Hello Kitty Swarovski Computer Mouse

Of course, NEC couldn’t simply stop with a new computer look. They had to create more bling to make Hello Kitty fanatics drool with dreamy lust as their significant others looked on in gut-wrenching pain. Thus the introduction of the Hello Kitty Swarovski crystal bead heart shaped mouse:

Hello Kitty mouse

Hello Kitty mouse memory stick

Of course, this Hello Kitty fanatic lust has a price: $110 (12,600 yen) for a computer mouse. Should I be expecting this as a stocking stuffer to go along with the computer? Those are the thoughts that run through the mind when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Swarovski Computer Mouse”

  1. Okay, I admit this made smile, not that that is a sign of spreading peace and happiness around the world – ok?

    At least it’s not pink, right? sure is pricey!!

  2. wow.
    That is one seriously blinged out mouse.
    *cringes in horror*
    if you use that mouse, the bling would cut into your hand and an imprint of Hello Kitty will be imprinted on you for quite a while.
    hang in there!
    maybe you can find something to collect that irritates your wife, then she might start an amusing blog herself.

  3. i agree absinth. of course, darlene will say “hello kitty loves the world so much, she gave her only begotten heart shaped mouse, that whosoever believes in heart shaped mouse, will not persish, but live forever in hello kitty heaven!”

    more like KITTY HELL!!!

  4. Did you not read his blog, Darlene???
    Not everyone thinks this is a lovely gift, and not everybody loves Hello Kitty.
    So, in your own words: Seriously, what is wrong with you?

  5. i love helle kitty so much if u could i would marry itt my brother branodn said he loves it to and he is a guys so yeahh get over it and every1 should love it it did nothin to u so yeahh get the eff over it

  6. What’s WRONG with having a hellokitty computer?
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having one because she is just a cartoon character that everyone adores just like any other character: Winnie the pooh, Tweety, Mickey mouse, roger rabbit, Tinkerbell-
    Except poeple decided one day to sell stuff out of her. 🙂


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