Hello Kitty Bra Shop

Hello Kitty themed stores freak me out because there is no question that it will end up on my wife’s lists of places we must visit some day. It’s bad enough that I will someday be tortured into having to go to the Hello Kitty sweet shop, the Hello Kitty hotel (or even worse, the Hello Kitty love hotel) and the Hello Kitty hospital, but when it comes to evil feline and Hello Kitty bras, the Hello Kitty bra shop is a nightmare come true:

Hello Kitty bra store

Hello Kitty fanatics think this is sexy, but we already know that Hello Kitty and sexy don’t mix (just think of the compounded torment if she would have been wearing Hello Kitty lingerie as well…). While my wife is dreaming about all the Hello Kitty lingerie that she can add to her collection, I think I’ll begin searching for red hot pokers to burn out my eyes since that will be so much less painful than having to look at Hello Kitty lingerie on a nightly basis. As has been proven time and again, Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…

Sent in by georgiagirl who really deserves the most unspeakable agony for thinking anything good could come from sending this photo to me and for torturous repercussions that will undoubtedly occur to my love live if my wife ever gets into this store…

Update: The last thing in the world I need is to be reminded that the Hello Kitty Bra Shop even exists, but apparently kittycute felt it was necessary to ruin my day with this bit of advertising.

Hello Kitty bra shop advertising

41 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bra Shop”

  1. Oh shut up! Every guy likes to look at a woman in lingerie even if it has Hello Kitty on it-besides, think of it this way: if you act like you like it-the more likely it is to come off!

  2. Well if it makes you feel any better any Hello Kitty sex themed stuff (vibrators, lingerie, etc) will not be allowed for use per the HK toliet paper. So…theres one bright spot.

  3. i am a girl and i want the same result happen to this shop as what happened to my house… burns down. im bein serious about my house btw.

    anyway this is completely inhumane to anyone who has to witness it. ima think i’ll gauge my eyes out now : )

  4. its ok to have hello kitty under wair because its not ment to be sexi its ment to be cute!. its like snoopy underwair i love to have it on but i would never show my boy friend it x

  5. that hello kitty toilet paper is rockin but the only trouble is that you dunt wanna wipe your bum on such a nice thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

  6. Good thing I’m a super skinny 13 year old, turning 14 this year! These underwear sets can make lots of girls look super cute and sexy, including me!


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