Hello Kitty Death Warning

Despite what Hello Kitty fanatics will tell you, there is something sinister and creepy about Hello Kitty. All that sweetness and cuteness is so overwhelming that you know deep down in your heart that there has to be something completely evil hiding inside. While Sanrio does its best to keep the evil part of Hello Kitty hidden away, sometime she pops up to show her true colors:

Hello Kitty die

This advertisement on the official Sanrio webmail site (yes, the fact that Hello Kitty actually has her own email is a definite sign that all is not right in the world) pretty much sums up what we all know is hiding underneath Hello Kitty and her wanting to know when you will die. This fits in well with the overall Sanrio marketing plan so they know exactly how much time they have to sell you Hello Kitty crap. In fact, Hello Kitty probably tells you that you will die much sooner than you actually will to speed up the amount of Hello Kitty crap that you buy today. It’s all part of the marketing scheme to take over the world and ultimately make Hello Kitty Hell that more unbearable…

Sent in by Amy who I’m not sure should be praised for finding the true Hello Kitty or punished for spending so much time on the Hello Kitty official site that she actually found it…

66 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Death Warning”

  1. What the hell…? Please don’t pin that to HK… I mean, Sanrio/HK has been weird, crafty, and devious, but never that blatantly stupid and spammy… Wow.

    Or they’re on to you, Mr. HKH. Bwahahahaha.

  2. Oh, you make me so mad!!! Every time I vow not to comment anymore, you go and write something so stupid and immature that I have to comment.

    It’s an advertisement and has nothing to do with Hello Kitty or Sanrio. Even a two year old can understand that, but you seem to possess less brainpower than one. You’re lucky that Sanrio doesn’t sue you for libel because they have every right for all the lies you tell.

    Why don’t you just give up and make this a blog with no writing? The only reason people come is to see the photos anyway. And your comments are so stupid that they just get everyone upset. And the only reason that ore people don’t say what I do, even though 99% feel the same way, is because you will make fun of them if they do. It must be nice running this blog like a dictatorship and making it so people are afraid to tell you the truth. Well, I’m not and I will continue to do so.

  3. Ok, I’m getting really sick of this “darlene” character. Now, I’m the first person to admit I’m a HK Freak, but even I get the concept of this blog. When I read this, I know how my husband feels every time he has to use the bathroom.

    Darlene, if you don’t like the way the blog is written, then quit coming here! You can’t censor someone just because your opinion differs from theirs.

    I own almost half the products he posts on here, and I’m not offended that he despises all things Hello Kitty. I think it’s hilarious! You should be happy that he’s finding things that some HK fans don’t know exist, not complaining that he’s being negative over your favorite thing.

    It seems to me that you have nothing better to do with your life than to complain about things. You’re obviously single, and don’t understand how it feels to be in a relationship with someone whose obsession with childish things is annoying. My husband loves GI Joe, my mother in law says I need to make a GI Joe Hell blog. So my weapon in this battle is Hello Kitty. For every camouflaged thing in our house, I buy something Hello Kitty. It really didn’t help that they released 25th anniversary GI Joe figures…. I’ve had to decorate our pink cellphone with HK stickers. But our love for things from our childhood is what brought us together, so it’s a fun battle for the both of us.

    Anyway, keep up the good work HKH-man! If it will make you feel better, I will send you pictures of my husbands GI Joe room, and refrain from sending pictures of our HK Bathroom… for now!

  4. Nami, that is almost exactly what I thought too! Well, ok, I actually thought “Is there a female form of the name Damian?”, but we’re on the exact same lines.

    Adriane, you are so right. The only reason Darlene ever posts here is to flame the site owner, with no regard to what anyone else has said, and precious little reason!
    Also, I’ve got a suggestion for you and your hubby: How about HK in khaki, and/or GI Joe in pink fractal camo? (The second of these isn’t is daft as it sounds; there are deserts where pink is the best colour for camo).

  5. Kitteh! That’s a good idea, I’m gonna have to look into that. My husband is wanting to take over my bathroom with GI Joe, I think he’s been secretly looking for a GI Joe Shower Curtain… that’s fine by me, but the HK Curtain Rings had better stay!! They cost more than the curtain did!!

    Thank God he hasn’t found GI Joe bedsheets that fit our bed!! But when the movie comes out next year, I can imagine the war will be on full force! Maybe I should find some HK sheets before that happens…

  6. Don’t they always try to match the advert to the site (hence the reason there are tons of ads for HK crap on HKH)? If so, I think this is incredibly apt…

  7. To Darlene…

    Go away!!!!! You are an idiot!!!
    We come here to humiliate people like you because it is fun!!!!!
    For gods sake HK is a child’s toy used to poison the minds of 12 year old girls, so unless you are in this demographic i suggest you either grow up or get therapy.
    Tell me please how can you accuse people of being small minded when you are an adult who plays with a toy aimed at CHILDREN?

    Just go away you are an idiot that can’t possible differentiate between reality and you personal obsession..

  8. Adriane

    Go To ebay and type in Hello Kitty queen size, or Hello Kitty king size (depending on the size of your bed) and they have sheets and bed sets.

  9. Firsty one the advertisment, I have an HK email and I’ve never seen that before. Admitly I don’t look out for that sort of thing but…

    Secondly, to Darelene, before I went on this site my Hello Kitty obsession was close to non-existant. Now I’m crazy about her. If anything sanrio should pay this guy for advertising.

  10. I have terible news for all of you who think that virtual roleplaying wouldn’t interest you. And its even worse than my misspelling. Sanrio is going to release a Hello Kitty online game where you can play in Sanrio City as your own Kitty character. Because none of these games wouldn’t be perfect without any action you can slay monsters and roam aroud the world. Yeehaaww..
    I think that WoW is starting to sound a lot better now doesn’t it.

  11. Adriane,
    Go to Target.com…they have HK sheets…now whether they are just single size or bigger I couldn’t tell you πŸ™‚
    You wouldn’t happen to be from France would you? I sold a shirt to an Adriane a few weeks back πŸ™‚

  12. All I couls think of when I saw this picture was: ‘This is your child, this is your child on HK….’ Bwaha hahahaha!

  13. quotes from darlene:
    “Why don’t you just give up and make this a blog with no writing? The only reason people come is to see the photos anyway.”

    really now… I do believe I like the writing as much as the photos. Besides, you read it too.

    “And your comments are so stupid that they just get everyone upset.”

    Actually darlene, YOU’RE the one who’s making stupid comments and getting everyone upset!

    “And the only reason that ore people don’t say what I do, even though 99% feel the same way, is because you will make fun of them if they do. ”

    so exactly what 99% told you they were afraid of Mr. HKH?? Me? nope. Silentbob? nope. Kitteh? nope. Adriane? nope. I don’t think you have the right to say we’re afraid of Mr. HKH when we’ve NEVER said anything like that!

    “It must be nice running this blog like a dictatorship and making it so people are afraid to tell you the truth. Well, I’m not and I will continue to do so.”

    Dictatorship?! what is this, are you saying Mr. HKH is like Hitler or something?? cuz its NOT TRUE, how the heck is he even making people be afraid?!
    And I actually have this WONDERFUL suggestion for you!
    SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sing with me ….

    If its cars she wants to see,
    take you cat to the grand prix
    chuck her right out on the track
    flat out on her little back

    oooooooooh, speed hump cat…….

  15. Questions for Puppy, Kitteh and Adriane1

    1 Am i being to soft on Darlene?
    2 Is Darlene a patient of some institution or is she just plain stupid?
    3 interested in writing a HK version of happy tree friends short stories ? I really feel that this will improve Darlene’s moral πŸ™‚
    I personally think that seeing HK being killed in some malicious way daily would be tons of fun.

  16. MHKitty,

    No, I’m American, and I haven’t been in France, well, ever! But I’d love to come visit! I’ve looked on ebay for HK bedding, but it’s really expensive! I checked out Target.com, and all their stuff is for twin or full sized beds. But I did find some wall decals for the bathroom!! I’ve been using the stuff from the Mod Shopper collection. I wonder if the decals will be able to handle the moisture? I guess I’ll find out!

    Silent Bob,

    You can never be too soft on stupidity. And I’m not aware of institutions that allow their patients to have internet access, so I think she’s just an idiot. She’s either a 15 year old girl, or a 30 yr old shut-in that drives a Hello Kitty Rascal to the Sanrio store everyday.

    She needs to get a freaking clue! If she hates everything about this site, why not steal the pictures from it, and make a Hello Kitty Heaven Blog? Then the “99%” of us that hate this site and are scared of a man we’ve never met will have someplace to go and rant about loving Hello Kitty.

  17. Adriane,
    No matter how hard i try i just cant understand that 99% of us are to scared. Has she actually read my comments to her? If anything i am sure that the owner of this blog laughs his ass off when he reads some of the comments we make about her and this site.
    This is the one and only blog i have ever really commented on or really been a part of. I just don’t feel like there is much point arguing on most subjects but this one just creams out for a good old fashioned verbal bashing.
    Darlene on the other hand is just the sort of fanatic that would start a cult and worship the all mighty K and not bat an eyelid at wiping the non believers out. I hear that this mindset is not that different than fundamental Islamics!!

    Death to the Evil K…….

  18. Yeah, I’m not an active blogger. I don’t even read my husband’s blog, mostly because it’s about GI Joe and wrestling… But I could see darlene working for the Hello Kitty Church. //www.kittyhell.com/2007/04/30/hello-kitty-religion/

    Maybe she can start her own cult, and 15 yr old girls can be married off to gay Hello Kitty loving 50 yr old men. And the ranch can be pink with HK pictures hanging over the beds of everyone in the cult. She probably has a Hello Kitty altar somewhere in her house.

    I’ve also noticed she has yet to come back and retaliate against us for picking on her. HKH man needs to post a poll so we can vote her off the blog!

  19. There is a downside to voting her off this blog. If you think about it she is by far the most idiotic person we come across on this blog and it does give us all a great avenue to have as much fun as we want at her expense πŸ˜€
    I am not a HK hater really i am just very much against institutionalizing any icon, and no matter how we want to ignore it, that is what is happening with HK. Mooby world was the prime example of this however it was a fictitious company but you get the idea.
    As far as a religion goes isn’t really just a crappy marketing scheme mixed with a little Hindu? Sickening!!!!
    My little boy has a Blue Bear and in my opinion he is a much nicer little character, he cuddles him to sleep at night and is totally lost with out him.

  20. You’re right. If it wasn’t darlene, it would be someone else. But no one else has been repeatedly vocal about their hatred for this blog like she has. I mean every few posts there’s some idiot crying for some HK love, but not like darlene. I mean it’s become every freakin’ post with her these days.

    Anyway, what the hell is Blue Bear? I’ve never heard of that.

    LOL @ Mooby World, I think about that every time I see stuff on the HK theme park in Japan.

    CasCas, get with the times, man. HelloKittyOnline was mentioned on this blog months ago! I’ve known about it for almost 2 years now… sadly I wasn’t able to get in on the closed beta…guess I’ll just have to wait til it’s officially online to get my game on!

  21. hahaha i love it when things like this pop up on sites, ads that completely contradict the message of the site, i find it hilarious.
    darlenes and idiot, won’t go into the extensive list since i’m sure there are hundreds here who would gladly take up the torch (hopefully with which to burn her at the stake)
    and maybe now i have a goal for my side paper sketches, darlenes comment about only posting pictures made me think that i don’t care whatsoever about the pictures actually posted, i only keep coming because i think mr. hkh is hilarious and love reading what he writes, however were he only to post pictures it would have to be hello kitty deaths, while granted video is always better, i’m not tech savvy. if i create any good stuff i’ll try and send it in

  22. Silent Bob, Darlene is a complete fruit loop, or 5 cans short of a 6-pack, or whatever your preferred phrase happens to be. She’s also very wrong about me being afraid of Mr HKH; If I was afraid of him, I’d not post! You’re not too soft on her, if only because I’m convinced she’s so arrogant in her opinion that she never reads anyone else’s comments!
    I can’t comment on your satire idea, because I’m not familiar with the source material for it.

    MHKitty, I take it you were off-line while you moved and sorted out broadband at your new address? Everything go ok if so?

  23. Weird stuff…..

    But Darlene’s something else…and yes, Kitteh!! I think she’s a hamburger short of a Happy Meal, not just a few fries short..

  24. Ha ha! I actually haven’t moved yet… I’ve been so busy packing and selling as much HK crap as I can on ebay… or sleeping.. been sick too…
    I has this lady in Kentucy buy about half of the stuff I had out there… now not selling so much… maybe I shoud send it to Mr. HKH… πŸ˜‰ (smiles evilly) (J/K)

    Anyway, Silent Bob & Adriane: there is one thing you should know about darlene, she has never-ever in the history of HKH answered anything anyone else has wrote…. that what her minion Alfred is for πŸ˜‰ So don’t hold your breath… it’s like she doesn’t even realize there are other people on here… wait a minute… this is a perfect example of how off her rocker she is!
    She’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic… a few olives short of a martini… a few croutons short of a salad….get me πŸ˜‰

  25. Misty and mhkitty,
    Actually, I think someone just forgot to give darlene her Happy Meal, drink included.

  26. Hmmm seems I came late to read one of Darlene’s utter stupidity huh?

    Well I think that 99% of the readers of this blog are normal people, and it’s in the nature of HK fanatic to think we are all scared silly to tell how we feel about the Kitty.

    Darlene, I heard they are having a huge sale in the brain department on e-bay, maybe you should go grab one before it’s too late. The please do us a favor, use your brand new purchase and shut up, because if you really don’t like this blog, whydo you keep reading it anyway?

  27. My thought was darlene’s pissed cuz someone swiped her baby picture and put it in an evil email πŸ™‚
    (he he he)

  28. Darlene, you’re the world’s biggest dumbass. GO AWAY!!! If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it! It really IS that simple.

  29. @silentbob:
    yeah I don’t think darlene reads anything posted after her comment, so my rant has been wasted *sighs*

  30. George,
    You’ve obviously never seen this ad before, I get in on MySpace all the time. It’s disturbing. This IS a real ad.

  31. Yeah, that ad is pretty much everywhere… it’s pretty disturbing the first time you see it. Then it’s just annoying. But I am surprised it ended up on the Sanrio Town email site. Myspace I get, but Sanrio Town?

  32. Puppy, I’m fairly sure that Darlene doesn’t read comments posted before her “rant of the day”, never mind ones posted after it!
    That makes her probably the single most arrogant and dilusional person I know in any sense of the word!

  33. I represent Sanrio Digital, which runs Sanriotown.com, and I apologize for the appallingly bad taste of this ad. We are still trying to find out what happened. Sanriotown would never knowingly display such an ad.

    We have had no luck finding the ad on any of our sites. We also tried reloading a bunch of MySpace pages, but nothing so far. If anyone can let us know what address the ad points to that would be a start, we can then work backwards to identify the culprit and take appropriate action. Thanks!

  34. Darlene’s cheese has slid off her cracker, i agree. No one in their right mind would write this rubbish and expect a SANE person to agree with it. When she went on about this good Vs Evil crap i swore she was quoting a cheap superhero comic, anyway all we need to do is just keep having fun at her expense.

    ****Big smiles****

  35. Ibrahim, is that post for real? HAH! That proves darlene has no freaking clue! Someone representing Sanrio knows about this site and doesn’t want to have Mr. HKH shut down or killed!

  36. seriously? I guess I am not a myspace user but the ad itself is just bad, have ad campaigns turned into this to try to get people to pay attention? An ad displayed on myspace does not necessarily mean it displayed on Sanrio, I’m surprised that I did not hear about a bigger outcry of tasteless ads.

  37. Ha ha ha!
    Wow… I love it when people slam darlene over and over again!
    It’s like watching a trainwreck… only someone you really hate it tied to the tracks!
    Sounds like a good day to me!

    P.S. I let my SanrioTown account expire.. it was WAY too touchy-feely-lovey-dovey crapolla… I seriously wanted to puke… give me GOTH HK anyday over Cutesy HK…ick!

  38. That’s an ad like Adriane said you see it on myspace all
    the time so theyre is not point in putting it in this website its a stupid topic its just an ad guys grow up and making
    fun of this darlene person because she likes Hello Kitty is mean let her like HK and live on with your lives!! D=<

  39. And no im not one fo her minions or whatever
    im just saying that making fun of people is kinda
    stupid and im only 16 yrs old and i know more!

  40. Vell. Herr HKH, I have spent last few nights, late and long hours reading your posts and the feedback. It’s a riot and you clearly love your wife to put up with all this Hk madness. I enjoy the feud with Darlene and your relief in this oasis of counter clash. I adore Hk and please keep the blog going. I am a fan.

  41. No, thats on lots a websites. I see that all the time on myspace. I think it just randomly pops up on the add space, like the website doesn’t controle it.

  42. um but if thats a childrens site ten why will it scare a kid to death that it will shoot its computer and kill it. which is just great cuz now u haveto do a scooby doo investigation.

  43. That darlene woman is a dictator too, she dictated the guy who owned this blog to stop writing, so what darlene, what is the freedom of speech law for? And secondly, everything the guy sez was true, the HK tattoos to the HK costumes, i mean you can’t just stop people from expressing their opinions, i think you just want loads of attention, you shouldn’t have gone here if you know you’ll hate it.

  44. Hey, why don’t we make a blog about darlene’s immature rants and get her pissed off in an evil email(that is if you know her email address)

  45. If everyone is so annoyed by Darlene because she flames the blog writer, how is it that they think it is ok to flame Darlene? And if it is, then what is wrong with her flaming HKH man?

    I just had to post this because I think it is going too far and you all need to lay off poor Darlene.


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