Hello Kitty 18k Gold Phone Strap

It’s really not like my wife needs to pimp out her cell phone in Hello Kitty anymore than it already is, but then that simple piece of logic never makes any sense to a Hello Kitty fanatic. Thus she has her eyes on a $462 (50,000 yen) 18k gold (1.8 grams) Hello Kitty phone strap which she says will make the perfect accessory:

Hello Kitty 18k gold phone strap

Now, any normal person would see the price of this and clutch their heart with the pain it inspires, but those who make stuff for Hello Kitty fanatics are able to live in a parallel universe where logic doesn’t apply. How else can you explain this quote from the spokesman from the company that makes the phone strap: “It’s a reasonable price.” Of course, my wife agrees “since it is soooooo cute!”

As you have already probably concluded long ago, logic and reasonableness are not two qualities found when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Mary who should have to buy her kids everything they ever ask for as punishment for thinking that anything positive could ever come of sending this information to me…

35 thoughts on “Hello Kitty 18k Gold Phone Strap”

  1. It’s getting difficult to know if this blog gets its information from the news, or if the media is just copying wholesale from this blog…

  2. i prefer the cellphone straps my sister makes, they’re origional and way cooler, she has a site i could link, buuuuut i don’t know the link. plus, paying five hundred dollars for anything that small and then much less carrying it in your pocket on your phone has got to be the dumbest idea i’ve ever heard of (yet, because hello kitty can always sink lower) honestly, who really needs something like this?

  3. I can’t even think where/how this would fit on the flip phones most of my friends and I use these days!

    That’s aside from it being rediculously bling and chavvy!


    But here’s how to get a gold HK charm phone thing without shelling out $462. Ready? Ok:

    Buy a plastic HK cell phone strap charm thing.

    Buy some really shiny gold paint.

    Buy some enamel paint. This is available at hobby stores.

    Then use painter’s tape, or ‘blue tape’ we call at Home Depot and tape up the parts you don’t want gold.

    Spray the crap out of the charm, but in an even coat. Do the standard drying in between layers for the desired effect. Then paint the features in enamel paint.

    Wow, I just made Hello Kitty bling, and I won’t feel so stupid if the thing breaks off and I lose it!

  5. Or, for even blingier bling (it’ll cost a few bucks more, but we’re talking maybe $2 US), find a good hobby store and buy a sheet of gold BareMetal foil, and use that instead of the spray can. Now you’ve got me at it too girlfriend; that’s really scary!!

  6. Other colours of BareMetal are available – ISTR range includes Chrome, Bright and Dull Aluminium, Gold, Copper, Black Chrome, and maybe others.

  7. Who would spend more money on the phone charm than on the phone itself????? Appart from a Hello Kitty fanatic that is, but seriously this is ridiculous!

    If you want gold, buy a decent piece of jewelry people!

  8. it looks cute and everything… but not worth $462 dollars
    why would you spend so much money to have it dangling off your phone??

  9. Okay for that amount of money that thing is going on my neck, to hell with it being a cellphone ‘charm’!That is, only if I’m CRAZY enough to throw my money away on crap like that…nope..not that crazy yet. πŸ™‚

  10. That is absolutely useless. Not only is it painfully ugly, it costs more than I make in a week.

    I once again apologize for your position in Hello Kitty Hell, and I hope that someday you’ll never have to see that evil feline again.

  11. I wouldn’t pay that much for a damn phone, much less something completely useless to attach to the phone! Leave it to the morons at Sanrio to come up with something completely useless and ridiculously over-priced all at the same time!

  12. Only Darlene would be stupid enough to buy this dam thing…….

    Why on earth would you pay for money for that when an iPhone 2 costs only $200

  13. What a waste of $$$! It’s one thing to invest in actual HK jewerly (for which my hubby gifts me) but to pay this much for a cellphone charm is just retarded.

  14. I have a Chococat phone charm, but it was $5 at the Sanrio store. They also had “Limited Edition” Hello Kitty purses, which I believe were around $400. At that time I thought to myself “Who in the world would spend $400 for a Hello Kitty purse? Now I know.

  15. oh my f-ing god… You could use that as a necklace pendant!

    Like HELL no! I’m so not buying that! Like holy cow if there are like billions of HK fanatics imagine how much profits Sanrio would achieve!! D:

    It’s terrifying! Especially the price!

  16. I like Hello Kitty but there is no way in hell I would spend that much money on a phone charm. It ain’t that cute.

  17. “Sent in by Mary who should have to buy her kids everything they ever ask for as punishment for thinking that anything positive could ever come of sending this information to me…”

    And watch those kids all ask for only hello kitty items. =p

    An 18K phone charm? Really?? Charms break. They fall off their little cord. Then they’re gone. There goes all that money…. maybe charms breaking all the time only happens to me………..

  18. I’d rather melt these down and cover every party of my body with the gold that wear this on my phone . . .

    Quick!! Before your wife makes you put this on your phone get something that doesn’t use an antenna (it’s a fact that antennas on phones don’t have ANY purpose. They just stick up so that Hello Kitty can be runge around them.)

    BTW, Any way that they can make on with Hello Kitty hanging by the area between her head and her body??


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