Hello Kitty Rectal Thermometer

While I don’t condone any product displaying the Hello Kitty brand, if I did have to choose one, the Hello Kitty rectal thermometer would certainly be in the running:

Hello Kitty rectal thermometer

This product simply confirms what we all know Hello Kitty does to all of us on a daily basis, especially to those who live in Hello Kitty Hell. Nothing typifies the true nature of Hello Kitty like having to look at her “cute” face as it gets shoved up your…

Sent in by Victoria who deserves to have this used on her on a daily basis as punishment for ever thinking that bringing this to my attention could be a good idea or a beer for finding the most accurate Hello Kitty branded product ever. Probably both…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Rectal Thermometer”

  1. omg id rather have a fever for the rest of my life than have to deal with that….im sure darlene would enjoy it though LMFAO

  2. Oh my goodness, too funny!
    It’s a cute thermometer, but yeah, I’m not gonna use it there, the mouth works fine for me…

  3. Caught lying again! Can you ever report the truth instead of exaggerating? This is getting so tiring. This is a regular thermometer that can be used in the mouth or under the arm as well which you conveniently left out just to make your blog more vile. This time everyone knows you’re a liar.

    Hello Kitty is helping children’s health and all you can do is fixate on typical man gutter humor in a pathetic attempt to be funny. You are becoming so very sad and everyone can see it. It’s a surprise that anyone reads this blog anymore.

  4. Well Darlene certainly put you in your place Mister! BUSTED!

    Is she gone? Ok, I enjoy reading this blog because I love the tone of the writer- and Darlene cracks me up. Why do I read this blog? Well Darlene, you are a big factor! Oh she’s back?

    Yeah Mister and don’t try that again!

  5. I was gratified this last week as my niece turned down a HK toothbrush, offered by my sister, in favor of a superman toothbrush, offered by me. I was given a little glimmer of hope that my poor niece might escape one day from her own HK hell. I will avoid letting my sister see that thermometer, whichever orifice you shove it into, just as a safety measure for the child.

  6. Hehehe. I stumbled upon your site while doing research on a pair of Converse basketball shoes for work. (Yay for google and its lack of appropriate results.) I just wanted to say that you’re hilarious (and the anti-sharing-HK-converse-wherabouts was awesome.) I don’t mind Hello Kitty but I think your site is great. Keep up the good work!

  7. Is it just me, or is it infuriating how people act like they are forced to visit this site? I’ve been reading the comments, and it’s sad. Someone commented on how it’s unfair how Hell Kitty Hell is ‘forcing their opinions on hello kitty lovers’. If you don’t like the site, don’t visit it! Darline, why do you keep coming here? Don’t you think it’s a little weird that someone who hates this site soo much feels compelled to comment frequently? (Almost) no one cares what you have to say, and you’re not taken seriously. I feel like saying this because I have a site myself, and have had people tell me how much they hate it – It makes me feel really awful to read those comments for a site I work so hard on. Even though I <3 hello kitty (notebooks, stickers, normal stuff), reading this blog is hilarious and entertaining. Sorry for such a long post, I’ve never commented before ^___^

  8. Those ARE rectal thermometers! the thin small ones and the ones that look like a skinny stick are the ones for the mouth darlene…..unless you “like” it for mutipul useage. They make them for specific ones for different areas, cause why the hell would anyone want to put something that has been in their butt in their mouth.

    (doesn’t matter if it was washed, it was still there)

  9. I will admit that with its thin flexible tip I prefer having it used on my rectally than orally. My girlfriend used it on me and I didn’t even notice it going in. i heard the beep and she showed me what had just happened. Now I prefer that she take my temp that way.


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