Hello Kitty Assault Rifle Tattoo

While it has long been established that all things Hello Kitty are bad, what sets the Hello Kitty fanatics apart is their desire to go beyond the typical and create Hello Kitty in ways that are just plain wrong: Hello Kitty tattoos and Hello Kitty guns being prime examples. One would think it would be safe to assume that things could not get any worse than these, but then they would not know the universal rule in Hello Kitty Hell — that things can always get worse. Thus the Hello Kitty fanatic thinks it’s a good idea to get a Hello Kitty assault rifle tattoo:

Hello Kitty assault rifle tattoo

One would seriously hope that Hello Kitty would use this weapon upon herself, but of course that would certainly be asking too much. Not only do I have to suffer the misery of seeing yet another Hello Kitty combination gone terribly wrong, I have to worry about all the ideas that these combination tattoos are giving my wife. It would not surprise me in the least bit that the next time I take off my wife’s clothes, I will see an mosaic of Hello Kitty tattoos that have already posted on this site — which would pretty much mean that the only sane thing to do would be to pull out one of those Hello Kitty guns and quickly put an end to it all. Of course, with my luck it would only wound me and I’d end up in a Hello Kitty hospital with Hello Kitty nurses placing Hello Kitty bandages all over me for months which would be a typical outcome living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Kalishnikitty who has already probably punished herself enough by having this thing tattooed on her body, but definitely deserves even more punishment for thinking that sending it to me could ever be a good idea…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Assault Rifle Tattoo”

  1. I’m the one who thinks tattoos are personal, and no matter how wierd they must really mean something to the person wearing it. But here I shake my head and have only one word : Why??????

  2. Hello Kitty doesn’t need a gun to kill people, but guess this is to show she is merciful by giving people quick deaths….

  3. Well, I’d say on the lines alone, that’s one of the closer examples of a tattooist rendering of Hello Kitty. Another exception would be one with the HK head on his face.

  4. at least in this one she’s not dressed as someone. she looks like herself only with a gun so it’s still cute. i agree with kamichan about the flower.

  5. What…the..hell?! Why would anyone put something that disturbing on themselves? It is creepy. HKH is right, our only hope is that HK uses said gun on herself. Only then would we be rid of this horror.

    And before you even say anything, Darlene, shut up!

  6. I’m a big fan of Hello Kitty tattoos, I am gonna get one eventually myself. But this one looks like crap! It could just be the picture; it’s a little blurry. The skin is over exposed, so I can’t tell if they actually used white ink to fill her in or not. I’m a photographer, so I get a little picky over pictures.

    But my all time fave HK tat has to be the “Hello Kitty is my Jesus” tat!

    I think darlene would actually be offended that someone got a tattoo of HK with a gun… so maybe we won’t have to read her BS for this post!

  7. To: darlene
    From: the previous post

    quotes from darlene:
    “Why don’t you just give up and make this a blog with no writing? The only reason people come is to see the photos anyway.”

    really now… I do believe I like the writing as much as the photos. Besides, you read it too.

    “And your comments are so stupid that they just get everyone upset.”

    Actually darlene, YOU’RE the one who’s making stupid comments and getting everyone upset!

    “And the only reason that ore people don’t say what I do, even though 99% feel the same way, is because you will make fun of them if they do. ”

    so exactly what 99% told you they were afraid of Mr. HKH?? Me? nope. Silentbob? nope. Kitteh? nope. Adriane? nope. I don’t think you have the right to say we’re afraid of Mr. HKH when we’ve NEVER said anything like that!

    “It must be nice running this blog like a dictatorship and making it so people are afraid to tell you the truth. Well, I’m not and I will continue to do so.”

    Dictatorship?! what is this, are you saying Mr. HKH is like Hitler or something?? cuz its NOT TRUE, how the heck is he even making people be afraid?!
    And I actually have this WONDERFUL suggestion for you!
    SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. A standing ovation for Puppy! It’s exactly what Darlene needs to hear, even though she’ll probably have no idea what you’re actually saying, mostly because it actually makes sense. 😛

  9. Adriane, I agree with you about the “bad photo” bit. I think the top of the shot (nearest the cr@ppy built-in flash that was too near the subject and couldn’t stop itself down) is pretty much washed out, and just look at that level of lighting fall-off!!! The head looks white, but the feet look natural skin tone (compare tone inside and outside outline of feet).

    That said, it’s a good comedy tattoo Kalashnikitty. Well, it made me literally LOL.

  10. Oops. I didn’t read the fine print… I didn’t realize it was someone on here’s actual tattoo! It’s cute, don’t get me wrong! I don’t think the picture does it justice. The edges don’t look that great, but I think it’s the blurriness of the picture that is throwing it off. Sorry if I offended you Kalashnikitty. If it will make you feel better I will send you a pic of my horrible smiley face on my toe… now that’s a cr@ppy tat! No one told me how to take care of it, and when it scabbed over I accidentally washed off one of the eyes!! It’s kinda winking at you now….

  11. BTW, this pic has been up for a day now. Is darlene dead??? Someone send out a search party! I need someone to complain about!

  12. When you absolutely, Positively have to kill every mother single Hello Kitty in the room.
    Accept no substitutes!!!!!

  13. To Puppy…


    Nothing like using the idiots own words to humiliate her for all the world to see. We all know that Darlene is a simpleton that lives in a world that is totally focused on cute *YUK*. I can only hope that she or her alter ego replies to our comments in some way so we can have some new material to amuse ourselves..

    Again… Kudos..

  14. Adriane. look at it this way. At least someone else who knows a bit about photography agreed with you about the photo, or at least the perils of doing close-up photography with cr@ppy compact cameras.

    I stand by the comment that it’s a good comedy tat though, particularly since the assault rifle is recognisably an AK-47 variant, even if it does look to be about 6 or 7 apples tall.

  15. Maybe I’m losing the battle against my sanity… But that AK-47 is sort of cute… at least in comparison to Hello Kitty.

  16. LOL! Is all I have to say. Hello Kitty should not have or be put on something so…violent. *shakes head in shame* You are right. I hope she is feeling punished for this. And I hope that for your sake there is no such thing as a Hello Kitty hospital. I don’t think people would take it seriously! ^O^

  17. Come on now…it’s the perfect tattoo for those fans that are card carrying members of the NRA, and I like this one better then oh, say, Zombie or Akira Kitty.

    ‘Scuse me now, I need to go renew my NRA membership.

  18. Let kitty burn at the stake!!!!
    If this site can live up to it’s name of kitty hell and the motivation behind this site, why are we considering emailing the info to sanrio. this site is against the Evil K not with it .
    Just let kitty burn
    If this site helps HK then that is the last ounce of credibility gone for kitty hell

  19. I adore hello kitty, but this is one of the ugliest tattoos ive ever seen…

    that should look real good when your a senior citizen, and when your kids ask why you got such a dumb tattoo….but you can always tell them how you got drunk and slept with some guy named fernando who gave you the dumb idea.

    god people, think before you act, seriously…

    Hello kitty makes a great tattoo idea but this stuff is just tacky.

  20. @Brain, good,
    I wouldn’t want to lose faith in ya hon!

    @Kitteh!! and Silent Bob… Sorry to be mean, but I really, really hope this gets infected…
    It’s pretty bad when the gun is bigger than her!
    That’s gotta do something bad the aiming!

  21. While it is Hello Kitty based, that tattoo is based on a T-shirt called Kalashnakitty (the rifle is a Kalashnikov, an AK-47). After all some Hello Kitty fans are also hunters and shooters. One of the places you can get them is through here: //smallestminority.blogspot.com/2008/06/of-kind-in-common-use.html

    And for you HK fans who also follow the news, now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the 2nd Amendment, there is now a “Heller Kitty” shirt available too. Not sure if this qualifies as a 9th HK Gun entry, but here is the link:

    I think it’s cute. She’s dressed all patriotic and has her very own Glock pistol. Don’t mess with Hello Kitty from Texas!!

  22. I found your site, and this entry, because I was researching tattoo ideas. I’m contemplating getting something like this done, but with HK holding an either an AR-15 or an HK MP-5 (fitting, no?) AND wearing figure skates.

    Alternatively, I must say that I love your header graphic on this blog, with the fire and the rolling clouds. That would make a kick ass tattoo, also!

  23. Its a kind of sweet tattoo, HK will take over the world anyway. (on a technical note it looks like the gun is a AK74 not a 47, the 74 has the grooved foregrip and angled muzzle brake!). Well done kitty, you go girl!!!!!

  24. hello kitty is the cutest thing. who cares what people get tattooed on them selves. its their choice and its a personal choice. im sure people would think some of ur tattoos r ugly and stupid and bullshit too. i dont understand y some people always have to have a comment about somebody else. its ridiculous.


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