Hello Kitty Fanatic Fiance Doom

He’s doomed…

I too am a fellow sufferer in the depths of hello kitty hell. my fiance is a hello kitty fanatic of the highest caliber. (we are going to honeymoon in Japan, see if you can guess why)

I find myself torn between the love of my fiance and my hatred toward hello kitty. I’m a fan of you blog and it has prepared me for life with my own hello kitty fanatic.

If I had not had your experience to learn from I would have thought nothing of my fiance buying a hello kitty sleeping bag. When faced with my impending doom I became fear drunk and decided I needed to accept hello kitty into my life and preform some large gesture to cement my loyalty.

I agreed to get a hello kitty tattoo. Whats worse is that I’m a Norse Pagan and I agreed to get a tattoo of hello kitty made to look like Odin.(one doesn’t exist so i have to design it myself)

I’m risking retribution from the All Father in order to avoid the hello kitty sleeping bag. I was wondering if what I’m doing is a little too extreme, and if so how can I go back on my agreement without my lawyer having to draw up hello kitty divorce papers.

Help me please – Tony

All I can say is that this blog is only the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even do Hello Kitty Hell true justice. If he thinks that reading this has prepared him, he’s in even more trouble than he knows. My advice: Feel free to contribute any time you want 😉

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fanatic Fiance Doom”

  1. That is horrible no one should have to live under those conditions. Why should someone have to prove their love through hk. You should be finstical about something she hates too and comprimise that way your life would be less hello kitty hellish. And she could still have hk and you wouldn’t have to suffer for it.

  2. I am so tired of you men who don’t understand the importance of Hello Kitty to women mouthing off. The only thing this man is doomed to is happiness. If he can’t see that, he’s a fool. He should be happy that his wife loves Hello Kitty and if he can’t accept that love, then he isn’t worthy of her. The same to you Mr. HKH

  3. Aww poor guy but… My cousin was a fanatic before she married. I mean she was all out hello kitty fan spending TONS of money on it. Then right before she got married she (NOT sure how) just got out of it and gave me some of her stuff. So her husband has not had to suffer with Hello Kitty (Only when they were dating and engaged did he have to).

  4. > I agreed to get a tattoo of hello kitty made to look like Odin.
    > (one doesn’t exist so i have to design it myself)

    I want to see it!
    This may open up a new horizon.

  5. darlene said >I am so tired of you men who don’t understand the importance of Hello Kitty to women mouthing off.

    ok so you are tired of women mouthing off?
    go back to school. your grammer sucks.

  6. Dude. HK as Odin? Do Not Do It. You’ll just piss Him off, man.

    Consider carefully before marrying a collecting fanatic, or consider a pre-nup, otherwise you’ll find YOUR money is being used to buy things you absolute hate.

    For the prenup, I’d recommend that it specifies that any purchasing of HK be done solely with the money SHE provides. And that there is NO HK in the bedroom.

  7. “He should be happy that his wife loves Hello Kitty and if he can’t accept that love, then he isn’t worthy of her.”

    There’s a difference between accepting a person’s love of a hobby that you may not like and using that person’s love of you to make them a living part of your hobby. If Tony doesn’t want to get this ill-advised tattoo and wants nothing to do with Hello Kitty, his fiancee should accept that and keep her hobby to herself. Using Tony’s love as leverage to get him to do things he clearly doesn’t want to do is a symptom of an unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. Additionally, if your love of a plastic Japanese cat without a mouth exceeds your love for the human being that you plan on spending the rest of your life with, then your relationship is probably the least of your worries.

  8. Tony, get out NOW!!

    HK as The Morrigan would be more appropriate. Not the All Father! Don’t let your fiance permanently scar you in this way!

  9. you are dammed , you will be totured and consumed by frost giants and your soul consinged to the lowest level of the frozen hell to burn in the icy fires forever…
    the allfather will turn his eye from you and spit at the mention of your name , you are cursed even below a dog in status…
    your only hope is to sacrifice your fiancee and all her hellohitty filth to odin , and pray that the flames cleanse you of your sin and evil intents…

    repent! repent!

  10. hello kitty fanatics who force their obsession on others should be dumped asap!! if it comes to worse and you’re no longer together, would you want to be sporting that tattoo? or worse a disfiguring scar in the shape of hello kitty?

    offer an ultimatum – if she chooses hello kitty over you then all the better. at least you wouldn’t be married to another darlene and be stuck in the endless flames of hello kitty hell.

  11. Having a HK Tattoo against your will is very serious… it won’t make her love you more, it’ll just keep her quiet a while until she asks for another impossible thing… Stop it now, your love should live with you as individuals and not with dominations and cohersion (if I spelled wrong, my appologies).
    Do not go against your religion… no one has the right to make you do that.

  12. Never do something for someone you love, that will only breed resentment. If you get the tattoo, you will hate it and yourself for having done something that you abhor, just to keep her happy. A relationship should be built on mutual love, respect, tolerance and compassion. It should never be built on guilt trips, coercion, or acts done merely to placate the other. the tattoo is likely to destroy your love for her just from you having to look at it everyday. Don’t do it. Explain that you understand that she loves HK, that you don’t want to interfere in her collecting, but you are not a fan and won’t be getting a tattoo. You love her, not HK, if she can’t handle that, then she probably doesn’t love you all that much.

  13. I really really really want to see that tattoo. I’m a Kello Kitty fan though from what I’ve read on this blog I come NO WHERE close be being a fanatic. But I’m a Norse Pagan too and I’d love to see Hello Kitty looking like Odin. That could be so cool!!

  14. Maybe he could get the tattoo on one of his butt cheeks, then he wouldn’t have to look at it.

    J/K – but seriously, don’t do it!

  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a HK fan and I still think about 98% of the things featured on this site are torturous & need not exist. I don’t get this whole “Hello Kitty = positive feelings, happiness, love, etc.” b.s. Yes, she’s cute. However she is also very imaginary & very much a marketing scheme. I may be happy to add something cute to my stationery collection, I may adore looking at these things instead of the ugly reality of the world but she is nothing more than a friggin’ gimmick!
    Alot of comments today are dead on, if someone wants to alter your body for the sake of THEIR hobby: dump them. If someone loves a fake marketing tool more than you: dump them. Darlene: I see the world being a very harsh and lonely place for you if you don’t get off that Hello Kitty cloud. I feel sorry for your parental figures whomever they may be but they’re also probably responsible for making you the way you are.
    All hail HKH for attempting to shine on the world some truth about the disgusting side of consumerism & still being able to laugh. Good luck to HKH Jr. ;D

  16. Thanks a lot–now I’ve got another reason to avoid the romantic relationship wagon.

    If you really love someone, accept that person, quirks and all. But I doubt it’s real love for YOU if the other half of the couple requires you–no, DEMANDS–that you do something extreme to show that you’re into the relationship. If Tony won’t put his foot down on Hello Odin, then he is doomed.

    On a quirky side, he could ask his HK-fanatic girlfriend to prove something to HIM–say, a Nordic-based tattoo on her chest or something. But that would be beyond odd now…

    darlene – is that the reason you live with your Hello Kitties instead of, oh I dunno, REAL people who can love you back?

  17. “The only thing this man is doomed to is happiness.” No darlene, he’s doomed to be suffocated by pink evilness decorated with HK! And it’s not just men who “don’t understand the importance” of HK… it’s anyone with sense to realize that hello kitty is a toy. Not a deity or a reason for life.

  18. dude…..i’d be worried if my boyfriend had a hello kitty tattoo or even like anything hello kitty…. so worried.

    don’t do it …please

  19. Tony, your not married yet so there is no need to contemplate a divorce.

    If you stand your ground now about the unwanted tatoo, you will save yourself a lot of heartake in the future.

    It is fine that your fiance loves HK but it doesn’t mean you have to. Relationships are healthy you have different interest and hobbies that don’t involve your partner.

  20. Dude…just deal with the sleeping bag and not the tattoo…I mean do you really want to look down on wherever body part and see hello kitty there all the time? Or have to sleep in the sleeping bag only when she gets mad at you?

  21. Love is accepting someone else for who they are, not forcing them into doing something to please you.
    Tony, get the HKH out of there 5 minutes before I posted this! 😉

  22. I can’t believe that anyone would desecrate an actual image of a god with the face of HK. Dude, you may love your girl, but DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET THAT TATTOO. You will regret it for the rest of your life. You are compromising your spirituality for the sake of catering to your HK crazed fiance. Not good. Odin would tell you that.

  23. this ” darlene ” character really needs to get a life. it seems like she spends all her time on this site. seriously, take my advice, go do something w/ ur life and get some friends or a bf cuz obviously need one

  24. Holy shit!
    Is this guy for real???
    Dude, I’d marry you without getting a tat you didn’t want… and yes the All Father will be meeting you in the afterlife and smacking the @%&$ out of you for doing it…
    Let me put it this way, you are willing to do this for her…BUT if she really loves you she’ll be willing to take that as a sign of your love alone and not make you actually go through with it!!!
    ‘Nough said.

  25. P.S. can someone find me some of the same crack Darlene is on…my life would be much better if I also had a pair of those Rose Colored Glasses she must have!

  26. Darlene, hun, I’m a straight woman and Hello Kitty never appealed to me at ALL when I was a little kid. She REALLY doesn’t appeal to me now that I’ve started reading this poor guy’s blog…and discovered that the fanatics have no stopping point…like maiming the image of my favorite super heroes…


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