Hello Kitty Nun

If I ever came across this on the street, I think I would simply jump in front of a car and get the pain over once and for all. I don’t think there is a whole lot more to say about the the Hello Kitty nun costume:

Hello Kitty nun

If anyone can logically explain this (in non Hello Kitty fanatic terms so that a normal person can understand), I’m all ears…until then, I’ll take it as a sign that Sanrio has even managed to bribe god onto their sales team which ensures much more Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Lindsay (via allaboutmadonna) and far too many others afterwards (and sor k in the comments for the very creepy video) who should all have to spend time with the Hello Kitty nun on a daily basis as punishment for ever thinking it could be a good idea to send this too me…

52 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nun”

  1. He is holding a banner reading “Latins do it Better”.
    What does “Latins do it Better” mean?
    What kind of message he want to convey??
    Sorry for my non-HK question.

  2. Are there any silent (rather than just enclosed) orders of nuns that this one could join? Actually, I’d settle for an enclosed order!

  3. Clearly this is one of the following:
    1. Penance for some really bad sin
    2. The anti-christ
    3. Proof of the non-existence of God
    4. There wasn’t room in Purgatory, so she has to serve it on earth. PLEASE pray for her.

  4. And I thought things couldn’t get more mind-blowing. The only way it could be more freaky to me if it had been walking down my street.

  5. I know one thing Hello Kitty won’t own….~

    Its pooop!

    watch after dinner what hello Kitty will come up with next….. (punn intended)


  6. Almost… Almost looks like it’s trying to flip us all off.
    I think it’s great,
    In a sick, strange, creepy sort of way!~

  7. Well, if you had ever wondered what your face would look like while undergoing a Hello Kitty-induced brain aneurysm, then pay special attention to the ladies in the background. By way of explanation as to what is going on there, I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that this is the sort of thing the Patriiot Act should swoop down and take care of.

  8. so he/she [whoever the heck] is dancing on the sidewalk with a HK nun costume on…. please tell me he was dared into doing this… please

    if not…any mental asylums nearby? rehab?

  9. Blasphemy, against whom? I didn’t think it was possible to blaspheme against a specific Church, only against a God (or Their prophets maybe). AIUI nuns aren’t even Roman Catholic avatars, never mind Christian avatars, and Hello Kitty isn’t actually a recognised religion!

    Oh and brien, are you saying the blonde in the shades is Madonna?

  10. If I saw this person on the side of the road, I would HIT them with my CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m not kidding…. WTF????????????

    They are going to hell for that… and no I don’t mean kitty hell…

  11. Bleh, Fugly costume….

    and just being a nit picking twit here…where are her gloves? Hello Kitty doesn’t have human hands. That nun should have made white ‘paw’ gloves. =P~

    But all the same, that’s just lacking in any form of decency IMO.

  12. Obviously this is hazing of a Drunken Frat Boy (probably Inspired by this site). He needs to Convert people to a Hello Kitty Religion to Join the Frat.

    We know that this is true because I can’t think of any hazing more embarrassing and psychologically traumatizing than having to wear a Hello Kitty Nun suit.

  13. Ok this is even taking it to far for this HK freak!!

    And it does look like they are either barfing or getting ready too….who knows?! Wish it came captioned already!!

  14. I suppose it is something different for the priests to chase. Perhaps the altar boys can take a break…..

    ** blinks again***

  15. omfg!!! is this person serious??? that is desturbing, not funny in anyway, unless it IS a frat boy, then it’s f hilarious!!! but seriously on a religious level this guy’s SO going to hel?!?!? i hope.

  16. Ok , yes it`s true, Latins do it better lol, but perhaps this is not the right way to promote it. The funny thing is , if this Kitty would walk around in here in Japan, no one would blink, Japanese people would scream KAWAII NE, and kids would be posing with it.

  17. Very cute, though I do not understand what message she is trying to give. I love Hello Kitty and it doesn’t distract me from religious duties, but its new to me to see someone dress up as a nun-style Hello Kitty. I think the story needs to be explained here.


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