Hello Kitty Zombie Art

As I mentioned previously, there are very rare occasions when I actually like something Hello Kitty that I come across. This series of Hello Kitty zombies fits that category as well:

Hello Kitty zombie art

Hello Kitty zombie art

Hello Kitty zombie worms

Hello Kitty zombie intestines

Hello Kitty zombie zits

It is always nice when an artist is able to capture the “true” Hello Kitty for the world to see. Having spent the last few years in hello Kitty Hell, I have no doubt that this is exactly what the evil feline’s real nature is…

Sent in by Kay (via Art School Dropout) who would normally deserve a beer for sending these to me, but also sent me a photo with her Hello Kitty tattoo which negated the goodness of the zombie art I had been enjoying…

45 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Zombie Art”

  1. This is a reflection of yourself and nothing more. This is what you must feel inside with all the negativity you have toward Hello Kitty. Only someone who doesn’t have an ounce of good in them would ever find these pictures worth acknowledging. It’s beyond me why people have to try and tear Hello Kitty down when she brings so much good and happiness to the world.

    You are a sick individual and when you blog things like this, it confirms it to everyone. You should stick with how Hello Kitty really is and if you don’t know that she is loved by all, then you have no right to be the owner of this blog. Why don’t you pass it on to someone who will write the truth about how wonderful Hello Kitty is?

  2. These are too funny!
    Thanks for sharing- my fav has to be the last- HK with the Boils…oh wait they’re zits! LMAO!
    I swear there are still people out there who don’t get the point of this place being called Hello Kitty Hell… I just can’t seem to think of who…
    Kay- you ROCK…takes talent girl!
    Mr. HKH- I think you should show us her tat 🙂 Or are you afraid your wife will want it 😉

  3. aah! poor hello kitty! 🙁 though i am not as much of a fanatic per say, i still hold that you should’ve put up a warning to devout HK fans, such as darlene and myself. i mean geez, her brains are all oozing out and everything, eew! how can someone find this enjoying? it’s hello kitty’s brains!! they should be cleaned and put back in.

  4. To all you “negative nellies”~It’s called art, like it or not, and this artist is extremely talented.

    Great site, Mr. HKH!!

  5. The zombies are cool. That’s what HK is really all about!

    Darlene, just shut the hell up. You’re not even saying anything new, just repeating the same crap over and over again. And frankly, we’re sick to death of hearing it.

  6. Wow!! Regardless of how you feel about HK, those are brilliant zombie cartoons!

    Darlene, if you can’t see that, it’s a comment on you, and not in any sort of a good way.

  7. Thats…awesome. Despite the fact its hello kitty, the zombification counteracts that. This makes me want to listen to Re: Your Brains and watch Shaun of the Dead…..I don’t know if thats healthy.

  8. No 1- Darlene,Grow Up.
    I Sent In Those Zombie Pictures, I, Myself ADORE Hello Kitty,
    and I also enjoy the zombie pictures!!!
    I love the zit one but it kinda makes me itch a little!
    Also Guys, I DID NOT draw them, Mike Stoneroad (Art School Dropout) Did, THE GENIUS!!! he also has drawing of Dora the explorer (Whorea the explorer!! lol) Spongebob Squarepants and many others! he is very talented i suggest you look him up (he is on myspace)
    And as for my HK tattoo… Why no picture MR.HKH Man?
    I Think i deserve a beer still!!! cos come on! its not very often you come across something HK that you LIKE!!
    Much Love
    (p.s What did MRS.HKH Say aabout the drawings????)

  9. Kay, you are still awesome for sending them in! And mucho props to Stoneroad!
    Thnx much!
    I’ll buy to a beer, you deserve it! And I’d love to see the tat- as it’ll give me ideas for mine… I was thinking a HK collage 🙂

  10. Kay. I’ll buy you, and Mike S, a beer if we ever meet.

    Oh yes, and I’d like to see the tat as well. Just remember that I judge tats on artistry and execution as well as subject!

  11. how can you be so cruel? where is your heart??
    i don’t believe that someone like you still exist after the one who bombed bali died!! get lost

  12. i`m starting to hate hello kitty.honestly hello kitty is nothing else than people geting money from stupid people buying their hello kitty stuff 😀

  13. Hey,
    Mikes Hello Kitty Zombie art and Zitty Kitty art is for sale atm
    check his work out and go buy it! (The link to his page is in the blog)

  14. omg i luv hello kitty and this is awesome and if nobody doesnt like it do the smart thing and dont look at the page duh!you are very talented by the way keep up the good work

  15. Darlene, dear, I am starting to wonder why you bother to post here at all. Of course, I don’t see why all of these people complain about your presence. If it were not for you and your incessant ramblings about the rainbow barfing hello kittyness of the world, they would not have a common enemy in which conversations are started. 😛


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