Hello Kitty Zombie Cake

It is quite disturbing when I find out that things on this blog are the inspiration for creating even more Hello Kitty crap. Take, for example, this Hello Kitty zombie cake:

Hello Kitty zombie birthday cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake head

Hello Kitty zombie cake cutting

This is what I found in my email:

Hi There. Taking inspiration from one of the Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoos that I saw on your site, I hired Debbie to make a birthday cake for my wife. Debbie did an incredible job of bringing Hello Kitty to life, (or death), in fine Zombie form.

Granted, if you are going to make something Hello Kitty, a Hello Kitty zombie is probably the most accurate portrayal of the true Hello Kitty, but the fact remains that any additional Hello Kitty in the world is something to be mourned. That it in any way came about due to something I did is even worse. But by far the worst part of this is that upon seeing the cake, my wife has decided that a Hello Kitty cake is now in order for any special occasion that arises which guarantees that every insignificant holiday will now be Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by sean (with lots of photos) who deserves to have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty cake for the rest of his life for thinking that sending me these photos could result in anything good…

77 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Zombie Cake”

  1. You are such a selfish person that you can’t even give your wife the joy of a cake that she adores on a special occasion. What type of husband are you?

    And why are you so full of yourself to believe that you had anything to do with this cake? If he hadn’t seen it on this blog, he would have seen it someplace else. I can’t believe how pompous you act like you’re some big deal and people are inspired by you. They are inspired by Hello Kitty and you are just a disgruntled blogger trying to become popular off of her. It’s really quite sad.

  2. It looks awesome! I’m wondering how it tastes.
    The 4th photo from the top (HK head on a plate) is my favourite.
    I think the daughter must be terrified, or maybe enjoyed.

  3. Waay kewel!!! 😀 Major kudos to Sean for the idea and for sharing, and to Debbie for the execution of the patisserie!

  4. Catherine, it’s a table laid for and in the middle of a kids’ birthday party from what I can see. If you can’t accept messy in that situation, just get over yourself, huh?

  5. Darlene, I know as a fact that this is not the only piece of fan art that was inspired by previous entries on this blog. I strongly suggest you stop posting, because you’re just making yourself look more idiotic the more you post.

  6. The cake is amazing… construction and all. Though I am no huge fan of the cat it really is a great piece of art. I have to second the head on the plate being a nice touch.

    Darlene = blah blah blah same old spiel.

    Catherine = same pathetic attempt at attention

    Me= laughing at the maggots!

  7. @moriyah

    The maggots looked cool. They looked so real from my vantage point. I wonder what they were made of? Bahahahhaha. I saw the wife(?) was eating one of the flies that were on the cake.

    @yet another anonymous
    If you see Sean’s pics with the link provided, there are kids there and they don’t seem fazed at all.

    I hate Disneyland btw. That place is enough for you to have road rage. I generally hate theme parks because they’re just boring to me and everything is uber expensive. However, I do happen to like Disneyworld, because Epcott center was cool and I like science stuff. However, when I have kids you gotta take em to a theme park though.

    Although I kind of get sort of wierded out when couples keep going to Disneyland/world and they don’t have kids or their kids have grown up and gone….

  8. Hi…I’m Sean’s wife.

    YES! The cake is delicious…we still have the head left to eat. Not so crazy about the taste of the bugs, though. I think they were made out of gum paste…my 3-year-old daughter ate most of them. And, she didn’t seem traumatized at all…she’s the big fan of Hello Kitty.

  9. @ Catherine
    It’s people like you that frighten me because you must have searched for that for a while… Scary. Seriously, you’re scary.

  10. You’re still scary. You’re more scary than most of the stuff on this site. I go back to my original statement of not feeding the trolls. I have learned my lesson.

  11. Hahaha…Love the troll analogy. Actually the scary thing is your MySpace page. A poor girl yearning for companionship and trying to be so “different” when in fact she is just like the masses. That is scary!

  12. Wow Catherine, you’re truly pathetic. You don’t understand anything. I think it’s wrong that you have searched out my myspace page for your own use. What the hell do you plan on doing with it? Are you going to try and make me feel little to make yourself feel better? I won’t even answer your sad attempt to get me mad because that’s all you’re trying to do. Inflame.

  13. @Catherine

    It’s not an analogy. It’s who you are. You even attacked Kitteh!! about his “British” colloquialisms when he never said a word to you. You have nothing but stupid and testy crap to say in general then whine about it when people get pissed at you. Now, you’re implying a threat of searching out someone’s MySpace page even though you find them pathetic in order to “intimidate” them.

    Why don’t you run to your husband again. Maybe he’ll buy you a new Porsche after this statement?

  14. OMG!!! You three are hilarious to watch got at it!
    It’s like a tennis match, back and forth, back and forth.

    All I have to say is people who come on here, come here for entertainment, not to try to lord it over others. And make disparaging comments to people if they misspell or fat finger a key as we have ALL done it at least once.
    This is supposed to be a place of fun and a place to express opinions AGAINST Hello Kitty, thus the name Hello Kitty Hell… if people can’t get that it’s their own deal.
    I’m a big fan of freedom of speech and all but when newbies start coming on here and try to put a smack down on the gang it’s not at all cool.

    I’d say ‘Can’t we all just get along’ but we all KNOW that ain’t gonna happen! (and yes, Catherine, I KNOW ‘ain’t’ is not a word…)

  15. @ Andophiroxia…
    It wasn’t an attack on Kitteh. It was just a joke. He uses those words frequently so I would assume he was from England. Duh! You and your pal Moriyah always feel “so attacked” Probably stems from being un-popular as a child and now that your adult’s its still an issue. So sad.
    There was no threat to search out her MySpace. You guys used those words. No intimidation necessary, you are both so insecure it’s really sad.

  16. @Acton

    It is true. Let’s go back to the zombie cake. I looked at the pics and everyone was having a great time dismembering the bloody bits of a rotting gangrenous Hello Kitty. Even the kids looked at least nochalantly at the cake rather than a projected fear onto people!


    @ mhkitty

    It’s fun to be a kid at heart! I totally agree with that! But man, there are some that confuse the heart with the mind and project it onto people in a histrionic fashion by even speculating about their childhood! BAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!

    You know, I should write a story about Darlene. That would be lovely. Should I post the one that I sent to you? 😛

  17. This blog has its own community. From the HK fanatics that defend HK and all her odd gadgets to the HKH dwellers who have to put up with it. Maybe when this blog has a birthday we can all share a HK zombie cake =)

  18. HK or not, that cake is beautiful work. I think even Duff Goldman would be impressed.

    Catherine and Darlene.

    You are more annoying than Hello Kitty.

    Eff off.

  19. Zombies are always a sure win….

    maybe if we get a forum up we can be more voyeur on all of your fighting… and not cramp up the blog with bickering…

  20. I’m back! (Crystal, the bearer of the Hello Kitty Butterfly Skull tattoo that nobody liked, lol) anyways..Love the cake, especially great for Halloween. Not just the fact that its Hello Kitty, but because of the creativity and shape. I’ve tried cake decorating on the side and its not easy. Kuddos to her.

  21. Thanks Kristin, particularly for the implied support both for my statement about the party, and for my view that there’s nothing wrong with showing a 3YO a sculpture of a cartoon zombie!

    Oh and Crystal, all I ever said was that I thought your tattoo would look better with a smaller head. The wings were great, but I felt the proportions were out.

  22. The picture with HK’s head on a plate is kind of cool. But does this mean that if we succeed in killing the horrible feline, that she’ll just come back as a zombie?! That’s seriously disturbing.

    And Darlene, the guy who sent HKH the cake pics specifically said he got the idea from this blog. Will you at least read the damn posts before spewing your complete idiocy?

    And this Catherine seems to be, if possible, even worse than Darlene. At least Darlene’s comments have something to do with HK, whereas Catherine is just attacking people at random. Pathetic… (And I know you’ll probably attack me now to, so I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t give one rat’s ass what people have to say about me!)

  23. Catherine, darlene, I enjoy your sad attempts to make people feel bad.
    It’s sad you try so hard when “NO ONE” wants to hear it. Get a life, stop acting like total dumbasses and…


    and no point trying to attack me you wankers. I’ll attack back and you’d never win. Australian Girl rant, complete.

    Anyway, I love the head. I can eat hello kitty’s eyeballs to make me feel better. xD

  24. I’d like to go and get one of those cakes and jam a knife into its head and take a picture.

    I was seriously contemplating of visiting my friend in Taiwan and make it a special mission to get one of those cakes and jam a cake cutting device into its head and take a picture. Better yet, I want it to be filled with some sort of red filling and then eat it Hannibal Lechter style.

    I DID receive HK egg molds from a friend and I did try injecting them with ketchup to see if they would “bleed” once I bit into them. Didn’t really work. Ah well.

  25. Kristin:
    You are a great sport with all this!
    I’ve had two HK cakes in the last 5 years for my b-days, the first was a store bought pink mostrosity that had everyone groaning from the sugar intake. It had nifty little kiddie rings on top that my male coworkers decided it would be fun to stomp on after the party. (Boys will be boys…)
    Then, I had a friend make me a HK cake and we all debated over who’d get to cut her head (it was a flat cake) and no one wanted to since I’m the fan and possibly make me upset… ha, it’s just a cake! Cakes are made to be eaten! It was funfetti so it was awesome!

    BTW-Happy belated birthday!

    Here’s an idea for your or your daughter’s next cake:
    (it’s about half way down the page on the far right, you can’t miss it!)

  26. @Kristin

    I don’t recall saying your tattoo sucked. I remember it was kind of cool. I think perhaps some of the things were off, but not anything horrendously bad about it. I think I liked it cuz it had a skull.

  27. Kitteh!!:
    What? No SpongeBob??? 🙂
    I’ll be sure to send it to you, though I’d be afraid it woudd either be mush by the time it got there or the Postal workers would eat it 🙂

  28. Well, you see they were these horrible experiments done to za Hello Kitty and she regenerates into a image to burn into Mr HKH’s eyes forever.. he believes she is a devouring monstrosity that has eroded his castle into a pink palace, and hence her devious designs come into play. As for the Hello Kitty goth/punk fans or Halloween, it’s not so bad…

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  30. mhkitty- I think ur the most grounded person that leaves msgs here… this is a place for having a bit of a giggle… the catherines of this world should just do what they do best… their nails!!! stop being so aggressive & defensive!!! go do it somewhere else- some people want to exchange humourous HK bantter here…. enuf said… TRULY annoying… more annoying in fact than my HK leg warmers being pinched!!!!! the world is full of evil……..

  31. OMG! That is the coolest cake ever! Who watches Ace of Cakes? Or those killer cake and sugar challenges on the food network. I have a hard time making myself frozen pizza. How the heck to you get things to look THIS nice?

  32. Hi! I stumbled across this site while searching for “Hello Kitty” birthday cakes for my soon to be 5 year old! She was facinated by the “green” Hello Kitty and wanted to see the photo! She looked at it and said, ” that would be good for Halloween, not my birthday.”
    All I have to say is you gotta have a sense of humor or life would be so boring! I think the cake is amazing! My husband and I are cake decorators as a hobby and anyone who does this knows the amount of time, effort and skill it takes to make a cake look that amazing!
    For those of you complaingin that it is horrible…stop looking at it as a disgrace to HK and look at it as a piece of edible art!
    Lighten up and enjoy life a little! I love HK as much as my daughter does and I think the cake is a hoot! Thanks for the laugh and all the disgruntlement from the others!!!


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