Hello Kitty Perez Hilton Shower Cap

Hello Kitty is bad. A Hello Kitty shower cap is worse. Perez Hilton wearing a Hello Kitty shower cap as a fashion statement pretty much is the thing nightmares are made of:

Hello Kitty Perez Hilton shower cap

It seems to me that Perez Hilton wearing a Hello Kitty shower cap as a fashion statement pretty much sums up everything wrong with Hello Kitty. It’s seeing photos like this that make me think that there are great advantages to being blind. I guess it does serve a purpose of sorts – with all the people that must get sick around him when he is wearing that, at least his hair has some protection from the flying food chunks.

Of course, my wife doesn’t see it that way. For her it is simply proof that even those that are famous love Hello Kitty and therefore there should be no reason that I would not be willing to wear Hello Kitty as well. If it ever comes to the point where you see me out on the streets in a Hello Kitty shower cap, simply take one of the many Hello Kitty lethal weapons and quickly put me out of my misery…

Sent in by numerous readers (which again, is quite a disturbing trend in itself) who all should have to parade around with the same head fashion sense for thinking that sending me this photo to see could ever be a good idea…

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Perez Hilton Shower Cap”

  1. ……. i really have no idea what to say to that. its so wrong on so many levels that trying to describe it would take the same volume of words as are found in an entire library, i will just simply sum it all up as wow, and also *horrible vile puking noises* and that about covers it

  2. That ensemble may or may not be a “fashion statement”: I know nothing about fashion. 😉

    What it most assuredly is is a “style statement”: The statement in question being “I know nothing about what suits me, and don’t care that I look an @$$ as a result!”

  3. Poor Rhianna… I feel bad for her having to be forever immortalized with him in the that photo…
    I really hope someone smacks some sense into him to;
    a) lose the fur
    b) ditch the showercap in public and
    c) get a tan!

  4. A shower cap as a fashion statement, I think he’s getting desperate, or stoned, whichever. I don’t think this will or should ever catch on to the general public, well maby stoners.

  5. What is the point of shower caps anyway?? seriously?
    and why would you wear them in public? but then again.. it is Perez.. he has no class

  6. I had to Wikipedia him. That’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

    I don’t know why any HK freak would be impressed that this famous-for-being-a-nobody/wannabe wore any HK items. I’d be more impressed by my local garbage men.

  7. Oh, wait I figured it out…
    He’s wearing the cap to cover a hideously badly done hair color, note the ugly orange-yellow hair color… I guess he was also going through his “Ronald McDonald’ phase then…

  8. ‘homeless crackwhore pimp’……
    Nice…. I never would have thought a pimp would look that bad, but he is sportin’ the fur coat…where’s the red paint when you need it????

  9. Fashion statement or not , you guys have to admit that i look spectacular with my shower cap. Rihanna just can’t keep her hands off me(eww).

    peace out spunk bitches

  10. Funny, my openly heterosexual comments on how little Perez should die didn’t make it on the site. Oh well, just goes to show how sodomites covers each others asses.

    Lots of luck ho ho’s.

  11. I previously saw another pic of that gossip-monger Perez / Mario on another site.

    It’s disturbing that a thirty-something gossip-monger who defaces the images of other people (often women) with obscene graffiti would also appear in public wearing a shower cap meant for a five-year-old girl.

    Sanrio needs an international morality clause: that such low-lifers as Perez Hilton should neither purchase nor use / wear in public anything either Hello Kitty or any other Sanrio product.

    On second thought, that morality clause is probably unenforceable. So, just find ways to punish Perez Hilton.

    HK needs to be spayed, BTW.

    Best regards,

  12. Erms,

    I mean legally acceptable ways to punish Perez Hilton.

    Boycotting every shoe or event that features Perez, and not purchasing any product that he promotes or features is a good start.

    That could easily include boycotting HK until that vile gossip-pig Perez stops publically using HK products.

    Shame on Sanrio for allowing Perez to publically use their products! Sanrio has NO dignity!

  13. Ugh….Fruit rollup lives still. When will this end. May he be punished by the penile shaped end of the L.A. Transit Metro bus while crossdressing the street.

    Paint it Red Lez Perez!!


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