Hello Kitty Coughs Up Hairball

When it comes to Hello Kitty, there aren’t many things that bring a smile to my face, but this was one of them – Hello Kitty coughing up a hairball:

I’m not sure why I enjoyed this so much. Maybe it’s because we now know what is truly inside Hello Kitty. Maybe it’s because I think that it’s a fitting tribute to Hello Kitty for all I will have to put up with today since it is Hello Kitty’s birthday (believe me, you don’t even want to know what I’m going to have to suffer through today…). But probably it’s mostly because it’s nice to finally see Hello Kitty suffering the same feeling I get every time one of her new products comes out and makes its way to our house…

Sent in by glory, who definitely will get a beer from me if we ever meet.

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coughs Up Hairball”

  1. haha, probably because ‘she’ appears to be vomitting up her own stomach… oh and IMHO that is the worst kind of feelings. keep it up!

    p.s. in before ‘darlene’

  2. Yes, I couldn’t wait to see what ‘darlene’ would say about this.
    But, I’m wondering if the clip is from a genuine Hello Kitty Video or a clip somebody created outside Sanrio’s control.

  3. Maybe you like it so much because it reminds you of yourself. What Hello Kitty spits up is a reflection of you and she did so because she heard about this blog.

  4. Look like Robot Chicken to me? Then again, I don’t watch Robot Chicken very much…

    Though I will say, why are the fans in an outrage because Hello Kitty did a non-cute thing that, well, cats actually do? I don’t love my kitties any less for coughing up hairballs. Shame on you hypocritical fans! -pokes-

  5. I knew there would be retching, but for some reason, I was expecting it to be the (relatively) subtle “hulk-hulk” sound actual cats make, not a full-throated human heave. But, I guess HK is human enough to wear clothes and talk, she’s human enough to chunder like us, too. That was vile. Well done.

  6. Yes, this was part of last week’s Robot Chicken.

    Of course sticklers for detail will note that Hello Kitty does not actually have a mouth. Not sure whether that makes it funnier or more disgusting.

  7. Yeah – Robot Chicken, you can tell they’re all a TAD plump for Sanrio.

    Hm, interesting (although we should just ignore) that Darlene thinks you were born of a cat, and of that treasured cat and are indeed part of her furry loveliness – or something. After all, that’s what she said.

    Such a lot of hair for such a small cat!

    You have to tell us how the birthday celebs have gone- arggghhh.

  8. Sanrio is probably going to start making HK furballs now.
    One thing I’ve learne from reading this blog,, Nothing is too wierd to HK’ify

  9. Lord Squeak, you can beat them to the punch with pre-emptively bootlegged HK hairballs! Take some white pompons, get some of that pink-tinted kids’ glue, and apply the one to the other. Toss with some glitter and voila- Hello Kitty has horked a hairball of happiness!

  10. I love hello kitty! i have kitty earrings and wallet. but after looking at your website, i think you must have severe emotional trauma. how can you stand it?!!

    hilarious video btw lol!

  11. If she’s 33, why does she still wander around wearing kids’ clothes? That’s kinda sick. What is she, an Adult Baby fetishist or something?

  12. Robot Chicken rules!! My husband and I totally love it. My 11 year old (who loves HK) will think this is hilarious!

    Does that mean my 11 year old has more sense (common sense and sense of humor) than Darlene? hmmmm….

  13. I was right. My daughter is in her room laughing her butt of right now. She yelled out, “Did you see the penguin’s face?! Ha ha ha!”

    My daughter is the best!


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