Hello Kitty Pet Jewelry

In Hello Kitty’s never ending quest to dream up new ways to sell anything with the evil feline on it, the people at Sanrio have once again outdone themselves. If expensive Hello Kitty jewelry for yourself isn’t enough, you can now share it with your dog (No, I’m not kidding…and all for the low price of $175 (118,900 yen)

Hello Kitty Pet Jewelry

Hello Kitty Dog Jewelry

Hello Kitty Pet Necklace

Jewelry that you share with your pet?!? Common sense would dictate that there is absolutely no way that something like this would ever sell, but alas, anyone that has been following this blog for even a short period of time knows well that common sense is the oil to Hello Kitty’s water. As I sat staring at the email in disbelief, it didn’t take long to see where this was going — you know that as bad as this is, it is simply the bridge being built to launch a complete line of Hello Kitty pet (exclusive) jewelry in the near future.

Hoping against hope that my wife would somehow see this as ridiculous, I actually showed it to her (yeah, beat me over the head for my stupidity). Now one would expect that the Hello Kitty fanatic would reply, “Oh, this is the cutest thing ever!” which my wife dutifully did, but her next response goes to show how far Sanrio has brainwashed the fanatics. She continued, “We need to get a dog” as if this was the most normal way to respond when having found jewelry that she wants to buy. Just one more episode to show that things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by oj who deserves an especially drastic form of torture for thinking for one moment that sending this to me would be a good idea and for the trauma I will have to endure for the next month explaining to my wife that “no, we do not need a dog to go with that jewelry…”

45 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pet Jewelry”

  1. That’s one of the more attractive pieces of HK jewelry I’ve seen out there (I own four necklaces, but some of the jewelry out there is just plain tacky), and they would want me to share it with a nasty, fleabitten dog? Screw that! Especially at that price–the dog doesn’t appreciate it and would likely lose it.

    My outrage, really, has little to nothing to do with its being HK jewelry–and everything to do with the preposterous idea of pet jewelry, at least anything costing more than $5. Rhinestone collar? Okay, maybe. Jewelry in the triple digits? Why not just light a $500 bill on fire? It’d be about as entertaining.

    I’d be a bit softer, maybe, if it was on a cat, though. I feel for dogs in general something like what Mr. HKH feels for HK. But even on a cat, “pet jewelry” is ridiculous, and anybody who buys this and actually puts it on their pet deserves no respect.

  2. So my friend who watches this blog says it looks ‘a little Paris Hilton’…
    I say better than Perez!
    Um….I don’t know too many animals (or humans for that matter) that wouldn’t try to gnaw off a bodypart to get rid of the offending feline…
    I think it ‘might’ be okay on a human… NOT on animals.
    All I can think of is my cat rubbing up against something, getting caught and choking, OR my dog getting it off and trying to eat it and choking…
    This is evil….just evil….

  3. This is stupidity at it’s worst. Pet jewelry that costs nearly $200?! I would never try to put any kind of jewelry on my pets to begin with, let alone ridiculously expensive jewelry that has that evil feline on it. What kind of brainless gits do they have at Sanrio these days?

  4. NOT.FOR.PETS. please >.>
    but the necklace itself is pretty cute…I’d just use the stupid dog thing..for…a..bracelet? I ‘unno.


  5. i have to say….. that thing looks better on that poor dog than on the woman.

    at least it’s not that kind of “HERE I AM” hello kitty blinding pink product. you have to pay attention to notice that’s a hello kitty there.

  6. just a side thought after the initial brain suicide upon seeing this, if its a hello kitty necklace for pets wouldn’t the logical choice be to first advertise it on a kitty? although the dogs face (with the overly large eyes and head for its tiny little body) does somewhat resemble hello kitty, maybe that was it, but still, there has to be just as ugly real cats out there to wear this crap. not by choice of course

  7. They make jewelery for pets? Since when does this happen? Pets need no jewlerey they are pets. It’s like putting lipstick on a hog… It just doesn’t work.

  8. You totally lie and exaggerate and nobody can believe a word you say. It infuriates me that you can never say anything nice about Hello Kitty. This blog is so one sided that nobody can trust it. Why don’t you try and be fair at least once in awhile?

    Common sense, which you don’t have at all, says that this is a great way for pet owners to share their love of Hello Kitty with their pets. Hello Kitty loves animals as much as she loves people. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be shared. That is why people buy Hello Kitty outfits for their dogs and cats. They want to share their love of Hello Kitty with their pets as well. It’s only someone like you who has no understanding of Hello Kitty who can’t see this.

    I think Hello Kitty jewelry and clothes lines for pets would be a great idea. It’s another way for everyone to show how much Hello Kitty is inspiration for them and even for their pets.

  9. This is effing killing me inside:

    “Common sense, which you don’t have at all…” (-Darlene)

    LMAO is this in any way like the common sense that should tell you that Hello Kitty HELL might imply that someone does not like Hello Kitty therefore making this a one-sided blog about… *gasp* disliking HK??
    This chick is a riot!
    Ahh… but I still wish she’d go away.

  10. The pet market is so huge I knew this was only a matter of time.

    A dog has to wear a cat around his neck. Poor dog. I bet the other dogs laugh at him.

    This is a whole new level of Hello Kitty Hell!

  11. to m: I would agree. Darlene is one of those laughable people that get outraged at every single person that doesn’t love HK or anything that they like. It’s a defensive reaction. It’s so strange. I even wonder if she is for real. Hard to tell sometimes.

    To everyone: I like Sanrio, but I like Kuromi instead. Says a lot about me. I also love Kogepan of San-x and many other San-x things.

    Aside, I’ve told my guy that the grounds of me divorcing him if we ever get married is based on cheating, abuse, and getting me a chihuaha.

    Besides, the necklace looks like it would cost $5 anyway, so why make it whatever inflated price it is. But then, that’s HK.

    Enough said. I hate those things.

  12. Seriously, I suspect that a chain with that sort of wire gauge and link size might prove painful, or even dangerous, for an animal. If you don’t understand why, grab hold of a handful of your own hair and pull hard!!

  13. Kitteh!!—–
    I had a mental thought there and started to pull my hair just as a test, then thought better about it…

  14. andophiroxia – agreed, at first she was just a hilarious dumbass but I am/have been skeptical of her being a real person. However, even if she is, the person is doing a great job at achieving a perfect balance of aggrevation and hilarity, everything we as humans love in life! So, 9 x / 10 I will ignore darlene and the other I will mock her. Clearly she has a fan base but unfortunately for her (be she real) is that no one is laughing with but at her.
    Also, don’t feel too bad, I (and many others here) love Hello Kitty or Sanrio products as well but A: find this blog hilarious B: are not insane thinking HK is real or what have you and C: know our host has a great sense of humor, finds a good way to deal with his torment, and keeps a great blog regardless.

    Meanwhile I’m waiting for HK crack rock to appear b/c I am dying for the Insane Division of the HK fan base to march on Washington petitioning that crack should be legal b/c nothing with HK is bad. This will be a scary day but they’ll all be in one place for us to apply fire to them.

  15. Okay, m, you have crossed over from hilarious to down right pee-my-pants-laughing-hysterically funny!!!!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!
    But question: would the crack rocks be pink???

  16. Ha ha ha, now thats funny, andophiroxia!
    I guess its better than telling them to take that rock (or the dog) and shove it, right????

  17. @andophiroxia….Yeah, I’m bored so I just think of off the wall things to say….hey…kinda like Darlene!
    Oh, wait, I’m not an dim-witted idiot and don’t repeat myself every time I post πŸ™‚

  18. That poor dog looks terrified!

    Pet jewelry? That makes about as much sense as, oh, I don’t know, ceramic artwork for the roof of your car.

  19. @ darlene

    ‘I think Hello Kitty jewelry and clothes lines for pets would be a great idea. It’s another way for everyone to show how much Hello Kitty is inspiration for them and even for their pets.’

    LMFAO again!

    The only inspiration HK gives me is to vomit, and I certainly don’t need my dog to be inspired in this way.

  20. @RenaissanceGrrl
    Realizing that what I’m responding to is over a year old, but…

    Don’t worry. NO dog would want to share ANYTHING with you in the first place. πŸ™‚ Even its fleas…. let alone jewelry!

    I noticed your posts about dogs elsewhere too. How someone can be so bitter with dogs, I don’t understand… even if you have had a bad experience with them, it’s just closed-minded.


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