Hello Kitty Aki Hoshino

While the Hello Kitty vibrator pretty much put to rest any doubt that Sanrio wanted to expand beyond kids, the recent collaborative between Hello Kitty and Aki Hoshino pretty much continues along these lines. For those unfamiliar, Aki Hoshino is a Japanese bikini model that has turned that into a b-list TV career:

Aki Hoshino bikini

Not known for much else but the massive amount of flesh on her chest, Hello Kitty has embraced her with a new T-shirt line:

Hello Kitty Aki Hoshino clothes

Hello Kitty Aki Hoshino T-shirt green

Hello Kitty Aki Hoshino T-shirt red

Hello Kitty Aki Hoshino bikini T-shirt

It seems that Hello Kitty doesn’t use apples to only measure her height (5) and weight (3), but also the size breasts that she dreams about. Given her height and weight, even I can see that breasts the size of apples wouldn’t be a pretty picture for the evil feline.

Of course, my wife loves this since it shows that one more popular TV star also loves Hello Kitty. It seems, however, there are limits to how I’m allowed to view this collaboration. Hello Kitty and Aki Hoshino together are permissible for viewing, but apparently not Aki Hoshino by herself in a bikini as I quickly learned by being sent to the couch for the night in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. There’s never any upside when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by akifan, who really should be be punished in unspeakable ways for thinking that sending me these photos could ever result in something positive and not eventually lead me to the Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

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  1. I love how everyone still did a polite clap for her, when she did the completely horrible pitch, yet if it was an uglier girl, they probably just would of laughed….

  2. so would that mean that if she has 2 new apples added to her, she would now weigh 5 apples as well as being 5 apples tall? meaning Hello Kitty would be as tall as she is round?

  3. Okay, was I the only one who saw the video and held my breath waiting for her to pop out?
    Geez, that’s almost as bad as Janet Jackson’s boob popping out at the Superbowl!
    How trashy!!!!!
    Anyway, while I agree its a deliberate ripoff of the copertone ads (and I hope they sue), I also think it will give the young girls that will undoubtedly want these shirts the WRONG IDEA.
    Whoever is the lead on this design team should be taken into the streets and stoned! Isn’t our world messed up enough without people adding this crap to it?
    I’m just going to wait until some white trash shows up on Jerry Springer wearing one, the show will be called ‘So I slept with my highschool teacher’….

  4. i’m suprised darlene does not speak! she may have realized that her kitty HAS “gone to far” and she won’t want to sound dumb since she does really say they same things.

    really darlene, if Hello Kitty wounldn’t try so much to be constantly be making money we probably wouldn’t hate her.

  5. I see that you can find ridicule in even the most simplest of matters. Hello Kitty wishes to collaborate with a celebrity to bring happiness to more mature audiences and all you can do is pry and poke at that. You make such a big fuss out of the smallest of matters. Hello Kitty designs these shirts for enjoyance and all you can think about is looking at that bikini model by herself, pervert.

    I support darlene and appreciate that all she’s trying to do is rid the world of haters like you.

  6. OMG. I was just looking around the blog for fun and I found this:

    Comment from darlene
    Time: July 8, 2007, 9:33 pm

    This is one of the most brilliant blogs ever. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and I know that every post you write is going to insult me because I like Hello Kitty, but deep down I know that me liking Hello Kitty is exactly like you say. I have to say, “yes, he’s right” and at the same time say, “I want that damn Kitty” and I feel sorry for your torture and I’m completely jealous of your wife all in the same instant. And because of all this, I just want more because every time I visit, I have to laugh at it all.

    How did darlene go from that *points above* to this:

    Comment from darlene
    Time: March 10, 2008, 1:52 pm

    The only thing useless is your blog and your comments since you know nothing about Hello Kitty and what she stands for. What exactly is wrong with Hello Kitty rocks? People use rocks to decorate their homes in many different ways. This is like that while showing their love of Hello Kitty.

    The people at Sanrio made these because they know people will enjoy them and it will bring a smile to everyone that sees them. Unlike you and the bitterness that you try to give to everyone, Hello Kitty is about love and happiness. They are a big company because they know what people like while you have a small, insignificant blog because you don’t. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from them.

    weird, eh?

  7. Why not crop in a picture of her holding a HK plushie when u wanna oggle her?

    or to both create and eliminate a bond between her and HK, digitally put a red bow in her hair. When the wife sees, say “I just thought it was so CUTE **higher octive for the “cute”** how she’s trying to be like our Goddess, Hello Kitty! See the Bow? Like a halo!!” >;-}

  8. @ Jackie: I believe the first darlene was another person whose name is also darlene…so its not really the darlene we usually see around here..

  9. @Darlene Support: ‘enjoyance’ is NOT a real word! Please stay in school, and finish your education, then come back and ‘try’ to act like a person who knows how to spell!
    And P.S. HK cannot collaborate with a celeb, because she’s NOT REAL! Once again, she is a fictional character, with no feelings, thoughts… or even a mouth for that matter!
    Oh, and if this happens to be Alfred or Darlene herself, PLEASE seek professional help!

    @Jackie, yeah there are two Darlenes…we call them ‘evil Darlene’ and ‘good Darlene’, the good Darlene (the one we like) is the one whose name appears in red, and she’ll at least answer you if you try to aske her a question. The other is the ‘evil’ or ‘insane’ Darlene…

  10. Reckon Hello Kitty’s gone too far? Hell yeah!

    Hello Kitty’s gonna become the next Playboy!!
    But…I reckon that they’re just trying to make people buy the chlothing


  11. Dude…Read the comment MORE properly…


    HA HA!

    What’s your deal with Hello Kitty ANYWAYS??
    Some people hate her…Some people like her…
    ANd to me it looks like you want EVERYONE to like Hello Kitty! GOD! Even I like Hello Kitty BUT HEY! Does it look like I wanna make everyone LIKE Hello Kitty?

    So..HA HA! You make me wanna HATE Hello Kitty…Sick man…SICK

  12. Its not that i want that. Hello Kitty yeah she’s cute but she is waaaaay overdoing things.

    And if you hate HK well good for you.

    “MY DEAL” is that when you have HK shoved down your throat she is and can be very sickening.

  13. Okay so I’m confused, is ‘Michelle’ the ‘Darlene Support’?

    ‘Hello Kitty designs these shirts for enjoyance and all you can think about is looking at that bikini model by herself, pervert.’
    Yeah, I think she’s callin’ someone a pervert…

    Annnnddd, I think that Sanrio, not, Hello Kitty designs the shirts for male enjoyment and so men will buy them in hopes it’ll make their women look like that…

    I still seriously take offense to the one with HK holding the two apples to her chest.. that is blatant sexual innuendo!

  14. No, I am NOT in the Darlene Support, whatever that is…


    Hello Kitty= Sanrio!

    All I’m saying is that THAT IS GOING TOO FAR!


  15. I was just checking, jeez, switch to decaf….
    Are you okay? Do you need a Valium or something?

    If you read mine I’m saying the same thing…
    And if you look the comment made by ‘Darlene Support’ clearly says:
    ‘Hello Kitty designs these shirts for enjoyance and all you can think about is looking at that bikini model by herself, pervert.’
    In the context of the sentence that is addressing someone as being a ‘pervert’, and that is what RSKS is referring to…yeah, yeah I’m a teacher today…

  16. Male perspective:-

    Aki H is good looking, in a Japanese sort of a way. Yes, I’m enjoying the pic of her in a yellow bikini. I don’t see that that makes me a perve, because she’s not doing something she’s uncomfortable with; quite the reverse since she’s making a career of it!

    Either way, that wouldn’t get me to buy a GF an HK tee in the hopes of making her look (more) like Aki. What might get me to do so would be the knowledge that my GF would appreciate the shirt because of the design and the fact that I’d bought it for her.

  17. Kitteh!!: While I’d appreciate the gesture, I’d be miffed that you spent money to support what I am now calling ‘The Whoring of HK’. As a female, and one day mother, I would not want my child seeing a female wearing that shirt with HK holding the two apples….it’s demeaning! Not sure why I take offense to it so much since I love mostly everything HK, but I do not think that is appropriate for a younger audience (and we all know that’s where they’ll end up…).

  18. MHK, I see where you’re coming from. Those specific designs are bordering on soft-core; not so much for the apples, as for what’s happening with the waistband of the briefs in the other pics. I purposely said I “might buy a GF one of the Tees, meaning if she liked them.

  19. @ Michelle:

    If you have nothing with darlene support then why.T.F did you anwser to what i said cause i wasn’t talking to you if the first place.

  20. Urgh…Your talking to me now aren’t you?

    Well to me it felt like you were talking to me…GAWD

    This is pointless….TRUCE?

  21. I was talking to all of you Michelle.

    Aki H is a hottie, unless you don’t like Japanese girls that is.

    The Tees are borderline on softcore pron, and waay too old for any kids who’s in the target age range for the cartoon!

  22. I think it’s pretty obvious that HK fans are not the ones in the target age of the cartoon.

    Also, her boobs are hypnotizing as they bob up and down. VERY disturbing, especially if she’s “collaborating” with a character meant for *gasp* innocent and naive children.


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