19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hell Fan Video”

  1. A Hello Kitty army.

    Now with accessories…

    Actually, after that played, I went on the other additional clips that YouTube ’suggests’ after you watch something.

    Well, let’s say that first thing in the morning after a few hours of sleep doesn’t prepare you for some of the other ones that people have made. It truly makes you cry.

  2. Ha ha!
    Yeah, I did that once before… look up ‘Soyuz’ or ‘Ariane’ and ‘Crash’ and you’ll see what my company dreads…

  3. All the brains, innovations and technological advancements and people are making HK guns and crop circles. Yeah.

    The gene pool runs thick with stupidity….

  4. In the words of Happy Bunny: ‘Despising you makes me all warm inside”, ‘It’s cute how stupid you are” and “Have a great day you worthless turd”…

    And when you whine about how mean I am, here’s another one: “I’m not mean. You’re just a sissy.”

  5. I like u’re sotflens!!!!!!! I want to take it, but I don’t know to get it………… Can U help me to get it????
    Can U sharing about Hello kitty to me??

  6. I made this video,
    im narutoprower on youtube
    i swear i made this
    thank god i dont have to go through anythi glike the creator of this blog
    im just a hude supporter of defeating the pink menace

  7. that was hillarious,
    seriously tho, whats so bad about her? i dont get why you hate her so much! she’s cute and adorable and was designed for preschoolers. if you hate hello kitty, do you hate all things like elmo, winnie the poo, mickey mouse, bugs bunny etc.
    they’re all just cartoons that have turned into some kinda design for tshirts and stuff. i just dont get all the hatred


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