Hello Kitty Hairy Foot Tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos are disturbing. Hello Kitty tattoos on men are even more disturbing. Hello Kitty tattoos on the hairy feet of men with painted toe nails take disturbing to a new level:

Hello Kitty hairy foot tattoo

I have no idea why people feel compelled to send me photos like this because there is absolutely no good that can come from showing images like this to anyone, especially me when I want to keep all my food down.

Sent in by Kat who deserves to have a boyfriend with a Hello Kitty tattoo on his hairy foot for even imagining that sending this to me would be a good idea…

55 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hairy Foot Tattoo”

  1. Your insecurity of your manhood shows up again. Real men have no problem with displaying Hello Kitty and men who are insecure about their masculinity must make comments like you. The only thing disturbing is you and this blog.

  2. Crap like this shows us that you’re not only a Hello Kitty fan, but you also like to sport a red gloss when no one is looking. That photo is of your feet!

  3. Darlene, SHUT UP! We’re so very sick of your mindless, crap-filled comments. Seriously, take your fanatical ranting and raving to the Sanrio website, where they’ll appreciate it.

    As for the tattoo, the word has not yet been invented to describe how wrong that is.

  4. I am not sure if this has to do with insecurity, but… that picture messed with my head all day. It was burned into the tissues of my brain. Scary.

    I just kept thinking it has to be one of these 3:

    A. it was a girl so ashamed of her scary feet she claimed to be a dude. but then why get a tattoo there? would you never show it to anyone?
    B. it really was a dude and his red toes just had to match the hello kitty tattoo – in which case, where does the girlfriend fit it? all the boys that i know with matching toes don’t like girls.
    C. girl attacked boy – hello kitty tattoo and matching toes result. but how did the tattoo come out so well?

    All other stories my mind came up with were too strange- but reality is SO much stranger than fiction.

  5. Whats more disturbing…the painted toe nails, or the hello kitty tattoo….. I’m aiming for the tattoo but yeah. This guy has all levels of problems, my best bet is a dare by his girlfriend. Or he lost a bet….but I don’t know anyone cruel enough to wish that on another person unless they are fanatics.

    And at least darlene changed her comment a bit, shes still saying hes disturbing and taking potshots but the masculinity comment is new. Still stupid though.

  6. I don’t really think it’s disturbing, but I’m extremely open minded. You could tell me you make out with donkey’s and I wouldn’t really give a crap.

  7. Why do you have to make fun of everybody?
    Is it WRONG to have a tattoo of what you like, even if you are a man?
    I think it is wrong to question that, like you did.

  8. “Your insecurity of your manhood shows up again.”

    darlene, your lack of spelling and grammar (and intelligence) shows up again. Is there a village missing it’s idiot?

    “The only thing disturbing is you and this blog.”

    Then shut up and stop commenting. Seriously, nobody cares. How old are you? 10? You don’t like what he has to say – then crawl into a hole plastered with Hello Kitty chazurai and STOP COMMENTING!!

    What an idiot. Seriously.

  9. that might be just a fake tatoo sticker…. the white part is very white.

    btw , i’d only doubt a man’s manhood strongly if he likes hello kitty…. or owns anything hello kitty.

  10. Darlene always says the same things, in the same tone. Truth be told, I think it’s just some random person who gets a kick out of making everyone flip out, not a genuine HK fan.

  11. who gives a crap people. get over it, lol… i was looking for some hello kitty products and came upon this site, grow up and stop judging people who cares if people like hello kitty, it is just a kitten damn get out more.

    i kitty<

    p.s. maybe people are sending you those photos cause your asking for it, come on now your not dumb. obviously people are going to send pictures like that..lol

  12. a few problems,
    1. that pictures honestly scares me beyond belief and i have no idea what to say about it
    2. darlene and tracy are a couple of idiots with nothing better to do with their pointless lives then find sites devoted to one subject or opinion and try to piss off everyone who is a part of it
    3. darlene is a retard. making comments about something you don’t like has absolutely no impact on your confidence of manhood. your just looking for excuses to attack him since he isn’t a devoit follower of your little hell cat cult. and doing a very poor job of it, if you don’t like his opinions or views then don’t read them, you can come and see what hell cat idols are being introduced into the world and look the pretty pictures and leave feeling good about yourself. but by making dumb comments like that it only shows your ignorance and intolerance toward opposing opinions and your own close mindedness. he doesn’t care what you think of him, he isn’t posting these for you, he’s posting so he can rant and releave the tension he feels from suffering through this nightmare. no matter how you insult him he isnt gonna convert to your hellish obsession. so frankly all your doing is proving your an idiot by attacking him

    love the blog, keep it up

  13. Looks like those rub-off temporary tattoos to me. And I honestly thought it was woman’s hairy feet until I completely read the post. Gads!

    TBQH, I have to admit that the pedicure–if one could ignore the furriness–is well-done. XD

  14. I differ. It’s a temporary tat. But I once noticed a guy walking in San Diego with black tribal tats on one leg and Disney versions of Eeore and Tigger in full color on the other. My only thought was “how cool.”

    Masculinity is overrated, if you’re handsome, no one cares if you’re masculine or not.

    If you’re not handsome, once again no one cares much but not in a good way…

  15. I have a question for the owner of this blog, suppose your wife was a Disney fanatic, or say, a Disney-Winnie the Pooh fanatic – given all of the horrible toys and crap that Disney puts out by the truckload, wouldn’t that be worse?

  16. Generally, I’d agree. That’s a decal, and not a real tat. That said it’s still more disturbing than even “Hello Kitty Sexy” with the asphyxiation overtones!!

    Cafe Alpha, I’ve not seen anything like the sheer volume of random “only likely to be bought by/for adults” AA Milne stuff that I have HK tat!!

  17. Yes (choice of friends I was with). Didn’t like it much, because I felt like I’d been processed, rather than visiting a tourist attraction, afterwards.

  18. HOLY CRAP!!!!!
    If that’s a guy and he has a hello kitty tat AND he paints his nails, I’m sure he has a review in Las Vegas that we NEED to see 🙂

  19. “Real men have no problem displaying hello kitty”??????
    If my boyfriend showed up with a hello kitty tattoo and painted nails. That would be it.
    Frightening. Maybe it’s a hello kitty drag queen?

  20. Wow, that’s a great manicure. I agree, temp tat. Prank!

    Still sick and disturbing to our generous blog host, however. (Passes HKH author the anti-nausea medication…)

  21. I have a hk sticker very similar to that, not that one hk thing differs much from another.

    Yea, dude shave you feet, I like body hair but that’s just too much. Good pedicure tho, not my color of choice but it was done well.

  22. Uh…
    I am glad that I haven’t eaten yet. This is disturbing. It rates of there with the cross-dressers in DC who don’t bother to shave off full beards before applying makeup. I am curious though, as to what would be worn to match that nail polish.

  23. I have seen an actual HK tattoo a few years ago in Thailand; there is just no way to get the white part that white without really damaging-to-your-health lead-based inks. So I’m leaning towards believing that this is a temporary tattoo, and this poor guy was attacked by his girlfriend. Or she played along–in either case, it still freaks me out. Cheers!

  24. Heh, I’m thinking it’s a fake tat, and probably a pic of a guy who lost a bet to his gf or buds and had to paint his nails and apply the tat just to sent into this site.

  25. I’m the mysterious Kat… Thus I can explain this…. This is the e-mail I sent in… minus the photo at the top, because clearly you HAVE seen that…

    “I recently went to the birthday party of my good friend Kayla… it had a Hello Kitty theme… and everyone was required to don at least one pink item… I’m a girl… I own pink… Whatever… But I go and I spy this guy there…. wearing sandals… he’s painted his toenails and is donning a Hello Kitty tattoo on his hairy feet… ewww… That is Hello Kitty hell… I assure you.


    I hope that clears things up…

  26. Haha the only thing pathetic is Darlene. If this blog is so stupid to you, why do you keep visiting it and posting? This blog is for people to laugh at Hello Kitty madness and no man should be forced to like Hello Kitty. Sure, some men do. But it’s not reasonable to say “real men” are secure enough to display hello kitty. That’s like saying “real men” eat beef and go hunting. Those are things that some people like and some people don’t. The end.

  27. Looks like somebody fell asleep with the girls around again. We used to paint my bestfriends dads feet all the time and he wouldn’t flinch he’d be so asleep. Thats obviously a fake tattoo and the warm wet washcloth used to apply it wouldn’t necessarily wake him.

  28. Well I don’t know about the tatoo but there is nothing wrong with guys painting their toenails, unless your a dim witted homophobe. I have a girlfriend and i paint my toenails all the time of course this guy really needs to shave his feet.

  29. I think it’s cute how you hate hellokitty. I like hellokitty a lot. But I do agree that people can be freaks and do freaky stuff. And NO guys shouldn’t be painting their damn toe nails. or fingernails…EVER! and a guy….a STRIAGHT guy anyways…. should NOT get a hellokitty tattoo..unless ur a gamer and want to get a tattoo of link or charizard or goku beating the hell out of hellokitty. Cuz that would be comical. LOL. Anyways..my point is..leave this guy alone…if he wants to dis hellokitty let him..if you wanna dis bush…fine…if i wanna dis the mentally challenged….laugh cuz you know its funny as hell.

  30. I don’t like hello kitty at all, but I agree with the comments about whwn you are handsome, who cares about masculinity, what is masculinity? The one who says he has a girlfriend, nonetheless he paint his nails.
    What is this think about dispreciate what some girls like, or is “for girl”, but girls would be such mindless adult children emotion driven, poor thing they must be forgiven. Well, I don’t think so about girls. Many boys like what girls like and vice-versa, but they like girls anyway. Nothing bad about being gay at all. But insecure men abuse of this as a label. they think they should demonstrate they are men. Well as long as a boy likes girls and female body (and the person inside, I hope) and doesn’t like to engage sex with another boy he is not gay neither bisexual, whatever he shares with girls or whatever he act.

  31. Thats not a real tattoo. It is too small, too white, and placed too low on the foot where it will fall out. If your gonna do the pedicure thing, go for the wax job too. Whatever.


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