Hello Kitty Is Loved By Drug Lords

Why does this seem so appropriate to me?

Hello Kitty, the Japanese cartoon figure popular with teenagers around the world, was used by a notorious Colombian drug lord to hide messages to his minions, according to a report Monday.

Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia, who is being held in Brazil after his arrest in August, hid voice and text messages digitally encoded into e-mailed images of the innocent feline, Brazilian police told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Investigators say the disguised missives, hundreds of which were found on Abadia’s computer, could put the narcotics kingpin up to his neck in Kitty litter as some of them allegedly detail cocaine shipments between countries…

Abadia apparently picked Hello Kitty as his courier because his wife was a big fan of the Japanese icon — she had even decorated one of her rooms in a Brazilian house with Hello Kitty-themed chairs, watches and wallpaper.

Using Hello Kitty to help run a worldwide drug trafficking operation puts into perspective the real Hello Kitty and makes perfect sense. In fact, I would not be surprised if Sanrio sanctioned this because they felt that drug trafficking was becoming more popular than Hello Kitty and wanted in on the action (as they seem to do with anything else that has even the slightest bit of popularity).

The only bad part of this whole incident is that last paragraph highlighted in bold — I think he has a good insanity defense that will probably get him off…

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31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Is Loved By Drug Lords”

  1. Maybe he went insane and started an international drug trafficking company? Next thing you know, HKH is going to be mysteriously rich (which will of course, only add to his Hello Kitty insanity, since like most husbands; his wife probably has her hand in his pocket)

  2. The guy who became a drug lord in this article was forced into this terrible profession BECAUSE of his wife’s mania with HK. That mouthless cat is evil, I tells ya!

  3. I think his cell should be decorated in the most sickeningly-sweet HK stuff that can be found and the Hello Kitty songs that are annoying (all of them really) should play 24/7/365- his cell should be soundproof so the other prisoners can’t hear him scream.
    All his meals should consist of anything Hello Kitty, those nasty looking pizzas should be a daily staple.
    His jumpsuit will be pink and covered in little hello kitty heads, and of course the soap he will constantly ‘coerced’ to drop will be hello kitty shaped. 🙂
    Whooooohahahaha (wrings evil hands)….

  4. no Darlene comment in defense of the evil feline.
    Strange someone please give Darlene a call and find out if she is okay.

  5. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and finally felt the need to write a comment – while all your rants have been pretty funny, I think with these last two you outdid yourself.^^ I had to laugh my head off, especially the ‘punishment’ and the ‘pleading for insanity’ lines were hilarious – good job man, you rock! Let’s show the world that wit is not dead yet, even with the feline fatale trying to turn all our brains into bismol pink mush…

  6. mhkitty, you are truly evil, I like that. An adding to your list: When he can’t handle all the cuteness in his new life, we could make donations for a HK-gun that he can kill himself with!

  7. Helene: Oh no, there is NO getting out of HK Prison early…
    Just think of all the crack babies and people who are vegetables now because of this wacko…
    Anyway, they’ll probably just take all his money and he’ll mysteriously disappear…

  8. thisdaydreamer wrote :
    “Darlene must be in mourning because her source was shut down.”

    Now that explains EVERYTHING! The nonsense, the fact that she doesn’t comment anymore… Everything, I tell you!

  9. I would have to be on drugs to enjoy Hello Kitty, so I think that in a sense, he’s providing an essential service. Or atleast reinvesting in his buisness. Depends on how you look at it.

  10. Stop your lies!! Can’t you tell the truth just once? I can’t believe all the lies you tell. It makes me so mad!

    His wife had nothing to do with this. She was trying to show him a better way and he chose not to accept it. Instead, he decided to use Hello Kitty in a way that he shouldn’t have and was caught. Hello Kitty actually helped in capturing him for doing wrong.

    Had he spent more time with his wife, this would have never happened. He chose and that had nothing to do with Hello Kitty. So stop lying and tell the truth when you post!

  11. Actually Darlene, it’s quite common for drug traffickers to use children’s toys, or child oriented (which when you break it down, that is all Hello Kitty essentially is)imagery for the purpose of narcotics distribution. It’s roughly the same concept of stuffing teddy bears, and the like. Now in the history of drug trafficking; spending time with the family doesn’t deter somebody from their chosen ‘profession’. And also, all that HK merchandise that was in the house was most likely purchased with drug money. And the thought that “Hello Kitty helped in capturing him” is just plain delusional.

  12. Darlene, I really think you’ve gone too far this time, I really think you need to be calling the nearest mental health clinic~ today.
    Hello Kitty does not have thoughts, ideas, or anything for that matter- she’s not real, she’s a cartoon character!
    Ask yourself these questions then call them:
    1. Does Hello Kitty talk to me?
    2. Do I carry on conversations with inanimate objects?
    3. Does she/he/it make me do and say things I would otherwise not say/do?
    4. Is more than 50% of my time spent in unnatural idolizing of this subject/person/idea?
    If you answered yes to 2 or more, you need help.

    For if you can say and really believe that Hello Kitty ‘helped’ catch someone even though she is a fictional character, then you need a bunkmate named Miss Bubba.
    I truly feel sorry for you because you a) need friends who are real people and b) need Prozac (trust me- it works!) and c) need to open your eyes to the real world around you.

  13. Darlene has to be the most screwed-up, delusional person I’ve ever come across. Sanrio could start selling HK meth, and she would still try to defend it!

  14. On the general “drug lords have families too” point, witness “Blow”. It’s in no way a great film (in fact I’d say disappointing for Johnny Depp), but it is a fairly true biopic of an actual drug lord.

    MHK, I answered “yes” to (2), because my car is named Samantha. Well, she told me that was her name! (and btw she really does have a non-personalised Stargate related plate).

  15. I give you that one, My Mustang is named ‘Ellie’ a short version of ‘Elanore’ in Gone in 60 Seconds….ah Nick Cage in a GT500….. 😉

  16. u cant blame hello kitty for this….after all u said urself itz a cartoon character so u guys must be crazy cuz she doesnt just walk up to people and say bhey i wanna help selld drugs 2day! i think i wanna sell pink coke!

  17. wow, darlene has to be the most successful troll ever and you all just keep feeding her what she wants to hear. have you not ever heard the term “don’t feed the troll”? i don’t buy she’s that into hello kitty, merely doing this to mess with everyone’s heads. and it’s working. my hat’s off to you, darlene.

    as far as this drug overlord goes? what did you honestly expect from people other than to use an icon of adoration to mislead trackers? makes sense to me, as sick as it is.


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