🙂 <3 the kitty

  21. I love Hello Kitty, but my husband isn’t quite so into it and, quite frankly, I’d be disturbed if he was. I’m very lucky because he’s incredibly tolerant of my obsession…and he’s incredibly lucky because I accept his passion for WOW and suchlike. He admits HK is cute and is happy for me to decorate myself and my car with them as long as they don’t sneak into other parts of the house…

    He will be very relieved to discover he isn’t alone!



  22. I absolutely adore Hello Kitty and buy the merchandise, but not all of it, there is a limit!

    And the Hello Kitty UI is over the limit… Way over the limit…

  23. ROFL. I gotta insall that on my house mates WOW interfaces. They would go mental. Of course the finger would automatically be pointed at me.

  24. I honestly use parts of this interface. The bow’d buttons are pretty cute and available with the mod ButtonFacade. Other than the buttons though… Everything else is bleh.

  25. you should really start displaying where and how we can get these items.. im sooo tired of looking at stuff on here and wanting it but having nooo clue of where to get it. boo.


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