Hello Kitty Scar

There are some things that arrive in my mailbox that are so out of bounds that I assume that it is a single crazy Hello Kitty fanatic that would do something like that. Take for example, Hello Kitty scarification. While the fact that anyone would do that in the first place is beyond comprehension, being the normal person I am, I assumed it was a one time aberration in the seam of the fabric of life since there was no way that more than one person would ever want to do something like that to herself.

Of course, I once again have greatly underestimated the fanaticism of those that worship Hello Kitty and once again had to jump back in horror when this arrived in my mailbox: Another Hello Kitty scar:

Hello Kitty scar

It may just be me, but “wow, isn’t Hello Kitty cute? I think I’ll go and slice her into my skin so I can have a scar of her on my body for the rest of my life” isn’t how a normal person thinks, let alone acts. When you think that it’s a positive thing to endure pain to show your devotion to a fictional cartoon cat, that is when you know that the evil feline truly has you in her clutches.

Of course, just because I, as someone who – what shall we say – is sane, doesn’t mean that this doesn’t worry me. My wife thinks that it’s “cute and shows true devotion to Hello Kitty.” These are words which seriously concern me because I could see it in her eyes when she said them that there were thoughts running through her mind on how she can get me to show more of this “devotion.” I’ll now have worry every night I go out with the guys that this is what my wife will give me as a “gift” when I come back and pass out drunk on the Hello Kitty futon — something that can never be ruled out when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Aly who may have done herself more punishment in having this placed on her body than I could ever wish against her for thinking it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

Update: Because even more people thought this would be a good idea…

Hello Kitty scarification scab

Sent in by wildone

74 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Scar”

  1. Oh. My. GOD!
    Seriously, why?
    When you are older and think back you’ll wonder why you did this.
    This is not just because of Hello Kitty, I think there are deeper issues here…
    I’m not going to call you crazy but I think you need professional help.

  2. I don’t get this either. Actually I’m worried about Aly’s health, although more because of the nasty red mark just below her top than because of any possible mental problems.

  3. Scarification isn’t too far from tattooing in the sense that it is a permanent mark on the body of something you admire/like/whatever…

    But this goes in the same loony basket as Hello Kitty tattoos… scary.

  4. AUGH!


    Sorry for all the caps, but that’s just so horrible. Just the pain one would inflict upon themselves to do it whilst exposing themselves to a possibility of a horrible septic wound. YUK.

    I understand tattoos to a point, just this is… augh.

  5. I agree with you on that being creepy. Not as creepy as the last one (less detailed) but still, signs of mental illness. On the plus side, gives you a great incentive for coming home sober.

  6. @moriyah: not sure I agree with scarification being like tattooing, on a simple level maybe, but this goes so much deeper mentally.
    I have a tattoo, which can be gotten rid of a bit easier than scar tissue, tattoo removal requires lasers; scar tissue removal requires surgery, I know-I’ve had scars hidden/removed… from previous surgeries- not cutting mind you.
    Anyhoooo, I think for some people it may be the pain they like… tattoos traditionally aren’t as painful as scarification or cutting, at least depending on where you do it…
    I guess to each their own, whatever makes them happy-rght? Though I will not be getting a HK tattoo OR scar anytime soon.

  7. ew!
    and why!
    that would hurt like….a swear word i dont want to type….

    tattoos would be fine like you said but why would you SLICE your skin just to get that!
    some people are weird.

  8. That is really sad. No one should cut themselves; self harm is a terrible thing to do. How is carving into one’s body in any way “cute”? That is seriously demented. I like Hello Kitty, but I’m not going to HURT myself to show “devotion”. Anyone who thinks that is a good idea is mentally ill.

  9. Oh my! This is not only stupid this must have been damn painful.

    I’m not in scarification, I’m more of a tatoo person, but anything permanent and Hello Kitty is disturbing, plus with scars, the result looks ugly after just a couple of years, it just doesn’t keep as well as tatoos.
    This is just plain wrong

  10. Um……O.K.?
    Why not get a colorful HK Tattoo? I mean if pain is part of the thrill….Getting a tat can bring some decent pain.

  11. This is so totally ironic and so typical of you. You insult the people that send you photos after they do all of your work for you. You don’t do anything. That’s what makes this blog such a joke. Your total effort is writing a few inaccurate paragraphs that you think are funny, but everyone else knows is nothing more than a pathetic attempt that doesn’t even make people smile. All the work is done by people who send you photos. Without them, this blog would be nothing, but you still insult the people that make this possible. You will regret doing this one of these days when they stop sending you photos.

    What people do with their body is none of your business. If people want to show their love for Hello Kitty, they can do it in any way they please. I think it looks wonderful.

  12. Um Hello, darlene, if she sent it to Mr. HKH for all of God’s green Earth to see then it’s no longer private now is it.
    Get a grip on reality once in while….

    Folks, if this ‘darlene’ person is Mr. HKH’s wife… and I were he… I’d ditch the b**** and file for divorce so fast her head would spin…
    As it is, I seriously doubt that she is his wife in disguise… she probably is late thirties woman who has like 20 cats and no hope of a man since she’s a heinous b****!
    Therefore she must take out her manhating-no-sex-having-induced-craziness on us!

    And on that note, here is the latest installment of the darlene spoof-a-thon:
    “This is so totally ironic and so typical of us crazy Hello Kitty lovers. We insult the sane people that send you normal and funny photos after they do all this hard work trying to rid the world of the evil that is Hello Kitty. We donโ€™t do anything even remotely sane. Thatโ€™s what makes Hello Kitty lovers such a joke. Your total effort is writing a spectacularly funny and informative blog for others that think you’re funny, and everyone else knows this is a damn heroic attempt to make people smile at the evil feline. All the great work is done by you and people who send you photos. Without them and you, this blog would be nothing, but yet we HK lovers still insult the people that make this possible. We will regret doing this one of these days when they stop sending you photos for us to rip off ideas from.

    What people do with their body is none of our business unless, of course, they send it to us to post on a little thing called the World Wide Web. If people want to show their love for Hello Kitty, they can do it in any way they please as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t force it on others. I think it looks wonderfully insane.”

    Peace out,
    MHK ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. I rock!

  13. Oh yeah, you’re smokin’!!! xx

    And on the divorce point, AFAIK Japan does accept “mental cruelty” as grounds, and doesn’t do a “community property” law either, which would make it a good place to get a divorce.

    Hmmm, anyone with a good DTP package fancy running up a “HK Decree Absolute”? (British terminology; other jurisdictions may vary) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. @Kitteh!!

    What is the TP part of DTP? I know in context it’s Divorce, but TP does it mean like in the States? So, if you divorce your spouse, you can Toilet Paper them? XD

    What is AFAIK? Man, we live in the world of acronyms.

    Wow. You’re amazing. XD

    Making fun of darlene is a whole new level now. After that Nazi Germany allusion (which was stupid beyond belief) it’s gone to a whole new level of anger against her. XD

  15. Desk Top Publishing, or maybe a graphics package would be better? Either way I was talking about a joke divorce certificate.
    AFAIK – As Far As I Know; should be in any decent web acronym dictionary.

  16. There are Web Acronym dictionaries????
    Holy shite!
    I guess I’m behind the times then…yikes!
    I think I can get a copy of my buddy’s prenup and mak eit a HK prenup ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, on the days that I’m bored at work, I sit around and think of new things I can say/do to piss darlene off ๐Ÿ™‚
    Think it worked?

  17. Darlene is clearly has issues. She can’t believe ANYONE would be against her opinion. What do you mean it’s none of his business what Aly does? If she didn’t want to hear what he’d say, she wouldn’t have sent in the picture.

    This site is based on opinions of Hello Kitty. If you can’t accept that not everyone agrees that Hello Kitty is full of greatness, then stop coming to this blog. I like Hello Kitty, but I think some fans just take it way too far. I laugh at this blog because it is amusing because I actually have a sense of humor (like most of the people that post here) and don’t take a cartoon character so seriously.

  18. Because of the body shape, that scarification would look much nicer about 3″ or so lower. I’ve seen good scarifications, and this one is average. The bow just looks like a blister.

  19. @ andophiroxia: You need a reason to get divorced in Japan? Here in the U.S, you just have to be sick and tired of each other to break up a marriage. Can’t say which country has it better but off-hand, i would say U.S.

    @ Kitteh!!: If you ever make that divorce paper, I sure hope it is posted here because I want to see it. considering what HKH has been through, that would be icing on the cake.

  20. @Sierradragon:
    I am not familiar with Japan’s divorce law. From what I understand you must register with a government office to be official. It’s really bureaucratic and even if you have a ceremony, it’s still not official.

    I don’t know I think both systems have its advantages and disadvantages. I mean I know that in a no-fault, the man at least in some states gets more screwed than the woman. Whereas on the other hand, fault divorces take longer as you have to sue and crap. I could go into this whole analysis about it, but it might go totally off-topic.

    What is even more disturbing is that I’ve met a lot of people that go, “well if I get married then I can always get divorced if it doesn’t work out”. That sort of makes me go, “Wow, you are oh-so-ready to get married now!” (sarcasm)

    Which acronym web dictionary would you recommend? I’m curious now.

    I think she branded herself. That’s why the bow looks all blistery.

  21. @andophiroxia : fair enough, was just giving my two cents on the matter.

    Either way, HKH is royally screwed if his wife ever finds him drunk. For his sake, I hope the threat was made to keep him sober and not as a gesture of further insanity.

  22. this scar shows true devotion and she need only flash it at the doorman of heaven to get access to the special VIP HK party in the upper most regions of heaven. that popping sound you hear is the sound of angels descending to hell due to the weight of the sin of envy they assumed when they contemplated the eternal party which they were not, due to lack of devotion, qualified to attend.

  23. I am not a hello kitty fan at all. I could really care less about it. A friend of mine showed me this scar pic and I saw all of you mouth-breathers talking crap about it. This is a good picture of a well done scar. Just because it doesn’t fit in with your soccer mom lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to put it down.

  24. The 3 Laws of a darlene:-
    1) โ€œ A darlene may not injure a Hello Kitty or, through inaction, allow Hello Kitty to come to harm.
    2) A darlene must obey orders given to it by Hello Kitty, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3) A darlene must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

  25. @Kitteh!!: Too funny! I think we really should make the HK Prenup!

    @kramer8: ‘Mouthbreather’? Wow… couldn’t you come up with anything better?
    Anyway, I know I’m not a soccer mom, or a mom at that…so I don’t know who your mouthin’ off to…
    Once again, another person who comes on here just to cause trouble… sorry our opinions don’t mesh with yours, there chief… too damn bad. I just think that branding should only be left for COWS… not to start a fight.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, this person had to know that when they sent the picture in that this could/would happen, no use crying foul now.

    @Mr. HKH, dude, if I were you I’d be afraid to EVER have a beer again, I’d be afraid she might drug my a$$ or something…

  26. @MHKitty
    That was hilarious, I agree with your mocking of darlene. Thank you for the laugh, I needed it today.

  27. kramer8, it’s amazing just how judgemental you can be about people you don’t know!
    I’m not a “soccer mom” on any number of grounds including:-
    1) Not being female.
    2) Not having any children.
    3) Being a rocker who refuses to “grow up”. Look, growing old is compulsory, but “growing up” isn’t!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    4) I’ll admit that I don’t “get” scarification, and even that I don’t want to get tattooed myself, but I do get tattooing as an art form.

  28. @Kitteh!! and mhkitty:

    Well, considering of kramer8’s speech, I would deduce that this ‘kid’ is in his mid-early teens to early 20’s. I can probably tell the sterotypic snottiness of the young anywhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And if he isn’t, I really don’t care considering ‘it’ decided to make assumptions about us first. Therefore, I have no issue making any deductions from my experience and his defensive remarks.

    to kramer8:
    Usually people who burn and cut themselves on a habitual basis and ones who do it on a symbolic level often blur the lines of being self-destructive and often have inner issues. This conclusion is not only maintained by the general public but by psychologists as well. To a majority (normal being the proper dictionary definition) think that there’s something awfully horrible about either taking a blade to your skin and/or branding yourself and doing whatever it takes in making a permanent mark on your body. They’re welcome to do it, but as everyone that CHOOSES to do what they do, they’re going to be exposed to negative to positive feedback.

    There are cool scars, but I think it’s more in the line of, well if I end up in a situation where I did screw myself up to get an injury like that, at least it’s impressive. Something like battle wounds, not self-inflicted injuries.

  29. Alright guys, calm down ๐Ÿ™‚
    This isn’t the first time an outsider came in and ruffled our feathers… remember the vamp tattoo and the scion incidents…

    Anyway, people will show their ignorance of others even though they are in the minority in some cases (or even in most cases)… like darlene!
    I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about scarification and my friend saw this and was very sad that people are saying that people who get the scars are mental and stuff so I’ll be nice… I wouldn’t do it myself, but seeing as I have a tattoo I can’t really b***h too much.

    I just hope that scarification is not a way to relieve stress or used as outlet for illness. And leave it at that.

  30. Actually.. those look like burns.. cuts wouldn’t be so precise unless someone else did it VERY slowly and VERY carefully on her.. and really.. the blistering type affect on the bow.. (I believe that’s what I’m seeing!)
    looks like it was burnt… hello kitty head cookie cutters or something??? o.O

  31. Yes, I’d say it’s a burn, which is why I made the comment in an earlier post that ‘branding is for cows…’ (NOT calling her a cow by ANY means!)
    Not to be flippant but it almost looks like some used the Hello Kitty Exhaust Pipe to do this….

  32. My car saw a picture of the Hello Hitty tailpipe, and threatened to leave me if I got her one of those! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. i wonder what your wife would have thought if she’d sent you a pic of the bleeding kitty pattern before the scar formed?……

  34. Scarification is just another form of body modification. Some people like tattoos, some like scars. It’s just a matter of preference, not mental state. I’m sure this won’t change everyone’s minds though.

    And kramer8 only said that because of the reactions people give to scarification, reactions like that get under your skin after a while. (And for the record he’s 28, not in his teens or early twenties :P)

  35. I would never do this to myself… but I like it. It’s kind of a sad beauty, almost like HK has caused Aly some pain along the way and she had to present the pain in a physical way. I could be way off, but I know HK has caused me some strife…. bills, being pissy and anxious when I can’t buy something right away… its not only a sign of devotion, but literally a battle scar.

  36. Polkira, if “reactions like…a while”, maybe the problem is that they’re a bit closer to home than you care to admit?

    As I said, kramer8 was waaay off-beam in suggesting I’m a soccer mom in any shape or form, and that got a reaction yes, but I think that saying “you’re wrong because…” is reasonable, particularly when someone’s making assumptions based on an individual’s opinion!

  37. What I wonder is that if indeed if kramer8 is really 28, why doesn’t he just go on here and speak for himself? Or if the denizens that frequent this site are so beneath him, why does he even bother commenting at all?

    I don’t care what real age he is, since he chose to make foolhardy ad-hominem assumptions on this board about everyone that’s made a negative comment about this scar.

  38. I don’t think he’s come back on here, that’s probably why he hasn’t said anything else. I’m not trying to agitate anyone. I just wish that people would do their research on scarification before saying things about the mental state of people who choose to get it done.

  39. lol as soon as i saw this i was like…. hmmmmm i wonder if it was done with those hot things they use to brand cows and if so where can i get one

  40. I don’t think you all understand scarification. This wasn;t self-inflicted, she went to a proper body modification shop and had someone do it for her. You get aniseptic and you can’t feel a thing. It’s no different than getting a tattoo, only I personally find scarification to be more beautiful in a natural sense.

    A Hello Kitty scarification, though? No thanks.

  41. wait, wait, wait…
    Hello Kitty FUTON?
    Where does your wife find these things, and where can i get mine??
    More honestly than not though, i would sincerely like to see a picture of the inside of your house, please.

  42. Personally, not into scarification, but I can’t judge as I have a tattoo. To me, it looks like the outline is from cutting and the bow is from burning.

    Happy to keep just reading this site, but felt I had to comment on this one. I personally think a HK scar is a bit much. At least you can have a tattoo removed. But each to their own.

    One thing I will say is that the scar isn’t finished, and I think it would look better if she had done it a bit smaller.

  43. This isn’t always indicative of a mental problem.
    It’s quite rude and foolish to assume as much from a picture on a Hello Kitty hate site.

  44. That actually looks badass…except it doesn’t look like she cut it in..it looks more like she branded herself with a hot iron of hello kitty face. And actually looks realll cool! Now as far as cutting onesself to make these horrific pictures OMGosh these people have PROBLEMS!!!! lol i much rather brand myself with hk’s face versus go through such inscrutiating pain n cut myself…ewww!
    this one looks cool tho LOL


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