More Hello Kitty Computer Laptops

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise since we all know that Hello Kitty will do anything to make a buck, but the evil feline has decided to turn computer laptops into a fashion statement and roll out new themes every 6 months. The process has been building over the years. At one point, you had to actually pimp out your own Hello Kitty computer before Epson decided to bling out the laptop for you. From there is went down hill. That success lead to monogrammed Hello Kitty themes and we all prayed that would put things to an end, but alas Epson has decided to come out with 2 more Hello Kitty themes: Flower and Airplane

Hello Kitty Epson Laptop Flowers

Hello Kitty Epson Computer Airplane

This, of course, presents a huge dilemma for the Hello Kitty fanatic. The previous themes are now six months old and you know that Hello Kitty fanatics can’t be out of style, so my wife is considering getting another laptop (or her preference, getting both) which, of course, is simply — how should I put it — INSANE. It’s not like it’s a great improvement over the last model

It has become a little lighter at 2.6 kilograms (vs 3 kg for the previous laptops), comes with Windows Vista installed, has an 80GB hard drive with 1GB of memory. The only real difference I see from the previous model is that instead of a Celeron M 430 (1.73 GHz) chip, it now has a Celeron 540 (1.86 GHz) chip. This time around it costs just a tad over $1,400 (147,000 yen)

So I now get to look forward to a month of comments about how my wife’s current Hello Kitty computer doesn’t seem to be working correctly and that it must be time to get a new one. If worst comes to worse, I’ll find one of these monstrosities given to me as a “present” (which, of course, I’ll never be able to use and will eventually default to my wife). Pretty much par for the course in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. The only thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise is your continued rubbish with every blog post. Hello Kitty makes lots of different themes because people love the different ways she looks. If your wife wants a different look, you should be willing to make her happy and get one that she likes.

    Men don’t understand that fashion changes rapidly and that new looks need to be made several times a year. Hello Kitty is a fashion icon and so it’s natural for there to be different looks coming out all the time. It’s what makes her so popular.

  2. Darlene,

    I would not be suprised that you married a man and divorced his ass every time you needed a damn laptop or some new blingy HK chotchky that wouldn’t matter much in hardware specs and performance anyway. I mean I would imagine you would have had at least a boyfriend/husband per piece or a few pieces of inane HK crap ever advertised and ever made.

    You know that knob that constantly sends impulses to have you buy that HK product. Stop for a bit and just think on how you can make your own customized collection instead of being some lame-assed poseur and just impulse buying that stuff. Think if you actually can USE that and if you really WANT it.


    You can take the easier route, go have wild, filthy, tantric, bestial(literally) sex with your life-like HK doll.

    Hell, there’s a vibrator of her anyway, so why don’t you round that out?

  3. OK you have to be a HK fanatic to buy such a thing! Because 2.6kg is still too heavy for a laptop no matter what.

    A normal person decide which laptop to buy according to their budget, and the performance of the machine, NOT how it looks!

  4. Okay so I have been reading this blog for nearly 5 months now and have never commented ,but this is something I can not leave alone.
    I <3 hello kitty and have a lot of silly HK stuff in my house. I buy HK stuff quite often but c’mon this laptop is ridiculously overpriced. When it comes to something this expensive and buying a computer you don’t buy based on looks you buy based on how good the machine works. This is more expensive than my macbook. Not only is my mac a way better machine but it looks fab too ;). Not to mention that if you pay that price for a machine having to put up with Vista should be enough to turn you away.
    @ Darlene: your constant insanity and unwarranted hostility always makes me smile. I pity any person that wants to date you. Eve though I think you are a totally made up personality (because I hope no one is really as nuts as you) I need to remind you that relationships are partnerships not dictatorships.

  5. Hiya KellyJ. This is exactly our point! We don’t mind sensible kiddie tee-shirts (but the Ahi H ones were OTT), or collectables aimed at the same age range as the Anime, but this sort of stuff is themed marketting gone mad!

  6. What Darlene really means:

    “The only thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise is the continued HK rubbish we get to see with every post. Hello Kitty makes lots of different themes because people will spend copious amounts of money on any stupid thing as long as it says Hello Kitty. If your wife wants a different look, you should be willing to make her happy and get one that she likes, myabe a skin with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre would please her…

    Men understand that fashion changes rapidly so as to make women spend all their hard-earned money and that new looks need to be made several times a year, so that all the designers can stay plush in their penthouses and keep half a dozen mistresses. Hello Kitty is a fashion icon to the insane and so it’s natural for there to be different looks coming out all the time, especially since the creators need some way to feed their crack habits. It’s what makes her so popular with 5 year olds, and drug lords… ;)”

    Ahhh, that felt good… that being said I would but the HK Airplane skin…just to draw flames out the back and her screeching toward Earth at an alarming rate 🙂

  7. @ mhkitty: u r too funny!

    and darlene: if your labtop “goes out of style” i’ll be happy to take it off your hands i could use one….. >;}

  8. @mhkitty:
    E hee hee hee hee hee.

    That’s rad. I hope it smacks darlene in the face. Probably not if it hasn’t already. But then as kellyjanice said, she could just be made up—but then again maybe not.

  9. Yup… Darlene is just plain crazy. wonder if she even reads after she posts her inane comments.

    Ugh to the laptop… let’s just over do it some more shall we?

  10. what the hell!!??!! that is completely rediculous, you could just print off the picture and stick it to your laptop, total cost? a fraction of a cent for paper, ink, and tape. or if you want a better quality you can print out laptop covers (somewhere i bet) for still FAR less expensive. also, darlene that is probably THE stupidest thing you’ve ever said, and thats a tough goal to reach. i seriously think if i slammed the keys on my keyboard for an hour and i half i’d have more support on my opinions than you, not only that but it’d be easier to follow and comprehend. not to mention all your posts are repetative and useless. please die, with love, ghost

  11. what grown woman wants to be seen carrying a hello kittified laptop to their college classes (besides darlene nutcases don’t count)??

  12. Even for Hello Kitty those laptops are Gaudy. I mean, wanting something subtle with the dread Cat-beast on it is one thing… But, those break the bonds of all good taste.

  13. =/ for that amount of money, you get a way better laptop, slap on a hk skin and it would still be cuter than those

    i shudder to think of what darlene thinks is fashionable >_> she can have those fugly laptops, i’ll just go make my own

  14. 1400 for a hello kitty laptop!?

    I paid 900 for my computer and its more powerful than the sad little pink lap top. Then again, HK fanatics don’t care about CPU speeds, hard drives, or memories, they just want the big bloated HK face on it lol

    MrsHKH deserves the latest laptop.
    That way she will be in M$ Vista hell..
    .[for those non-IT aware, Vista has been declared an OS disaster.]
    ahh,the Universe is working as it should.

  16. Firstly: andophiroxia, I admire you completely!!!!

    does anyone just want to bitch-slap darlene? When will she get it through her thick skull that maybe she is just a hk psycho who needs to go to therapy…

    darlene; if you love hello kitty soooo much, then why do you keep looking at this site? stop trying to make the world “your world” where everybody believes what you believe and loves what you love and hates what you hate. Get over yourself….

  17. @em:

    Thank you very much. I try to amuse as many as possible by my comments. If I have to say something, at least make people laugh hysterically. XD

    I mean look at these laptops. I think the graphic artist that designed these retarded things didn’t even try. I know HK is a simplistic sort of Warholian character, but please, at least put some creative thought into the laptops so your customers won’t look insanely stupid as they parade that NEW Celeron model compared to the Dual and Quad cores of Macbooks and PC Laptops.

    But then there are people like darlene. She has a retarded name too.

    (*no offense meant towards darlenes with a brain… wait, they’d go by Darlene, the grammatical way to do it. >:D)

  18. You know guys that actually isn’t much for a hello kitty laptop since laptops are usually priced only like $100 less but omg I love it oh well guess I’ll just have to like make a hello kitty skin or something for my laptop since I already have one

  19. both of those laptops are ugly i love hello kitty but dat looks like fake hello kitty and it looks like you bought it from the flea market it looks all faded and ugly fake stuff you buy at the flea market

  20. ok, andophiroxia, u r soooooo god damn funni!!
    i worship your making fun of darlene, but i think that therapist might shot themself after a second of darlene’s shit spilling out of that enormous mouth…
    yes, she is psyco

  21. i want some hello kitty computers,could pls publish another model pls.and also when i buy 1,can u deliver in my niece place,in paris france….could you…. i wish you can,,,,i’m waiting for ur answer,,the payment is here of course,,,,

  22. Judging by the vicious responses to your post, simply proves the utter insanity of some of these “HK” fanatics – the lengths to which some people will go… It’s shocking/amazing how they manage to become emotionally involved in a mere tongue-in-cheek blog post…

  23. i love the computer i love everthing hello kitty no matter how much it costs but i would it to be between 20-2000


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