Hello Kitty Hell Help

I will be out of town for the first two weeks of April and I’m probably not going to have access to the Internet during that time to update this blog. I’m looking for someone to volunteer to take over during that time. If you feel that you can carry the Hello Kitty Hell banner while I’m away, please send me an email letting me know why you would be a good candidate for the job…

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hell Help”

  1. I think it is not easy to carry your torch.
    I’d rather want to see Darlene to write another end of the spectrum.
    Think, that would be an oppposite world, everything up side down.
    Of course, the blog title is ‘Hello Kitty Heaven’. This is a coup d’Γ©tat.

  2. Well, actually I’ll be out of town until the 30th so I may not be able to do it, damn!
    I’d love to! I have pics of all kinda of HK clothes and wedding dresses to crack on!
    I hope whomever you pick can do just as great a job as you!

  3. Hiiii! I am a subscriber of your feed as everyone here is.
    I myself am a Hello Kitty fan; but I at the same time love the humor of your blog and the Hello Kitty madness because I think it’s quite ridiculous.
    I wouldn’t mind doing the job considering (1.) I’m always at home, most of the time on the computer (strict Asian parent, ugh).
    And (2.) I dunno. I’m cool.
    I don’t think there is much more to post…I’m sure you have everything Hello Kitty down and I do not know your sources. But yeah~if ever, I can be the one. ^o^

  4. whoa! i would absolutely love to do this! but i would have absolutely no idea what i’d be doing. i really wish i could! screw it i’ll send an e-mail and ask anyway

  5. That would be awesome to do for a few weeks! Of course, none of us could carry the HKH banner quite as well as you, but it would be fun to try.

  6. Did I forget to mention I am great at graphic design and HTML…although I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with…anything.


  7. I would do it, I’m pretty pessimistic toward HK she annoys me quite alot since my brother and my mom want to buy me her crap since i’m the only girl in the family….

  8. I vote for Vi or yeah Darlene. I’d love to be tormented by her rantings on the front page for 2 weeks straight. THAT would be HELLO KITTY HELL.

  9. To everyone who asked for Darlene: WTF?????????????????????????


    Never again!!!

    Make it stop, make it STOP!!!!!!

  10. If you all voted for Darlene you deserve to rot in a very special level of hell… where there are only zombie GI Joes and bad 80’s Jem… again… zombies.


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