Hello Kitty Guts

When things like this arrive in my mailbox, I know that it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hell week that will not go well. It’s bad enough that I have Hello Kitty living all around me, but the thought just got a whole lot worse – Hello Kitty may actually be living inside me (this is a genuine Upper GI Endoscope image of a duodenum):

Hello Kitty guts

I’m not sure what I find more disturbing – that someone would take a look at their endoscope image and actually think, “wow, that looks like Hello Kitty” or that upon making this discovery, they would then take the time to terrify the rest of the world by making an animated image of it to share. I guess neither is nearly as disturbing as my wife’s reaction which was, “that is so cool. I wonder if I have Hello Kitty inside me like that? Maybe I should go to the doctor and have this test done to see.”

It’s stuff like this that makes me feel that it may be worthwhile to end my life now before I have to witness anything else Hello Kitty that is sure to disturb my sanity every time I think about it. The worst part is, this is nothing unusual when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by LT (via livejournal) who should have to go through every probing medical test that exists on a monthly basis as the doctors search for Hello Kitty inside as punishment for thinking it could ever be a good idea to send this photo to me and to put forth the thought that the evil feline might be lurking somewhere inside me…

42 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Guts”

  1. What the HELL?!?!?!?!?
    Next thing you know we’ll see an Ultrasound with the fetus shaped like Hello Kitty… NASTY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Uh what?

    That’s the wierdest thing. However, maybe your wife can have her duodenum surgically altered to squirt de-facto Kitty ‘food’ or whatever the nutritive or toxic sludge at this point. At least it will be extruded in the HK shape and maybe, just maybe, it will lessen the pain.

  3. I’d have to say…

    …EEeewww, yuck! C’Mon, how bored are they to see HK and not if there’s something ….well, that image is wrong, but um, more treatable that needs addressed?

    I know, first time posting been lurking for quite a bit. I’d have to say, this takes the cake in puking HK cutesy.


  4. That isn’t disturbing in the slightest.

    If you look at the picture, all you can see, is a sort of cat head (but not really) and two dark spots, where eyes may be…that’s about it. You can’t see the nose, or the whiskers, or the bow; just a sort of cat head, and two dark spots, for eyes.

  5. just think , when genetic modification gets a little further along the HK fanatics can order their crotchfruit with HK ears and eyes and all the other HK attributes…

  6. It creepy that HK is the first thing that person sa, when they sa the insides of someone. I know people look at clouds and see stuff like that, but this is taking it to a hole new bizarre level…*Shudders*… I say once again Creepy.

  7. Can’t stop laughing at this one. Your wife’s reaction is priceless, too
    (Still creepy though…)

  8. Em right????
    Let’s see, you’re married to a woman who’s considering endoscopy just to see if her gut is vaguely cat-head shaped inside? You know, if you can find the right shrink, this may be a way out…? 😉

  9. omigosh!!!!!!! that is soooo gross, yet surprisingly amusing. i kind of think it would be cool to have a cat shaped gut…

  10. is that what happens to your gut if you eat Hello kitty food???? if it was, that means that not only does she wish to dominate everything on the outside, but everything inside as well…

  11. We all are aware HK is slowly but surely taking over the world and when she does HollyWood will be KittyWood and the water will be pink and the sky will have HK shaped clouds and the world will be shaped like HK.

  12. omg this is madness, worse than Joan Crawford jumping in your room repeatedly chanting no wire hangers. This is really madness, i hope Hello Kitty won’t be inside my body, who knows, some guy got a hello kitty shaped brain which is super worse. I am scared out of hell


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