Hello Kitty Baby

Once again Hello Kitty Hell proves that it can always get worse…

You knew it had to happen eventually. If Hello Kitty fanatics were willing to place Hello Kitty heads on cats and dogs, it didn’t take much of a leap to know they would eventually do it to their own babies as well:

Hello Kitty baby

This is so obviously wrong that I don’t know where to even begin. Isn’t there a law somewhere that states completely humiliating your child for the rest of their life is some sort of child abuse? If there isn’t, this is the perfect proof that there should be.

Of course, my wife thinks this is “the cutest thing ever” which means that I will have to endure something similar if we ever have kids. While I do worry that such antics will scar the kids for life, I’m sure that having to deal with Hello Kitty child cuteness will scar me far more since it will only fuel the Hello Kitty Hell flames taking it to a whole other level…

Sent in by Mhkitty who should be punished in unthinkable ways for putting the thought of this into my wife’s mind and seeding my nightmares for the rest of the month…

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  1. he’s only smiling because he has no concept of the evil feline hell cat cult ideas that are being seeped into his mind via stupid cat hat. i’m so sorry for him

  2. haha well it looks like a guy to me, and girl or not s/he’s still subjugate to the evil hell cat brainwashing, but yes it would be far less painful to grow up, and with a better chance of minimal emotional trauma, if it was a girl.

  3. Are we sure it’s someone willingly doing this to his/her own child? Turn it around a bit and think of this as a ransom photo sent by kidnappers, one step below sending an ear (or some other body part) in the mail as a warning to pay ransom. There, doesn’t that make you feel better?

  4. You can have your opinion, but
    I think it is really cute, and that
    I would expect nothing less then that.
    It is not child abuse to wear something cute,
    am I right?

  5. I found it on flickr and it said it was a girl…but you never know…
    That would just be cruel and unusual punishment if it were a boy!!!!
    Mr. HKH, I really hope that by the time you and your wife have kids (if ever) that hello kitty clothing will no longer be available…me, I’ve got a stock of HK baby clothes just waiting for when I get a little one!
    I’ll send you pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. If I were to put something like that on a child, take a picture of it and post it on the internet, I would want the head to fit properly.
    Uuuh, I meant the Kitty-head. The kidยดs head looks fine. The hat (kittyhead) should be a little more towards the forehead, right?
    Otherwise it looks (Oh, God and mr HKH, forgive me for saying this) sort of… cute… Did I really say that?!? Nothing I would buy for my on children, though. (But my 7-year old daughter would love it, if it came in her size)

  7. How dare you equate putting Hello Kitty on a child to child abuse. You should be thrown in jail for telling these lies!! I hope that Hello Kitty sues you for making up these lies all the time. That would teach you a lesson.

    The baby loves the head as would anyone who was able to wear it. Why else would she be smiling as much as she is? Why can’t you just admit that it’s a cute picture? Everyone can see it so you only make a fool of yourself by making up all this stuff.

    There really should be a law that says close minded and disgruntled bloggers that make up lies left and right about Hello Kitty should be thrown in jail with the key thrown away.

  8. I’m convinced more now than ever that Darlene is simply a troll. No one would be serious about the things she says, it’s all just for show. If I’m wrong, please feel free to argue with me, but you never really do so I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

    I’m not as adverse to the baby head as I am the crap people put on dogs. This could be a halloween costume or somesuch, but I still wouldn’t put it on my kid. I don’t care how happy the kid looks, that’s blackmail come their dating years.

  9. Obviouly Darlene doesn’t read the comments people leave on here, if i wanted to have kids i wouln’t want to put on a carcass of a cat on them.
    And who is she to call HKH guy close minded when she won’t get it through her head that not everyone is obsessed with HK as much as her.

    Besides that baby is probably smiling because he pooped the costume.

  10. Wow, Darlene.

    You know, a mixture of therapy and medication can be very helpful. You should look into it.

    And I must say that hat is the most ridiculous looking thing I have ever seen on a child’s head.

  11. Well, I would tell the parent to burn the pictures before the kids teen years, but I guess that hope is lost, now that it’s on the internet.

    @Darlene stfukthxbai

  12. Anyway it’s just bad costume design to have ears WITH eyes and a nose over the head.

    This isn’t a cat costume, it’s a python swallowing a baby. In just a second the HK’s mouth will close over the baby’s face, lick it’s lips with a forked snake tongue and slither away.

  13. The only time a child should be subjected to such things is Halloween.

    Is it just me or does it strike anyone else that the people who do things like this to their children tend to think of them as “real live baby dolls”?

  14. Remember the Scream mask? Reminds me of this HK hood ornament.

    And if this baby is a boy, there’s going to be a lot of money wasted on therapy when his Mommy shows this picture to his girlfriend.

  15. MHkitty i agree with you, i have stockpiled tonnes of HK clothes for when we have kids!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to dress up my little girl in them ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Um, Darlene, Hello Kitty can’t sue, SHE’S NOT REAL!!!!
    And do you READ these things before you hit the ‘post’ button???
    WTF is WRONG with you???
    Aren’t you missing classes in middle school or something???
    Oh, and the comment about the close-minded people….that includes you there missy, you are too close-minded to even think that someone has a different opinion than you, let alone be adult enought to respect that fact.
    Well, get in through that little squirrel-brained noggin of yours- that is life in the world beyond Hello Kitty- people have opinions, and they normally don’t match yours!
    The sooner you learn that, the better your life will be and the sooner they let you out of your padded cell.
    And the rest of you who are just like her- the same goes for you… it’s called freedom of speech, people- I may be a Hello Kitty fan but this blog is hilarious…if you don’t like the things said here, then stop coming to the site.
    I’m done.
    (steps down off the soapbox)

  17. Sorry Suzanne; it’s not cute, I can rip on a baby, and if you actually read what’s been said, most of us were ripping on the baby’s parents anyway!

  18. Now that I’ve read some more posts on your blog, I’m quite convinced that HK Rocks would be a good idea if we had a HK Catapult to throw them against Darlene.

    Fill yourself with love, Darlene: eat it all.

  19. I Agree with him kinda,but not on the child abuse!!but think of this if its a boy dressed in hello kitty cuz its mother thinks its so cute,think of whats gonna happen 10 years from tha and he is even more emberassed wha would he do then when all his friends see it?it may be okay on a girl but what if the mother loves hello kitty and dresses her kids in the outfits?it may be cute now folks!!lol

  20. The comments tween HKH and Darlene remind me of Prof Moriarity and Sherlock Holmes, clashed in eternal conflict. One author even speculated they were the same. Hiss-tery mystery?…

  21. Is that really her own child?
    I don’t think so.
    I think she dressed that kid up and dumped it back with its parents.
    Imagine the nightmare!!

  22. OH! What a poor baby! That’s more like punishment!! Worse than a time out that’s for sure!!

    I wonder if your wife even thinks about naming her children Kitty and Daniel?

  23. I love how everyone just bashes darlene.
    makes my day, really.

    either way.
    this .. outfit? is just weird :/
    it’s cute , as a halloween costume.
    but only as that. if I ever saw a kid in a stroller or whatever, wearing one of those things, I’d question the parents intelligences.
    there are just some things HK shouldn’t make.
    this is one of them.

  24. Wow. That would be cute if it wasn’t ya know an extra head that makes the poor kid look deformed.
    If it was just the hoodie with the ears and the bow, then I could handle it. But that just makes the poor thing look terrible.

    Kids are cute enough on their own without draping them in hello kitty…

    And besides, you can tell the baby isn’t enjoying or disliking the costume. It is focused on something that is on the bottom left hand corner, behind the camera and is clapping. Chances are there is a very bright squeaky toy attracting babies attention and then photo taken.

  25. I never knew people were so retarded! The whole i hate hello kitty thing is ridiculous. Oh my gosh, who cares if u dont like it. I think she looks adorable. Whats next, kids in the little bear or pumpkin suit are going to look dumb too. Grow up and get a life.

  26. Poor kid has no idea what’s happening, just loves the attention.

    But seriously, as bad as this is, this isn’t the worst a child has been forced to wear. I mean, look at all the frilly stuff on the web. Does even half of that seriously look comfortable?

    Still, I hope that’s a girl, otherwise the poor little guy will be humiliated in about five or ten years.

  27. “The baby loves the head as would anyone who was able to wear it. Why else would she be smiling as much as she is?”

    Hello?? She is a BABY!!!! As long as they’re fed, well-rested, and don’t have crap in their diaper, babies will smile for anything!! Besides, how would she know what is trying to swallow her python-style?

    “There really should be a law that says close minded and disgruntled bloggers that make up lies left and right about Hello Kitty should be thrown in jail with the key thrown away.”
    Does that mean you, too?

  28. That’s a halloween costume, I worked at a costume shop last halloween and we had them in baby sizes up to like 4x toddler.


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