Hello Kitty Perez Hilton Dog Head

It has already been established that owners will do masochistic sadistic things to their pets like place Hello Kitty heads on their cats and dogs, so this Hello Kitty head on Teddy, Perez Hilton’s dog, is not really all that surprising:

Hello Kitty Perez Hilton dog

The fact that over 10 people felt compelled to email me it was very disturbing simply by the fact that there are at least that many readers of this blog that also feel that Perez Hilton’s blog is worthwhile. But the most disturbing part of it was what was written:

Our wonderful and kind friends at Sanrio just sent the precious Teddy Hilton the most adorable Hello Kitty hat and carrying case.

Those words may not seem to mean much on the surface, but they carry the potential to make Hello Kitty Hell an inferno. These simple words sparked the following comment from my wife: “If I make a popular blog, Sanrio will start sending me things.” That thought not only sent shivers down my spine, it sent me looking for a seppuku set to give me a way out if it should ever occur. While creating a blog as popular as Perez Hilton’s is not likely, I have also learned that it’s never good to under estimate a Hello Kitty fanatic when she sets her mind to something…

Sent in by far too many people (via Perez Hilton) that really need to get better lives if they are spending their days reading both Perez Hilton and this blog on a regular basis…

38 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Perez Hilton Dog Head”

  1. Lol i love perez hilton, and this blog

    my two favorites combined πŸ˜›

    poor teddy though, it does look cuter on him then the cats though trutfully, at least there no, err not as much look of HK devoring the animal

  2. If your wife starts her own blog, the title must be “Hello Kitty Heaven”. That proves the theory that Heaven and Hell are the same and they are viewed just from a different perspective.

  3. I love the idea “Yet another anonymous” said, about your wife’s blog being named Hello Kitty Heaven.

    Oh, by the way the word is “Sadistic” See, a Masochist takes pleasure in receiving pain, but a Sadist takes pleasure in inflicting pain.

  4. That hideous HK accoutrement looks like it’s eating Teddy’s head and the straps under its chin is holding the head in place.

    Still–imagine that there’s a headless white body running around waving its fingerless white paws in the air in panic.

  5. Oh geez, this guy needs to be shot for animal cruelty!
    What is this guy’s major malfunction?
    I love my dog and Hello Kitty, but you don’t see me forcing him to wear this!!!!
    Doesn’t this guy have some unsuspecting Movie Star to go harrass?

  6. Hee. I thought of you this morning when I saw Teddy wearing his gift.

    Actually I’m surprised Sanrio HASN’T sent you anything yet.

  7. Why isn’t PETA doing anything here??? he poor dog do not deserve this, no animal does!

    I have no idea who Perez Hilton is, the joy of living in India you might say. But I don’t care who’s dog it is, just seeing HK grafted on a pet’s head is WRONG

  8. By the way should I even try to atempt dressing my labrador girl with that it would be off in an instant and shredded to pieces. She loves shredding soft toys and cushion. I’ll be happy to offer her service to chew HK stuff to all those who suffer from cute overload πŸ™‚

  9. Mario Lavativa AKA Perez Hilton is UTTER SCUM.I heard they took his last dog away because he “forgot” to feed him for FOUR DAYS(!!!) all he does is steal PIX & draws c*cks and cum on them.The lazy bastard is WORTHLESS.


    Perez Hilton ‘fans’ are scary they remind me of the loons that “marry” serial killers.

  10. Alfred, you may have started redeeming yourself πŸ˜‰
    Perez Hilton IS indeed scum!
    BTW- is that a HK pet carrier I spy in the background????

  11. I’m a HK nut but I’m NOT scum.Perez Hilton is just disgusting & without a doubt would not exsist in a better world.His “fans” are crazy wanna be Z listers I mean how low do you have to be to admire Perez Hilton? I think it’s mostly fat girls who are vastly bitter w/ life & feel that Perez is one of them which I suppose he indeed is.

    Well no doubt he will be yesterday’s news in no time.

  12. Perez Hilton has a right to put an adorable Hello Kitty head on his dog. All you do is make fun of that….you sicken me!

    With no Hello Kitty, your blog wouldn’t even exist, and you wouldn’t have recieved the widespread popularity you enjoy today.

  13. I’d run headfirst into the nearest inanimate object too if I had to wear that thing on my head.

    It does look like it’s eating the dog’s head from behind…sooo creepy!

  14. I REALLY think with this comment that this really is Darlene in ‘disguise’…..
    ‘…you sicken me!’ yeah that sounds like her….

  15. To The Sick, Sick Person Above, PH: Um, what the Hell is wrong with you??? What the HELL do you need Crisco around a dog for???? (don’t everyone answer at once)
    You are a sick Motherboinker!
    I hope someone shoots your A$$!

    @RSKS: Accidents happen, but remind me never to eat at your house πŸ™‚

  16. At first I misread the title and I was thinking “So what, people are surprised? She has another dog named Tinkerbell, why is THIS a surprise?” And then I realized it said PEREZ. Augh.

  17. Thank goodness for people who have the courage to speak against lunatics like Perez Hilton and his fans! Those Perez’ fans are like flocks. Perez’ fans are as cruel as their Master! They are totally anaesthetized. They love watching others being bullied. Isn’t it a bit sick? They swallow the dirt and they love it! They beat up anyone who tries to tell them that it is wrong. Who’s jealous? Jealous of what? Making money by colling people names, judging them and thinking you are almighty and that you can do and say whatever as long as it pleases your twisted mind? Not jealous, thanks. Just responsible, honest and fair. Keep up the good work and “Boycott Perez Hilton”!!!!

  18. Hello Kitty, I mean McFLY. Wake up, people. Perez actually treats Teddy VERY WELL. Spoiled rotten, in fact. So he put a funny hat on his dog for a photo? There’s clearly no crime in that. Also – for those of you who do not agree with his blog, that is understandable. But also realize he promotes VARIOUS WORTHWHILE causes on his website including ANIMAL RESCUE and ADOPTION and because of his mentions on his blog, hundreds, probably THOUSANDS of shelter animals have found homes. I’m sure nobody else out there reading this can say the same.

  19. I second lulu’s comment… who the hell is perez (is it just paris said in a weird voice??? If it is… please refrain from saying/spelling it like that!)

  20. hahaha Alfred I totally agree with what you said about Perez fans:
    “Perez Hilton β€˜fans’ are scary they remind me of the loons that β€œmarry” serial killers…
    His β€œfans” are crazy wanna be Z listers… I think it’s mostly fat girls who are vastly bitter w/ life & feel that Perez is one of them which I suppose he indeed is.”

    I used to occasionally go to his website, but his bitterness plus his fans 100X worse bitterness is a total turn-off. I bet if i posted a harmless comment like “Kitties are nice” on his website, I would get responses like, “STFU! youre a fuq-tard, go suck Lady gaga’s coq!” justjared.com is much better.

    I actually pity them, their cruelness inside probably leaves them with not many friends in real life. poor souls.

    i stick with thumper’s (from bambis) timeless advice:
    “if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.”


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