Pasties (NSFW)

It’s really not like we need any more proof that there is something extremely wrong in the world. Just going through a few pages of this blog will make that abundantly clear. But for those who may have reserved a tiny space in their mind with doubt, I assume this will thoroughly erase it – Hello Kitty pasties:

Hello Kitty pasties

Not that you really need a side view shot as well, but if the sign of the apocalypse is before you, you might as well see it from all angles:

Hello Kitty pasties

This is exactly why I fear opening email sent to me by Hello Kitty fanatics…once it’s opened the image can’t be erased from the mind. All I want is for it to go away. At this point, surgery to remove the portion of my brain that keeps images would be a lot less painful than having this photo pop into my head for the next few months. Seriously, can it really get worse than this in Hello Kitty Hell?

Sent in by anon who deserves to have to dress up like this on a daily basis for thinking for even a split second that sending me these images could result in anything positive and for the nightmares I will have from them in the coming months…

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  1. I think the girl in the candy-stripe bustier is better looking anyway; certainly I looked at her before I looked at the one in the pasties, never mind actually at the pasties!

  2. If you don’t like this photo, you are worse off as a man than I thought. Hello Kitty loves to accentuate the beautiful parts of a woman’s body and that is all she is doing here. But because you can only think about women as objects, you focused on the pasties and didn’t even notice that she is also wearing an incredibly cute Hello Kitty corset. Men!

    I think you should go for that brain surgery, but take out the part that is in charge of your gibberish writing that is lie after lie. That would make us all a lot happier and make this blog a lot more fun to visit.

  3. MEN, MEN, MEN! Im darlene and I think men are so sexist!

    Lame. Low. Dumb. No one cares, get a life darlene. You go on HKH to try and make him feel bad and others. Just because we hate you.

    …Congratulations for the biggest HK douche in the planet darlene! =D *gives trophy*

    GROW UP.

    anyway, WTF is with the pasties? that is sick and wrong. xD

  4. BTW, what topic was the first on darlene posted in? and alfred? xD I gotta see the first AMAZING post of those two.

  5. “BTW, what topic was the first on darlene posted in?”
    I think the one in Hello Kitty Whiners on july 8th.

    As for the pasties … i’m sorry, but i can’t say anything about it without doing more damage to my brain then the pics already did …

  6. Meaning Darlene would be able to appreciate a man wearing that HK corset with a similar sticker adorning his bits. Seriously Darlene! Can’t you just focus on the incredibly cute HK corset!

    Btw, those boobs are fake and ridiculous.

  7. Comment from darlene
    Time: July 8, 2007, 9:33 pm

    This is one of the most brilliant blogs ever. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and I know that every post you write is going to insult me because I like Hello Kitty, but deep down I know that me liking Hello Kitty is exactly like you say. I have to say, “yes, he’s right” and at the same time say, “I want that damn Kitty” and I feel sorry for your torture and I’m completely jealous of your wife all in the same instant. And because of all this, I just want more because every time I visit, I have to laugh at it all.

    O__O Now look at her. Shocking turn out from liking the blog to being an arse.


    Sorry if this is off topic. xD

  8. These must be strippers or porn chicks.

    The corset is cute, but there’s only so much you can do to the human body before you ruin it, and I think those girls got to that point.


    I KNEW Darlene had a split personality that way. Maybe she’s just mad because she doesn’t have a man like Mr. HKH that will put up with his wife’s foibles. All the men have run from her life screaming bloody murder.

  9. 3 points there:-
    1) I actually looked at their faces before their chests.
    2) I do know some women who are genuinely naturally that well endowed.
    3) It’s blatently obvious from the watermark that these shots are from some sort of, ah, gentlemen’s club!

  10. Okay, I also think the one in the striped corset is the prettier, since she appears to be the only one whose NOT had plastic surgery on her face… (we will not mention the bubbies…yes, I call them bubbies)… she also has the nicest smile.
    The one in the middle is ubber-scary with the plastic face… I think she’s trying a ‘bit’ too hard to remain in with the younger crowd.

  11. @darlene – wow, you are crazy and stretching for a reason to hate his posts. I’m a woman and I dislike this image. Is it because I am objectifying the women? No, it is because I don’t like objectifying women, which is what this image is doing.

  12. I do know some women who are genuinely naturally that well endowed.
    It’s not the endowment of the woman in pasties that indicates she’s had work done, it’s the fact that you could put a pencil under them and it wouldn’t stay there. No natural breast is spherical.

  13. Kitteh, though you may know girls who are “naturally endowed” as you say, those boobs in the pictures are FAKE! Reals boobs are not that round. Real boobs do not look hard and gross. And real boobs do not stay that perky with NOTHING supporting them.

  14. I love your blog, but I often browse it from work. Any chance you can put pictures like that under a cut and give a little warning in the future? I’m kind of lucky my boss wasn’t walking by when I opened your front page today. (He doesn’t mind me surfing, particularly while my computer is running other stuff in the background anyway, but would mind pictures of women with nothing but pasties of any kind, even if they are Hello Kitty.)

  15. Ok Anon and Indigo, I think your probably right about the girl in the pasties: I was thinking more of the one in the candy stripe bustier though. Ok?

    “Edward”, with one exception (who’s actually better looking than any of the women in these photos), everyone else I know who complains about “the objectification of women” is a stereotype “dungaree-wearing, man0hating dyke”. Yes really. Oh and, without judging you or your income, you do realise that these women, if employed at that club, are probably pulling down several hundred k a year for a 36 hour week?

  16. I can’t see anything past the ginomous basooms! Are you sure those aren’t pasties but her actual nipples? It’s amazing what plastic surgeons can do these days.

    Although I love the bunny suit and the corsets. And fact that we all know that none of those women will sink if thrown from a boat.

    BTW, is that an oompaloompa in the foreground of the second pic?!

  17. Things I noticed upon seeing this image:

    1) These women are clearly delighted with themselves
    2) One does not wear this type of apparel if one does not intend to objectify oneself – mission achieved
    3) The woman in the middle is about 45 and has had a huge amount of ‘work’ done.
    4) She’s got alarmingly buoyant swollen looking perpendicular growths on her rib-cage- close to where a normal woman’s boobs would be.
    5) They’ve got Hello Kitty ‘modesty stickers’ on them (the irony)

    After a scrolldown and scrollback I noticed the ‘incredibly cute’ / horrific HK corset.

    It’s very sad that this is how our senior citizens try to get attention, no?

  18. Bah! I knew that girl in the bunny outfit looked familiar… this pic is from the Playboy mansion. Now it all makes sense.

  19. @ Emma
    HAHA!!! Ok, now THAT makes TOTAL sense!!

    It may scar for a little while but at least you can erase it over time. 🙂

  20. Now I’M scared! Oompaloompas have no place in the playboy mansion, unless played by the guy from Austin Powers… name totally escaped me right now.

  21. I have been reading this blog and it is too funny. Although I doubt HK actually make pasties, they are kinda cute. I agree with Catherine – those girls are skanks or in her words “hags”. No matter how much they make, money cannot buy class, which these girls have none.

  22. moriyah & andophiroxia:
    I swear to GOD I’m going to pee my pants here at work!
    I guess the good thing about being an Oompaloompa at Playboy party is that you’re short enough to see up the incredibly short ‘skirts’ of those girls!!!
    Ha!!!! ‘Willy’ Wonka….HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the pasties are probably just stickers from Target that she put there with toupe glue!

  23. @Darlene – no man is simply “objectifying” this girl because something’s wrong with them. If you walk around with a tiny corset with tiny underwear and pasties, you’re GOING to be objectified. You keep talking about what HK likes to do and how she helps people. SHE’S NOT REAL!! She’s a cartoon character! You’re the one who needs brain surgery.

  24. I wonder if it would suck once she ripped those pasties off and then have red-colored HK skin patches. XD

    I know that sounds bad, but the sight of that would be really amusing!

  25. Eww. Also on the HK corset.
    The only thing I can think of that would put the frosting on the HK cake of this would be if she had HK garter belts also.
    Excuse me while I’m nauseated now. 😛

  26. What ever the girl was obviously wearing that so that the guys can look at her boobs. Who is going to be like “Everyone will see what cute hello kitty faces I have on”? When you show boobs you get attention even those who are dumb know that. Men aren’t sexist, they’re just annoyed with hello kitty and don’t have lives so they have to make a website out of it.

  27. I only saw this site recently and from the posts I read I’ve come to these conclusions:

    #1. You secretly like Hello Kitty. You love to hate it. Otherwise, why the hell do you blog about something you claim to absolutely despise?

    #2. Darlene is fake!!! You made up the character didn’t you? Her comments and your posts are written in a similar style.

    #3. Write a book. Seriously. Because if you are faking (as in the “character” you are pretending to be when you write your blog), it’s pretty good for fiction and you are hilarious.


    Of course, if it’s all true then (which I highly doubt) then carry on!

    Thanks for the entertainment

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  29. What’s really sad is when you dress in an “outfit” which is that “look at me”, and and males still look at the more covered girl standing next to you first!

  30. Oh Goodness. Even I think thats too much Hello Kitty. And too much boobs. Sadly, this image is burned in my mind as well. But the girls in the purple bunny outfit has a great hair cut…

  31. I swear everytime I see this I want to take a shower to wash the skank feeling away…

    Caption should say:
    ‘Hi, I’m Sherri, with an ‘i’, my hobbies include shopping, waxing and laying around with my legs open for strange men to take pictures of…he he!’

  32. Porn and Hello Kitty do NOT mix. Hello Kitty is already beginning to scare the crap out of me, but chicks who do porn wearing Hello Kitty is even worse. Hope the chick who is wearing the pasties is NOT Eva Angelina………I was once one of her MySpace friends but I deleted her from my friends list, and now I’m wishing I’ve never heard of her

  33. I have to agree porn and hello kitty do not mix. I like the wholesome down to earth lady. I found Hello Kitty was in my bed I would give a hug and a scritch and escort her out of my room. I can not see hello kitty as a sex symbol.

    p.s. I think more men gone down in those Sl**s than the Titanic.

  34. Wow… Do all of you REALLY have this hard of a time telling that Darlene is a pro troll?

    Or if you already know she’s trolling, never mind me then XD

  35. I love hello kitty and Sanrio and all that crap,but that woman has made my stomach turn. She looks like a blow up doll and shouldn’t have hello kitty on those things she calls nipples! Ick!

  36. We all know this girl’s got fake boobs, so what. It’s clear she’s desperate for attention, poor thing. The lot of them look like they are some strippers hoping to catch the attention of Playboy. The idea that she went wayyyyy out of her way to make her costume and hunt down some HK pasties is a clear cry for help, not to mention a crime against fashion and all that is good when it comes to HK!!! Then again, Sanrio does allow HK’s face to show up on some “personal massagers”, so this really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  37. I would wear these pasties but my nipples are SO BIG that it might take two to cover them. Of course, after my mom used the Hello Kitty female circumcision kit on me, I’m only half a woman and wouldn’t enjoy the pasties like the women in the picture. I guess I’m obcessed with a fictional cat because she took my ability to feel pleasure and function as an adult woman so I retreat into a childlike mode of attacking the blogger’s masculinity and defending a pink and white pussy since mine doesn’t work.

  38. To darlene:

    If you’re only half a woman, then what is the other half of you of? Hello Kitty?

    Sorry about the Eva Angelina comment. She (Eva Angelina) is much prettier than those skanks.

    By the way, if you didn’t already know, Eva Angelina is a porn star.

    And Acton, thanks for agreeing with me.

    Let me get off this computer before I lose my appetite.

  39. Achtung, Hk luftwafffe! Please use those pins from the hello kitty pincushion to stick in the pasties of those monstrous jugs to deflate the fires of Hk hell. Or..Mr Hkh can you use those hello kitty dental picks to clean those pasties off? Best suggested use so far..?

  40. You better face it, Hello Kitty is here to stay and will be bastardized into anything that can be sold because someone out there will buy it!
    I have to ashamedly admit to purchasing a Hello Kitty toothbrush for my daughter a long time ago.

  41. Did any other English people click onto this one expecting to see a picture of an HK shaped Cornish Pasty?

    No? Just me, then….


  42. i hate fake boobs. i hate it more when the girl knows how fake they are and still is proud to show them off in such a cheesy way.

  43. ewwww- she’s just plain gross! it makes me so mad that such a hideous thing is trying to associate herself with hello kitty! she couldn’t settle for tacky glitter pasties? they’ll suit her much better.

  44. It’s either that, or I’m more naive than I thought. I would never think to relate nipple stickers to a savoury snack…

  45. As a clarification on the pasty/pasties issue, a “pasty” is sort of like a pie crust folded over a savory (not sweet) filling. If you see the title (“Hello Kitty Pasties”) in an RSS feed….Well, let’s just say a Brit might be in for a bit of a shock once the page loads!

    As for the items pictured… Please pass the brain bleach. Quickly.

  46. Wow, not only are their boobs fake but their faces look like plastic too, sluts, and its pretty pathetic when people like that are so desperate for attention that they would do anything to be in the spotlight, and if any guy really likes fake boobs like that just keep in mind not to squeeze them to hard, some stuff might come out and its not milk….But the pasties are cute but they need new models…

  47. umm.. i really hate hello kitty, & thats basically all there is to it, but i also thought it was meant to be a symbol of love, morality and goodness for young children and all that rubbish.
    so why, pray tell, is this being used to adorn a pair of dangerously inflated orange breasts?

    hello kitty hooker much?


  49. What are the names of these gorgeous women? I’d really like to know!
    I just LOVE those boobs! I can see that they are fake, but I love fake boobs!
    I just wanna touch them, motorboat them, play with them, kiss them etc.
    And I can see why people say the one in the middle is ugly, but i think she’s kinda beautiful! She has nice hair, really kissable lips and, let’s be honest here, with boobs like that you sometimes forget to look at her face! 😀

    By the way, who else thinks that women with big boobs need to wear pasties or corsets more often to clubs or bars? And who else also loves fake boobs as much as me? I love them for a hole lot! BIG FAKE BOOBS ARE AWESOME!!! 😀


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