Hello Kitty Hell Mother Nightmare

It’s not only the husband’s that suffer in Hello Kitty Hell, it’s also the kids:

Written by: Becky D. (Mary’s 15-year-old daughter)

Being the teenage daughter of a Sanrio obsessed 40-something woman is like being controlled by a 4-year-old girl. Ninety percent of everything my mother buys is either pink, a cat with no mouth or some strangely shaped creature with an unpronounceable name. Every time one of those techno-colored packages arrive at our door, my mother’s shrieks fill the house, followed by, “Isn’t that just the cutest thing?”

Think I’m kidding? The Hawaii incident: Spring break of 2003, my mother, sister, my mother’s fiancee and his daughters all boarded a plane and arrived in Hawaii hours later. We spent the week on a small part of Oahu’s north shore and planned on going to Honolulu later in the week. Every day my mother would remind us how many days until we could visit the Sanrio store. Finally the day arrived and my mom could not have been happier. We drove into town, to the mall and within a matter of seconds, my mother was off and running towards the underground cartoon hell. Her ohhhs and ahhhhs could be heard all the way to the sheets. I cringed when I thought about how long we would be trapped in the wonderland of toasters with cats on them, suitcases big enough for a pair of underwear and vacuums the size of small children. 3 hours and 4 large shopping bags later, we left — much to my delight and my mom’s dismay.

I thought it was just a phase, but nothing with her NOTHING is a phase. Soon all our pencils were replaced with pink pens with animals, all stationery was brightly colored, and I started getting notes at school on every type of Sanrio paper/envelope combination imaginable, “just because.”

One night when all conversation had died down, my mother admitted that she would love to live in an Airstream trailer filled with Hello Kitty memorabilia. The idea still freaks me out.

Until she gets over this sick, sad addiction I’m stuck in a Hello Kitty Hell.

Good-Bye Kitty.

Kids that have more sense than the Hello Kitty fanatic parent…that pretty much sums up the devastation that Hello Kitty can bring to an entire family…

Story sent in by Mary who should have to give her daughter anything she wants for the traumatization that she has caused…

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  1. I feel terribly sorry for that girl. How will she survive? I guess it’s just something you do. Luckily, I only see strangers with Hello Kitty items, and some of my cousins. But I don’t know anyone who’s obsessed. Oh wait, one girl. She got a large Hello Kitty tattooed in her neck… I feel sorry for that girl, all hope is gone.
    To Becky: just stick in there. You’ll survive.

  2. The editor did a retarded thing by posting this… since Sanrio gave this site press releases, it knows it exists, and then in turn markets off of the comments. What will result in this? Think it through people… a “Hello Kitty Therapist”. This therapist will coach you into thinking and truly believing that Hello Kitty is good for the world.

    The Editor did us no favours by posting this, who should live in the hell that he described as his home. And his wife should take him to this store in Hawaii for the torment that he has caused on the rest of us.

  3. That girl should feel lucky having a mother that loves hello kitty. I mean, it could be worse. She could be a Bratz doll collecter or whatever.

  4. My mom is 52 and she’s been an addict before I was born 30 years ago. No, it is not lucky. Hello Kitty is more annoying than other obsessions because they make everything from furniture and appliance to food and toilet paper. They make your home look like loony bin when you don’t have any kids around for excuse.

  5. Oh boy, now the only one we’re missing now is Darlene….
    And we have a new freak- CENS… oh joy.

    I love hello kitty and think she is totally cute and all BUT there is a limit to how much anyone can like anything until they just become a freak of nature… and once again I’ll remind you fanatics that not everyone has to share your opinions or love of all things kitty (thus the name: Hello Kitty Hell)… its a free internet out here so you’ll just have to get over it and shut the hello up! (I really must say that your comments on this site are getting rather old and trite.)

    Becky, I am so sorry that you had your trip to a wonderful and beautiful place cut short because you mom made you go shopping with her… I myself would love to go there… BUT I would not force my loved ones to do so with me…

    Hang in there hun, there is hope once you get a car and can get far, far away from insanity 🙂

  6. Hi, this is Mary, the mother in question here. I admit to being sick. I have moved on from saying “I can quit anytime” to sincerely seeking help for my disability. The breakthrough turning point was when I realized I had moved on to harder-core things like San-X. Less cute, more obscure and far more addictive.

    Anyway, it’s under control now. And by the way, at least I am a mom who takes her kids to Hawaii and writes them notes at school.

    @Ashley, so true about Ala Moana Sanrio Store. Uh oh, I sense a relapse coming on… g2g call my sponsor!

  7. Oh well, Cens, you can’t really blame Mhkitty for thinking you were serious… I mean, with people like Darlene around, you’d expect pretty much anything here.

    Anyway, I pity that girl. Nope Tracy, she shouldn’t feel lucky. Bratz Dolls, Hello Kitty, stupid pokemon stuff or whatever you want, any sick addiction is plain WRONG.

  8. Yep, it’s me, the girl who wrote that post 4 years ago. Man, looking back I have to laugh, I was much more angry about the whole “Hello Kitty” thing then I am now…. In fact I’m convinced that this “Hello Kitty” obsession is truly a disease because now I’m starting to like Hello Kitty and even am starting to show the signs of the sickness… I now live alone, in my own apartment, and hate to say that I have a Hello Kitty waffle iron….My Apple iBook has a few…. *Coughcough5coughcough* stickers of Hello Kitty on it… Now I know that it sounds like its not too bad but just wait… it will turn into a full addiction if I’m not careful. I’ll keep you all updated!


  9. Poor girl. I mean, my mother and father bought me Hello Kitty stationery before I was born… but they bought me other things as well. Now I like Hello Kitty, but I’m not obsessed with it. It’s not good to spend everything you have in such things.

  10. Man, I was there once. I was in my “Anime pahse ” You know liking japan. ((Mostly the CULTURE, to be honest with you, parasols kimonos, the way they do things, etc, diversity in culture))
    Mhy mother, hitting on this, “oh, you like anime, right?” Decided to get a hello kitty obsession to try and “connect” with me. ((Also, this happened to one of my friends who was a GUY, too)) You are right about hello kitty fans not having a logical mind.

  11. Hello Kitty is over rated. This is the reason I prefer the dark cute because all the pink, sugar coated cuteness can make anyone feel sick. She is not so much as craze in England as the trends is most dominated by Pokemon, Bratz or some other crap. In some ways I do feel sorry for the mother for having to put up with Hello Kitty crap day and out. Don’t worry by the time the daughter is in her teens she will be into punk, Goth or plastic fashion trend follower.
    Then again there are some people who never grow up like in Japan.


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