Hello Kitty NEC Laptop Computer

Not only is one Hello Kitty laptop not enough for the evil feline, one Hello Kitty NEC Hello Kitty laptop with Swarovski crystal beads is not enough. Thus NEC has released a new version of their Lavie G model covered once again is crystallized bling:

Hello Kitty Lavie computer

Hello Kitty laptop computer


Since my wife already has the previous model, why would she need this one? (Yes, I know a very stupid question since we have already determined that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t need any reason when it comes to Hello Kitty). At $1,825 (210,000 yen), it’s a bit expensive as just a display item, but that would never stop a Hello Kitty fanatic. She has the perfect solution to the price issue. She thinks that it is time for me to get a new laptop, and she thinks this would be the perfect model (despite the fact that if this was ever given to me, I would never be able to use it since there is too much risk that I would damage it in some way meaning by default it would be hers).

I can already see how this holiday season is shaping up and I don’t think it will be too difficult to anticipate what my Christmas gift is going to be which already has me feeling perpetually queasy. For the number of times that living in Hello Kitty Hell upsets my stomach, I really should be investing in antacid companies…

41 thoughts on “Hello Kitty NEC Laptop Computer”

  1. Well, no – you really don’t want one, but persuade your wife she does – after all, it’s very difficult to upgrade lap-tops.

    Then she can auction the old one or give it to charity!

    About £900 – not the priciest lap-top, but you could get a better spec/a Macbook – and as for the bling..! 🙂

  2. That is the most ridiculous looking laptop I have ever seen! HKH, I really hope you never have to actually use this monstrosity.

  3. You’re always complaining. Your wife suggests that you buy a new computer which is something that most men would love for their wife to suggest, and all you can do is complain. How ungrateful is that?

  4. I feel really bad for you… close to pity. I would have run screaming for the hills a long time ago. Good luck with the holiday season. I still think your wife needs mental help.

  5. i. whant to sale one same like this laptop

    how can i Contact with you .. can you call me in this email

    tell me plZ .. im waiting email

  6. ahmad.jumeira : Read the front page, letter to whiners. Hes not going to tell you how to get it o_O;.. look for yourself, the internet is your friend. Go forth and interwebs.

  7. hi!!!! i have searched this lapt0p for few months.. can u tell me where to buy it??? pls reply as soon as possible… i really really want it…^^ thx…

  8. } It’s cute laptop NEC S5500. What’s reaction from consumer.
    Dia orang beli kan ! Kan ??
    I like this laptop coz a lot of fresh feature built-in.
    Truly recomended for everyone # Make Life EZ


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