Hello Kitty Bikini Bottoms

This is why Hello Kitty fanatics scare the hell out of me – they fashion things like this Hello Kitty bikini bottom that they believe is sexy, but just leaves everyone who sees it saying wtf?!?

Hello Kitty Bikini

Some things are simply so wrong that there is nothing to do but weep in pain at the horror. While I never thought I’d say this, I think I would actually be less traumatized with more Hello Kitty in this instance. I don’t even want to know anything more about it…I’ve been trying to erase the image from my mind the second that I opened the email and nothing is working. A lobotomy is looking like a perfectly reasonable surgical procedure if it could wipe the image away. This is yet another instance that proves that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…much, much worse…

Sent in by Matt who pretty much sums it up with his comment, “If the tan-damaged butterfly of Naugahyde doom doesn’t soften your manhood, the rubber band/maxi-pad Hello Kitty bikini bottoms will…” which just proves that he deserves intense and unrelenting torture for thinking something like this should ever be sent to my email box…

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  1. Yeaaah….?

    And, since we seem to have the place to ourselves… πŸ˜‰

    It occurred to me that all your HK Anime schoolgirl costume needs to become an HK Magical Girl one is higher heels and a scratch-built wand, which I’m sure your talents would be entirely up to making.

  2. That’s not a butterfly. It’s a gargoyle head, and the open mouth is covered by Hello Kitty. This makes the picture a little worse for me.

  3. For the love of GOD, please tell me you are NOT going to leave us with THIS?????
    (Has anyone noticed the undies look like a mini diaper???)

    I’m flattered πŸ˜‰
    Yeah I was at the store and bought another patch to go on the back of my skirt -or maybe I’ll sew them to my bloomers so I can have a reason to show off my bum πŸ™‚
    I have stiletto thighhigh patent leather boots that cost a fortune πŸ™‚ No going back now!

  4. Yeah, I had noticed the undies looking “odd”, but I’d thought they looked more like a female sanitary product!! >anyone know how to do an upchucking smilie in HTML?<

    Oh and even if we don’t watch the same shows, get an idea we both watch Anime?

  5. It looks like one of those influenza masks that they wear in japan, but the string has been routed to make a bikini.

    It looks gross and dumb anyway.

    Wonder what Darlene has to say about this one, surely she couldn’t tell me that looks good. Ugh.

  6. Are you kidding? I LOVE reading Manga/watching Anime, my good friend has spent a ‘small’ fortune for Anime… my fav is still Sailor Moon…
    My friends tell me I should go as Sailor Moon one Halloween… the wig would weigh a ton!
    Maybe I could be a Sailor Hello Kitty!!!!!

  7. It’s difficult getting any of the really long Anime series this side of the Pond, so I tend to go more for things like Ghost in the Shell: Stand-alone Complex, or Dirty Pair Flash, but I’ve got the Manga of Ranma 1/2 (thanks Amazon), and am working on Inu Yasha.

    I wasn’t going to suggest Sailor Moon; as you say the wig would wreck your neck!, but other Magical Girls are available.

  8. I like: Oh My Goddess, Vampire Knight, Her Magesty’s Dog, Red River and some of the others… as long as its scifi I’m good πŸ™‚
    Manga is my little vice, I normally go for suspense/thriller stuff… will Manga and Hello Kitty… I got more HK clothes this weekend, Whee!!!!

    BTW: I went ahead and threw in my hat for the blog takeover…if he’s still in town…it might be fun πŸ™‚

  9. omg, that is the scariest thing ever to grace this blog. You should put up a warning so other people don’t get too queasy looking at it.

  10. OH MY DEAR LORD BURN MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!! X_____X
    and I agree with Mr. HKH I will have to start thinking of something to make me forget that O_______O

    @mhkitty: you like Vampire Knight and Oh My Goddess? me too!!!! I like Tsubasa too

  11. ….. i stayed home sick today, and decided it’d be a good idea to check this site to find out what crazy new antics hello kitty is up to this time. it took all my might to hold down the projectile vomit after seeing this picture. i may never get better from that. hello kitty and her fanatics have crippled me.

  12. I don’t know what Darlene thinks (and come to think of it, I almost wish she was in charge of this site while our guy is on vacation) but it would probably be something like this:

    Finally you have exposed yourself. Anyone looking at this knows she is just drawing attention away from a tattoo that didn’t come out right. Why anyone still comes here to read your hate is beyond me.

    Hello Kitty is love. Joy. World peace. If you weren’t so cheap and mean to your wife, you would look at the picture and want to kiss Hello Kitty! DARLENE

    Or something like that….. (LOL)

  13. Sweet Jesus! Dude! Some people read your blog at work! How about putting that…that…thing…on a separate page with a link marked NSFW!

    Jeez, it’s just Netiquette.


  14. I’m never gonna wake up from this horrible nightmare am I? God…nothing can come worse then that…Dude if thats really a man…did he tuck it in?! God I really really dont want to know…but then again I do…geez must destroy the image in my head!! -watches a gummy bear get caught in a bear trap- Thank goodness for classic humor.

  15. DJ Psychomike:
    I don’t know what Darlene thinks (and come to think of it, I almost wish she was in charge of this site while our guy is on vacation)

    How could you!!!

  16. I have to agree with the thoughts of it being a maxi pad with a HK sticker attached. I am thankful that she hasn’t turned around-I shudder to think what the back looks like.

  17. I just threw up in my mouth a little. whoever that is should be dragged in to the street, tarred, feathered and stuck to a wall… all while wearing that disgusting thing.

    Seriously. Gross.

  18. I just wanted to Say That Ive been receiving Emails from this blog for a long time. And Im a total Hello Kitty Freak–But this is the Nastiest thing I’ve seen on here YET!
    When I first saw it I absolutely Thought it looked like a Diaper [HAHA MHKITTY]
    Then when I took a good look at it. . .That is WAY to small for that girl. I looks like those side strings are fixing to pop and smack her in that damn butterfly!
    Well Have a great Day! Thanks for the Blog

  19. Okay, so anyone else notice Darlene hasn’t touched this one?

    Oh, and I think I finally figured out why she doesn’t write anyone back… she’s so delusional she doesn’t realize that anyone else goes to this blog! THAT’S why she always says ‘everyone hates this blog’ and crap like that…she truly doesn’t realize there is a whole wide world outside of the World Wide Web πŸ˜›
    Yeah, that’s go to be it.

  20. This horrible image has almost blinded me. I have to agree that this looks like a maxi pad. I wouldn’t be caught dead in this. Not a good tattoo either. I wouldn’t mind a hello kitty bikini swim suit, just not this. I like cats, prefer a Kyocat from Fruits Basket bikini.

  21. @Kitteh!!: Oh really???????? But I have to agree most of the pairs I’ve seen wouldn’t fit (totally not trying to sound like a whore here!)

    Anywhooo… yeah I think I’ll use this to freak my friends out.
    I betcha that’s Alfred.

  22. y’know….im looking @ that thing and hoping it was home made…cuz i would hate to know that more than one person can possibly obtain something that disturbing @_@

  23. Where is the bikini bottom? I see a tattoo and tan skin. lol seriously that thing is SO small. A fat chick would put that on and LOSE it.

  24. i’m a mini-fan of hello kitty….
    bt this is effin gross, man! like….wtf is this??? some things you just dont do!

  25. My eyes hurt. πŸ™ Even before I read the whole article all I could think was “It looks like a re-usable maxi pad on stretchy cord…


  26. lol man that thing looks like a napkin and dental floss….i dont know i dont think id be very attracted by that personally….its almost to naked… Dont get me wrong naked can be sexy…or close to naked….but thats too close lol. id say not hot.. almost idiotic =P.

    i would like to see some better attempts at sexy lol i could probably put that little thing on and be sexier… any ideas of sexy?


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