Hello Kitty Doom Mod

If there is one thing you can say about Hello Kitty, it’s that the evil feline doesn’t see anything as off limits when it comes to putting her face on it. One would assume that there are some places that she just wouldn’t want to venture, but that is obviously not the case as the Hello Kitty Doom flashlight mod so graphically illustrates:

Hello Kitty Doom flashlight mod

At one time having Hello Kitty as part of a first person shooter computer game would seem to be something that would not quite fit her image, but as we unfortunately know, Hello Kitty also believes that she deserves to dominate this entire genre of video games (as well as flashlight emergency gadgets). So I guess it really shouldn’t be a surprise that as part her never ending quest to Hello Kittify everything possible, she would invade as many other game (see here) as possible.

This, of course, is where Hello Kitty Hell truly becomes hellish. Since my wife knows I enjoy these games, she assumes that adding Hello kitty as part of them will somehow miraculously convert me to the Hello Kitty religion and thinks it would be good for me to “use Hello Kitty as my guiding light” if I insist on playing games like Doom (yes, my meal made its way back up and out when I heard that, and my apologies if it did the same to you…) The fact that nearly 4000 people who play Doom think that the Hello Kitty flashlight mod is a good idea is yet another strike against the thought that humanity will survive — and ensures that Hello Kitty Hell will continue to exist in far too many places…

Sent in by Ashley who deserves to only be able to play computer games while listening to the Hello Kitty theme song as punishment for thinking that anything positive could ever come from sending this information to me…

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Doom Mod”

  1. Honestly, I think that’s hilarious. I would seriously get that mod just to laugh hysterically while I kill demons from hell.

    Now we need a mod where we can kill actual HK demons and stuff.

  2. Wow, surprisingly I remember this…. about 4 years ago when they were talking about Doom3 mods on TechTv’s (now G4) Xplay… it was right after they were talking about the batman symbol one…

    I remember Morgan Web saying something like “Theres something about hello kitty’s black soulless eyes that makes me want to violently kill things”

  3. lol thats funny what ghost said yea
    i would do the same thing too for the
    heck of it but lets get to the point who
    was the dumbass that put hello kitty in
    the video game in the 1st place! it
    dsnt make HK look cool it makes it look wierd!

  4. I’m with ghost on this one. I would waste all my ammo trying to shoot hello kitty.

    It’s sad that the people that play Doom actually like that. Scary stuff…

  5. this is not surprising considering every game that mods can be made for seem to be getting hello kitty mods. A waste of ram to run them regardless.

  6. OMG, I LOVE Doom!
    But, alas, I haven’t played in YEARS… this might make it worth it if we can make all the aliens into Sanrio characters and shoot them!
    What fun we shall have!

  7. I feel it is a bit much and I wanted to see what hilarious thing you could say about it.
    You remind me of my roommate.
    If Hello Kitty ever invades Oblivion… Then I will be upset as well.

  8. This reminds me of how ten years ago, with Doom II, there was a mod you could download and install that would turn all of the demons into Barney the Purple Dinosaur. That made the game so much more enjoyable, somehow. Now, as others have noted, if only we could turn the demons of this game into Hello Kitty, all would be right with the world. Perhaps we could incorporate both Barney and HK into the game? I’d play for hours.


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