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Maybe I’ll soon get my own love column because of my outstanding, well contemplated and accurate love advice to this email that was recently sent to me:


Could use your input and suggestions here. I’m living in Japan, and I recently started dating a beautiful young lady. Good times, fun conversation, and blah blah blah.

BUT! Last weekend we decided to visit the local Jusco to look for a book that I wanted. Half way to my goal, I suddenly feel a tug on my arm and hear a quiet “eeeeeh”. When I look over I see the Hello Kitty section of the department store, and her with a rapturous look on her face. This is when I learned about her secret obsession. Pretty sure it took her about 30 minutes to touch every item. Yes, every item. I’d understand if she had an OCD, but it was a little creepy seeing her walking up to the Kitty-chan display and lightly touching every single product.

After going through this ritual, she revisited three displays several items… saying “kawaii” under her breath at each. I finally offered to buy her one item for each book that I bought, just to get her moving. Ended up being two, for the record.

So, knowing that you have some experience with this, what are your thoughts? Is this something that I can deal with? Should I be worried? Scared? Hit the eject button and bail out before this becomes a serious relationship? Any words of wisdom will be seriously considered.


– Kowai BF

My simple word of wisdom: Run!

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  1. well, the writer here seems to be having a perfectly happy relationship with his hello kitty obsessed wife.

    So what exactly are you scared of?

  2. Women, like me, it seems have to touch anything cute and fluffy…including pets, flowers, HK stuff etc. Most important that she thinks you’re worth touching too 😉

  3. Guys, that was Darlene II, not Darlene. They’re 2 different people (I hope); if they’re different personae, we’re really in trouble! 😉

  4. Run very far, run very fast or resign yourself to a living hell in a sea a cute and pink. You have been warned.

  5. What is wrong with you? Two people are in love and you tell one of them to run away? Typical man response. If he likes this girl, then he will should be willingly get her all the things she wants. And it will make him happy when Hello Kitty makes her happy.

    Don’t listen to Mr. HKH – he is jaded and doesn’t know how to do anything but complain. She loves Hello Kitty so you know she’s a catch.

  6. The problem is you live in Japan. They sell that crap all over the place. Most of the girls there are “ga-ga” for some dumb little trinket.

  7. Ah, there’s the darlene we all know and hate 🙂

    Ahem, Sir, I’d say proceed with CAUTION!
    AND, if you find yourself otherwise attracted to the gal, I would sit her down and explain to her that her *cough* obsession is potentially unhealthy to your relationship and that it may have an impact on your thoughts toward her…(i.e. immature and maybe not ready for a relationship if she still has immature things surrounding her)

    Now, to be blunt, if you are just in the mood for a little scratch and tickle then, hey, deal with it 😉

  8. Well if your girlfriend does things for you that no other woman has, then maybe it might be worth it. However, HK can be cancerous as it has been proven on this blog for health and for the fanaticsm…

  9. Unlike Mr. HKH I do not need to go half cocked with every new Hello Kitty Item. If you can live with her obsession then go for it. She might even grow out of it If just a simple obsession with Kawaii it part of the package your are getting in to. If you do not have any tolerance for Hello Kitty cuteness and she tries to force on you then I would leave.
    I would had most likely had done what you done because I do not see Hello Kitty as a big probe. Of course as for the plushie wall, um, err uh I have to exercise my Fifth Amendment rights.

  10. I have to agree with Mr HKH, if you are guys in Japan and your girl is nuts about Hello Kitty then run for the hills since the chance of her being cured of any obsession are practically nill.

  11. Worked at a sanrio for a while and became addicted to it. Can’t help it! We moved away from the store and must get my Kitty fix online…. So it won’t go away, all i can say, don’t worry as long as you can bear her buying lots and lots of crap she doesn’t need and may never use 🙂

  12. Here’s the deal my friend

    The more you try to run from it, the worse the relationship will be, if she even decides to keep you around. It seems that you’re interested in this chick enough to buy her a few HK items so you might as well bite the bullet and embrace her interest.

    I live with my girlfriend who is by far the biggest HK fanatic I’ve ever met, our bathroom is pink and green, I painted some HK faces on the wall, the kitchen is red with two HK murals on the wall by the stove, etc, etc. Having a girlfriend / wife / whatever who enjoys the cuteness of something that’s been around longer than I’ve even been alive is really not bad at all, if she’s worth it then don’t complain…it shouldn’t bother you, and I’m sure you have interests in things that she finds rather appaling. Like organized sports for example.

    Plus, the more you tolerate HK the more you get your d**k sucked. End of story.

  13. maybe the real darlene is really mrs HKH and stopped commenting since the 1000 comment post thingy because she lost the bet and is now sulking??? hmmm

  14. I’d be more concerned about the OCD-ish nature of it than the obsession being Hello Kitty. Before you know it, she’s going to be thinking that people are going to die if you don’t buy her 7 of the same product.

  15. Just fyi: Sanrio Times Square in NY (42nd Street) is entirely on sale. Sanrio is planning to close it down and remodel it with a new concept store by early October and is getting rid of all its inventory — right now everything is at least 30% off. 🙂

  16. @Vince
    I would not put so vulgarly but it dose hit the nail on the head. The question is what are the chances of you getting sucked in and become a Kittyler yourself.

  17. ok i have an HK addiction, it’s true, but my fiance doesn’t love me any less for it. sure sometimes it’s annoying cos i will beg for him to buy me everything HK (especially that Kimora Lee Simmons diamond necklace!) but he just laughs it off. mostly cos i know we can’t afford all the HK stuff in the world that i want. he’s happy to see me happy and HK makes me happy.

    of course i do reward him if i do happen to get anything HK from him. 😉

  18. to paraphrase an old saying “if i hear that someone is coming with the intention of involving hellp kitty , i should flee as tho hell itself persued me ”
    run! , forest! , run!
    only a lobotomy can save your GF…
    if you stay you are a canidate for one yourself…

  19. I don’t see a problem so long as it’s not a serious obsession and she starts to expect these gifts all the freakin’ time

    I’d prefer dating someone who has a hello kitty problem than an alcoholic one

  20. “Comment from Acton – Time: July 25, 2008, 7:10 pm
    I would not put so vulgarly but it dose hit the nail on the head.”

    After i read this to my GF she said, “or gets you nailed.”

  21. Dude, completely go for it. Chicks that dig cuteness are absolute animals in bed. And the kindest of partners, too. Sounds like she might be the one.

  22. Darlene: I’m a Hello Kitty lover as well, when the Sanrio stores were available at my country I used to visit them once in a while, and when I started getting my own money, I got some things there as well… But there is something wrong, WRONG when we girls think it’s funny for the guys to go shopping with us. They get impatient easily, and they don’t usually like pink, cute, fluffy things.

    I truly think love has to come with respect. While we girls go to shop cute things, they can go to do their own shopping, then get together and eat something, I don’t know! There has to be an acceptable middle point when someone is obssesed with something and the partner isn’t.

  23. Yeah, get the hello kitty hell out of there.
    Unles syou WANT to live, surrounded by kitties for the rest of your life, but on that note.

    It’s okay if your wife likes something you dont, differences make you stronger, however, never let her FORCE it on you. What kind of two bit hello kitty fanatic would do that anyway? Isnt that hellish little feline supposed to be about love, care, and CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS,?
    *Shrug* I guess we go ack to that “hello kitty fans make no sense” Item.

  24. Well, having a cute japanese girl with her dreamy eyes looking at me and telling me that that stupid fetus keychain is kawaii i would buy it for her. You ask why?! 1) after 5 minutes i’d go to the next music store, buy me a new guitar or at least a nice black metal album. You think Hello Kitty likes Black Metal? 😀 after that i’d make love to her all night long. damnit i would give almost everything for a japanese one *_*


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