Hello Kitty Hole Punch

One of the worst things about Hello Kitty is the sheer abundance of terribly annoying crap that the evil feline produces. A perfect example of this is the Hello Kitty hole punch:

Hello Kitty hole punch

Instead of a regular hole punch, this hole punch stamps out Hello Kitty’s face (yes, it made me gag too). While this may at first appear to be only mildly annoying, in the hands of a Hello Kitty fanatic it is non stop torture. Every single celebration of any kind, bags full of Hello Kitty face confetti get thrown all over the house. Even with the Hello Kitty vacuum cleaner, the Hello Kitty confetti finds its way into nooks and crevices so that it continues to show up for the entire week. Of course, within that week, another event worth celebrating (at least in the Hello Kitty fanatic’s mind) has occurred meaning there is a never ending supply of Hello Kitty confetti that is found in our house. Just one more aspect of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Lilavati (via HelloKittyMuseum) who should have to suffer Hello Kitty hole punches all over her body for thinking even for a split second that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

55 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hole Punch”

  1. You know that could be addicting as bubble wrap. I could see myself just starting off with innocent punches to the point of drooling insanely and staring off into space while I mindlessly punch the living crap out of any available piece of paper.

    Good thing Mr. HKH doesn’t reveal where you can get them, because for some strange reason, the cheesy knot that’s stored in my skull is begging me to get my hands on it.

  2. Is there any other usage rather than creating a mess of HK confetti? Sanrio thought people would spend their money to buy such crap that only produces a mess? Or they count on HK fanatics to buy enough number of such crap?
    But kind of cute. Kinder gardeners would love it (that means more mess).

  3. wait, so you have been sitting in front of the computer for two years bashing hello kitty, what kind of life is that. you talk crap about the fanatics, but you’re one also. You may not like her but you’re putting way more of an effort than someone like me who just kinda likes hello kitty, sorry man I cant believe that we were all created and given life so we could sit around and bitch about a cat.

  4. This doesn’t actually have *any* use! At least most of the other merchandise does something useful! (I say useful, I mean anything at all).

  5. Actually. Japanese mothers can use it to punch out dried nori Hello kitties and probably thin slices of carrots and other veggies for Bento lunches for their kids.

    yes.. I am serious…

    and yes… I’m considering trying to find one..

    This blog is turning me to the dark side.. oh gods.. someone save my soul!

  6. lol i actually have this. i use it to punch hello kitty borders in my 3y/o daughter’s hello kitty scrapbook. and yes, punching out zillions of paper kitties is addictive.

  7. uhm… can somebody tell me what is wrong if you hole punch a piece of paper and a NON-HELLO KITTY face hole appears?
    its only a shape in the paper…

  8. The people at Sanrio have come up with another stroke of cunning genius. More devilish items for the plastic storage boxes already full of other plastic treasures stacked against the walls of shoebox apartments that barely have enough living space when empty!

  9. A hole punch is not evil. This is crazy, I have a Tinkerbell one I picked up on my last trip to Disney World. These hole punches are for scrapbooking (or bento making). So is every scrapbooker crazy for seeing something like this and thinking it would be great to have, even if God forbid you don’t care about HK. I’m sure this isn’t the only one of it’s kind and surely won’t be the last. Take a pill man, this stuff is not worth the fits you work yourself into.

  10. It might not be worth a fit but IS it worth all the plastic and oil it takes to make this crap and all the diesel it takes to ship this stuff around the world, for what??? So people can dote over it thinking how great it is?

  11. She doesn’t have a mouth…..

    And she says WORD bubbles not THOUGHT bubbles in the comic strip in the images above. Maybe thought bubbles would be more in line.

    Now, I’m freaked out.

  12. What’s the purpose of Punching Hello Kitty Holes in something? Isn’t the point of a hole punch so that you can fit something in a binder?

    I never got the point of non-circular hole punches though.

  13. I really tried to resist another rant but i just cant help myself.

    Why in gods name do we allow these people that buy this crap to breed? Can someone please tell me!!
    The Evil K stops at nothing to annoy society as much as humanly possible. Now we have the HK hole punch, wow…. All i can hope is that it can be used to labotimise the area of the brain that invokes ones sense of stupidity and mind boggling need to actually work hard to pay for it.
    Death to the Evil K.

    ** Still blinking at the stupidity**

  14. I hope silent bob falls into a ditch and dies.

    Secondly… there are thousands of themes of hole punches of all kinds of characters. Quit sucking up like it’s going to get you anywhere.

    Hello Kitty tampons are evil.

    Hole punchers. Are not.

  15. How the hell is telling HK Doinks to get a life considered as sucking up??

    That is just a silly comment……

  16. The scrapbooker in me (who owns several decorative hole punches in shapes like stars and spirals) desperately wants one.

  17. Other than in scrap-booking, which is usually a hobby confined to scrap-bookers (as in they don’t discuss it with anyone else), this object is completely useless. Within scrap-booking, it is marginally functional.

  18. I have one of these!
    They are soo cool no lieee
    I used it on my high school leavers book and all my firneds loved it!

  19. Can anyone please tell me why the HK fans come here???
    This is kitty hell.
    Don’t you realise that this place is here to HUMILIATE HK fans not to give them ideas..
    HK Fans Go start your own site and leave this site to bag the living snot out of you..

  20. Ha! I use that on my pupilsยด A and A+ tests!
    They love it…i guess bitterness is only for adults…

  21. Silent Bob: Calm down there dude, these interlopers know they are getting you upset and thats why they keep at it… these newbie freaks will go away soon enough… ๐Ÿ™‚ They have nothing better to do than ruin our anti-HK fun….
    Besides, I got your back ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My only question is, why did the weirdo go straight for the tampons as an example of HK evilness? That thought scares me… it’s not the hole punch that’s evil… it’s the systematic takeover of everything we hold dear that is being turned into Hello Kitty crap…I would gladly buy this, use it punch holes in paper, then put them in a three ring binder JUST to see HK’s shape get obliterated!!

  22. In fact i am not really upset i am just messing with their heads. You know how touchy they are about the Evil K !
    I just love insulting someone that loves a stuffed toy like this at the age of 30 and weighs 300 pounds.
    People know me as one sarcastic bugger and i revel in it.

    Big Smiles :D:D:D:D:D

  23. Well I am heading toward 29 this fall… still have some HK stuff… but I only weigh in at around 160 so I won’t take offence ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh, and I have a life… I just get bored at work and come here…

  24. A lot like me, except that I’m 45, male, rather heavier (maybe 220lb) and I don’t own any HK stuff (I do have some collectables, but mostly mint, boxed, and kept in a dark cupboard).

  25. I am 40 and i seem to end up adding to other peoples collections somehow. I weigh 75Kg or so but am 6 foot tall.

    The humor here is well written but the focus on such a dismal idiot is really what we all relish. I am sure darlene is punishing her Husband ( ** Chokes at the thought**) every day for what we write about her, so keep up the good work!!!!

  26. Thanks to Mr HKH for cleaning up my firewall’s problem from yesterday. If we’re ever in the same zip, I owe you a drink mate.

    Silent Bob, what makes you think anyone has been so unfortunate as to marry Darlene? I see her as eventually becoming the crazy old spinster who lives with 200 cats!

  27. I didn’t like hello kitty much until i started reading this site!! Now i’m SERIOUSLY considering getting things that you blog about!

  28. @ kittywhiteee

    ‘Hello Kitty tampons are evil.

    Hole punchers. Are not.’

    HK tampons are not evil – they are weird and pointless, and just a little bit pervy.

    Hole punchers aren’t evil either, just as guns aren’t. It’s what you do with them that is evil.

  29. i do need to tell u one thing is that my sister went on a train a few weeks ago and she came back with her train ticket stamped by this hello kitty hole punch

    now u have to watch it even when u go on holiday, no escape in any part of the world lol

    btw i live in uk

  30. If it makes you feel any better I have a punch that makes blood drips. You could throw blood confetti at the person throwing HK confetti while yelling something along the lines of they shouldn’t be abusing cats ala PETA style.


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