Hello Kitty LCD TV

One would assume that one Hello Kitty TV would be enough. Of course, that in no way dissuaded Sanrio from making another Hello Kitty TV. Or a third and fourth Hello Kitty TV as well. So, there really should be no surprise that there is a new Hello Kitty LCD TV that has recently been released:

Hello Kitty LCD TV

I used to think that new Hello Kitty product announcements could never get worse than having a Hello Kitty fanatic squealing with childish joy at the top of her lungs about how much she wanted whatever that new evil feline product of the moment might be. Now not only do I have to put up with the excited squealing, I also get to look forward to a deluge of emails telling me about something I have no desire to know about in excruciating detail. Once again proof that things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by 23 people who decided for some unfathomable reason that it was essential to email me this news. May you have to watch all your television on a Hello Kitty TV with the Hello Kitty theme song playing in the background the entire time as punishment for not having something more important to do than sending this to me and thinking that anything good could ever come from it…

Update: The evil feline, not satisfied to torture the masses with just the white version, is also now making a black version:

Hello Kitty TV

Sent in by Julie

Update Again: wife took one look at this and insisted we needed it. I guess this is one way to get me to stop watching TV…

Hello Kitty LCD TV

Sent in first by Deena (and by many others)

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty LCD TV”

  1. I think the Hello Kitty apple TV is the cutest so far… People send you the info because you are (in a way) the hub of Hello Kitty info! 🙂 I know — that is adding more to your Kitty Hell — but it is true! Sorry…

  2. Well this one looks at least almost normal, if you scratch the little decal thingy on the right, and if you cover those silly speakers.
    What is insane is that this LCD TVis probably costing double the price of a regular LCD TV just because it’s hello kitty, and we all know that to hello kittyfy something is easy to do on your own anyway.

    As a joke my b-day was just yesterday and I asked my mom to get me the pink nano iPod as my hubby keeps stealing my electronic gadgets if they look to regular. And my sis knows I have nothing wrong against one or two cute HK items here and there, so my mom got me the pink iPod and my sis bought a HK sock like iPod cover to slip it into when not in use, now DH stays as far as he can from it and I can still enjoy my own music without having to run after my sweeter half to get back what was mine.

  3. This is the acme of anti-cool in home entertainment goods, isn’t it? On the plus side, after a whole load of stuff that I thought had some artistic merit, and/or was funny, I can now go back to saying that stuff is just plain nasty!! 😉

  4. Yeah, that looks like CRAP!
    I would not waste money on that thing…
    I’m so happy it’s been weeks since I bought anything hello kitty!
    (oh, wait…no… scratch thet, just bought an HK lunchbag and matching ziplock bags at Target like 2 weeks ago….ACK! I thought I was cured!?!?!?!)

  5. Blech. Another piece of worthless crap for the hoardes to spend their money on. It’s sad actually. I feel sorry for all the schmucks that spend their money on this junk.

  6. Aren’t we about due a Darlene rant, in which she will completely ignore the fact that this object has been flamed from both sides of the HK marketting tat divide?

  7. This has got to stop. Hello Kitty is a disease of the mind. It rots away at the intellect of mankind, and strips the soul from anything that is wholesome.

    This must be raised for the 2008 Elections. (and in this order)
    As such.
    1) Lower Gas Prices
    2) End distribution of Hello Kitty products.
    3) End the war in Iraq

  8. at least this one looks a little normal and there isn’t much pink. i don’t like how the buttons are though. i mean, if i had my own hello kitty room that would be the only reason i’d get one of these. as for now i can stick with buy a bigger tv from a name brand. how can i play video games on such a small screen?!

  9. WOW! All I can say is WOW!! Surely I’ll have one in the future… Thanks Mr. Hello Kitty Hell for sharing this! 😉

  10. OMG!!!! I love it. I would totally mount this in my kitchen that would go right along with my theme of a HK kitchen. If anyone has any idea of where to buy this, let me know. Thank!

  11. Yeah, i adore HK, but even to me that looks like a complete pile of crap!
    Sanrio should stop making stupid things people could buy for half the price and stick a 29p Hello Kitty sticker on.

  12. just wanted to say how much i like your blogs even though i’m a huge hello kitty fan. it annoys how popular it has become over in the UK though….i get my things shipped in from Japan or China….anyway…even though i’m a huge fan of the little kitten, i do think the t.v. is a little extreme…

  13. I find it hilarious how people can loathe something that others love so much. If it makes people happy then why waste your own energy despising it? Nothing seems more silly than that to me. Hello Kitty is harmless and brings joy to many people, including myself. It is clearly a very popular franchise abd thus they continue to make more products, and that I am very grateful for, because Hello Kitty is a huge aspect of what makes me happy. I wouldn’t actively put down whatever it is that makes you happy and insist it’s unnecessary. If you are that determined to waste your energy on hating something for no reason, that’s fine. And just so you know – the writer of this blog is actually a huge Hello Kitty fan. It’s entertaining how many people believe every word he writes. Makes this blog that much more entertaining. So thanks!

  14. I really like the 3rd one!
    To tell u the truth as a hello kitty fan,
    i wouldn’t be buying any of the hello kitty movies.
    hello kitty in the movies is pretty annoying.
    I’d rather just buy merchandise without having hello kitty talking!


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