Hello Kitty Halloween Costume II

It was bound to happen. Thinking that I could finally leave the Hello Kitty nightmare of Halloween (costumes and pumpkins) behind and begin to concentrate on what travesties Hello Kitty Christmas has in store for me, Hello Kitty fanatics would have none of that. One felt it was necessary to send me another Hello Kitty homemade Halloween costume:

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Here is a little advice to remember whenever you have a costume to wear.

1. If your main objective is to make men run away from you screaming in terror, this is the perfect costume for you to wear.

2. If your main objective is to humiliate your partner to no end, this is the costume to wear.

3. If your main objective is to get yourself labeled as a Hello Kitty fanatic, this is the costume to wear.

4. If you want to live a relatively normal life and not traumatize the people you love, this is not the costume to wear.

I would have thought that showing photos of people placing these Hello Kitty heads on cats and dogs would have been enough to send the hint that they also would not be very fashionable on humans, but alas, I once again have greatly underestimated the fashion sense of Hello Kitty fanatics…

Sent in by Rachel who should have to wear that thing around every day of the year for thinking it was a good idea to send the photo to me.

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Costume II”

  1. I have to agree with you. What I can see of the wearer looks cute, but the costume would make me steer clear of her for evermore.

  2. darlene is slipping. more and more people are getting in before her!
    what is up with this woman’s legs? she bought the most horrible set of pantyhose i have ever seen. quite disturbing!

  3. I have no comments…. who would want to wear that? have you ever seen anyone wearing something like that? Poor Mr HKHell, you must have caught quite a scare to realize how many HK nuts are there 😛

  4. Well, in some snse the costume was indeed appropriate as a Halloween costume. It would be scary if somebody wears this costume in other occassions, though.

    > darlene is slipping.
    darlene is slipping or other people are sitting and waiting for a new post (like darlene does).

  5. I don’t mind role playing, but the day a girl asks me to call her Hello Kitty in the sack or shows up wearing that is the day, (which I would consider a “other occasions” yet another anonymous that would be scary) that I would stop dating and find a girl to marry.

    The trauma. The trauma.

  6. I don’t understand why you have you are so mean to the people that send you photos. Do you get joy from it?

    They take their time and give you material for your blog and then you make mean remarks about the photos. This is why it would be better if you just posted photos. Then we could all enjoy this blog a lot more.

    If you keep this up, everyone is going to hate you and nobody will ever send you photos and then you will have nothing for your blog. You get what you deserve when you are mean to your own readers.

  7. I agree, those white pantyhose are terrible…that’s what I get for not buying my own and using my mother’s support hose. Haha. Hope you all had a great Halloween. I know I did!

  8. Is this website a joke?? Are you all seriously this obsessed with wasting your time talking shit about anything and everything related to Hello Kitty?

  9. I once had a Tweety Bird costume that looked like this…I’m hanging my head in shame…then again, I was in elementary school, not a fully grown adult out of college…

  10. As a fan of Kitty-chan I am insulted by this costume, what she’s wearing and the fact that the Kitty head looks as if a hole was punched through the center and this lady decided to stick her head through. No one who truly loves HK could wear this insult, so maybe you have a friend out there who wanted to do HK an injustice! Cuz that’s what she friggin’ did! ;D

  11. well i have to say this is my best friend n i have to say she made this whole costume herself..so who ever can make something like this and make it look that good then u cant talk crap..but if not shut up..she looks fantastic..n she wore it hella good..so GO RACHEL UR AWESOME WITH WAT U MAKE!!

  12. omg tht is the most awesome costume i have ever seeeeennnnn itsssss sooooo cccuuuutttteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 where can i get it???


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