Welding Helmet Mask

I know there is no longer any doubt that Hello Kitty is determined to Hello Kittify every object possible, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to find a Hello Kitty welder’s helmet:

Hello Kitty welding helmet

Hello Kitty welding mask

I know that it’s terrible to assume in Hello Kitty Hell, but for my own sanity I’m going to go out on a limb and internalize the assumption that this was created for women welders and not men. The thought of a construction site full of men with huge, hairy beer bellies wearing Hello Kitty welding helmets is something out of a Stephen King nightmare and simply something that I refuse to consider (as the hair stands up on my neck and shivers go up and down my spine at the thought). Sometimes falling back on denial (because the truth can get that scary) is the only way to survive in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Crystal (via Helmet Guy – the helmet was commissioned by Carola McElligott) who should have beer belly men wearing these masks haunt her in all her dreams every night for thinking that for one instant sending me these photos could ever accomplish anything good…

Update: Because you knew Hello Kitty fanatics would never be satisfied with a single Hello Kitty welding helmet monstrosity:

hello kitty welding helmet black

Sent in by Sarah

70 thoughts on “Welding Helmet Mask”

  1. o_____o;;;



    I mean, most of the stuff on this site at least VAGUELY makes some sort of strange sense… But a WELDING HELMET?!!?!?? Even the stupid pedometer thing or whatever it was I could at least KIND OF see someone getting… But really, WTF?

  2. Um, okay so welding helmets/masks are very important so you don’t go blind while welding nor get any sparks embedded in your skin that will get infected, but I don’t get the need to paint it bright pink and add hello kitty to it.

    I guess whatever floats your boat…

  3. darlene would probably say, “This is how HK protects people when they are dangerously welding, see how she loves helping people out, if you loved your wife you would buy this for her (even though she most likely doesn’t weld).”

    And some other crap.

    The whip is what freaks me out the most, honestly.

  4. Look likes a custom job for a hello kitty fan. There been an attempt to get more women into construction. I suspect this is the case for the owner of the helmet. Then again could it be the helmet of shame like Thai Officers Arm band.

  5. i love hello kitty as much as the next girl but i think your blog is friggin’ hilarious. i like how some people are so serious about defending hello kitty – she’s not real people. just a character.

  6. yeah… i think this is possibly the dumbest thing to be hello kittified yet.
    seriously, any chick welding in a HK helmet has something to prove – don’t you think?!
    she better be a bad-ass welder to be sportin’ this helmet!

  7. I feel as though maybe this HK welding chick may being trying to prove to her co-welders that she’s not a lesbo perhaps?? The helmet would be way more effective if HK herself was dressed as a welder… The whip looks like a jump rope… Or even better a Cat toy!

  8. @ Acton :
    I agree custom job for a female welder (I hope).
    @ Catherine:
    WT* is a welding whip?
    The whip just cracks me up!

  9. ahah! i love it! i want one now! i do some welding here and there, okay so not too often, but i’ve tried it a couple times, and i’m actually about to start a new project truck, lots of welding to be done on the frame, this helmet sure would come in handy!

  10. @ Lizeth

    you are on to something I completely forgot about the hobby market. Perhaps building the Hello Kitty dragster. Now that will be Hello Kitty Hell to lose to against the pink menace

  11. What you fail to understand is that Hello Kitty is loved by all people. Just because you have masculinity issues doesn’t mean that all men do and the only reason that this would be made is because there are people that want it.

    That is why this blog is so ridiculous. It’s popular because everyone wants the stuff that you blog and could care less about what you write. Maybe if you understood this you would quit your whining and just blog the photos.

  12. Darlene, if ‘everyone’ wants the stuff, then no one is here to either write the blog, or to comment on how awful the stuff is.
    If it’s whining to disagree with you, I’ll whine away. Live with it.

  13. Lizeth, there’s a couple of us (and at least one not really an HK fan) trying to work on an affordable (meaning not paying licence fees for driver and sponsor decals you’re not going to use) way of doing the HK Sprint Cup car!

  14. Darlene….Oh Darlene darlene darlene…. How very like you.

    I laugh at the fact because he actually makes the comments and posts the pictures, you think he’s an other immature male. Are you male? Because if you were, how would you feel of someone teasing your masculinity.

    Now, you probably feel really silly, don’t you? ^__^

    Why does Hello kitty have a whip? O__O

  15. Oh and darlene? You cannot live without dying to randomly go on this site and be a cyber bully to Mr. HKH, Am I right?

    I’m afraid you can’t live without teasing every single one of his comments?

    And why do you never comment back? Do you feel the need to disregard everything everyone tells you just because it’s true?

    I laugh at your pathetic attempts to make someone look bad.

    Hun, I’m not feeding the troll, but…are you a troll who thinks she’s right? I’m laughing out loud because she is so pathetic. Doesn’t even comment back because we’re right.

    I love this blog for the comments he makes and the pictures. Silly Darlene. ^__^

  16. Darlene, please learn to READ before you comment…
    If you HAD read the above article you would have seen that it was sent in by and made for a WOMAN!
    NOT a man!
    Please, please, PLEASE learn to read!
    When will you learn to stop trying to twist every little thing to use against MR.HKH… get a grip and get over it…no matter what you say people are not going to stop coming here… or hating/liking the Kitty!

  17. Darlene, wow. Just wow. I look for your comments to see how truly hypocritical people can be. You talk about how sweet HK is and how everyone loves her… Well, no one loves YOU, sister! You’re nothing but a terrible bully, blatantly attacking this guy for no reason other that to hate on him because “unbelievably enough”, he DOESN’T like an annoyingly cute cartoon cat! And accusing him of being terrible, his blog being pointless, and…”masculinity issues”?? Give me a break!The only one having issues is you! You’ve never considered, even for a second, that MAYBE this blog is a comical write-up of this guys life with a HK fanatic and of how ridiculous the products are!! You just wait for a new post so you can try and start a witch hunt!!
    Is this what a HK fanatic is supposed to act like?? If so, then they do more damage to the fandom than this blog ever will. Count me OUT!

  18. @ darlene.
    !hah! seriously.. everyone wants the stuff he has on here?
    what in the hell would i need a welding mask for, in the first place.. as i, and probably many people on here, do not weld. but even if i DID weld, i would be too embarrassed to let anyone see me with that on..
    even though i DO like HK, i would not wear that mask.

  19. Speechless!!!!!!!!! Now seriously I worked as an interior decorator and light carpenter, HK and tools DO NOT mix, and heck I’m a woman who thinks a little Hello Kitty here and there is cute. But a woman working in a man’s world knows better than girlyfy her tools, bringing a HK whatever to a construction site would be like loosing ever ouce of credibility once and for all.
    @ Darlene, not everybody loves HK, and I sure don’t even want about 90% of the crappy items featured in this blog!

  20. I have pink tools I keep at work, my reasoning is:
    If a guy borrows it, he’ll bring it right back for fear of being caught with a pink tool!
    Brilliant, eh?

  21. This helmet is for everyone to put the love of Hello Kitty on their heads with a smile that makes even the most grumpy person smile from putting it on! 😀

  22. I’ve just noticed, the whip isn’t any old whip but a cat o’ 9 tails (well 4 actually, but it’s a cartoon).

  23. So much for not feeding the darlene……….

    I said it and look whose comment appears directly under mine.

    As much as I like Hello Kitty, I do not like or even want this helmet. It’s hideous and noone will ever want to wear it.

  24. i think it makes perfect sense. i’m sure the 11 year old girl welders in china are delighted they can finally be stylish at work!

  25. Okay, some of ya’ll are getting worked up about a cartoon cat designed for little Japanese girls that has become a cult hit. Love it or hate it, but don’t take it too seriously. And with that said, I would love a HK welding helmet. Lots more women weld these days and not only in construction and practical ways, but as artists and sculptors. I think I’d design mine more simply with a big HK head. The whip is interesting and I would love to hear the story behind that helmet. Wouldn’t you?

  26. @Rah!

    I’d agree with you, but I’m not a fan of the big pink helmet. It’s like highlighting your head– and highlighting isn’t something I’m a fan of.

  27. 2 LIZ
    Yeah Liz, you’re right. Highlighting isn’t something I’m big on out in the ‘real world’ but looking at this helmet it also looks like it’s a custom job. Maybe someone made it for a co-worker or a friend who is an artist as a joke. I can’t image a woman working construction wearing this in a large work environment. I’d guess it belongs to a artist who welds in a small work environment. I think I’d do a black helmet with HK heads so it’s not too distracting. I haven’t welded in years and I miss it…

  28. i actually have that same type of welding helmet its a 3m speed glass welding helmet. the hello kitty one is a custom paint job speed glass helmets only come in black

  29. Dude…i’m a female welder and I totally have one of these. What’s wrong with a fashionable helmet? I have to wear the damn thing all day! Might as well be something cute that I like, as opposed to the black or poop green ones.

  30. Um… @daughter of darlene, why are you even bothering to comment? Also, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a smile that makes other people smile just from putting on that helmet- oh, that’s right, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth! She CANNOT smile!

    What’s up with you? Getting all defensive of a cartoon character on a website that hates it? Go start your own website praising HK, we don’t care for your comments here.

  31. As a woman welder in the industry this made me laugh ermm…my balls off. It’s so great someone did this. On my gloves it says I love unicorns, and who’s gonna take em? And it’s funny because its SMAW. But to bad custom helmets don’t last long if ur doin over head. Bye Bye paint job. Also I know a few men who proudly wear this helmet while welding!!!

  32. ok i am a female welder let me phrase that i am a girlly girl welder i know it doesnt seem to connect but i have been searching for a hot pink welding hood when i found this i like it dont get me wrong but i am kinda upset to find the ONLY pink hood on the world wide web and it have a cat on it !! wtf i want something girly but NOT dont right fruity even for a girl

  33. It was designed by me (if you would read the article) and I wanted it so no-one would steal my $500 helmet while I was learning to weld at the local community college. And besides..what do you care what I wear on my head when I’m designing art in my studio. BTW I had the whip removed and the area repainted before completion of the helmet. I did not ask that it be part of the design..so there’s your answer about t he stupid whip.

  34. To Hello KItty Lover who had her designed made into the helmet, I LOVE this helmet and I think putting HK on a $500 helmet was a damned smart thing to do! In fact, when I get back into welding, I’d like to do the same. It’s funny! It rocks! I say, GO GIRL!!!!
    I also love this site, cause lots of HK fans go a few steps too far into OBSESSION that can get scary. It’s all a blast! Keep welding and keep posting these cool things. I LOVE THIS HELMUT! You can design me one any day!

  35. For anyone wanting a bright pink (or whatever color) welding helmet, just have it custom painted by Helmet Guy they have a website. That’s how I found out about them..they mostly do biker helmets but they’ll do whatever you want…or buy a can of spray paint..easy peasy

  36. I am a guy and I think it is Great! I have had people walk off with my stuff before and with that helmet, who would. It loud and funny!

    It would help make friends!

  37. I’m a welder and I would totally wear it if I knew it were made by a quality manufacturer. Not having any way of knowing the specs, it could be useless for anything but oxy/acetyl welding, which is fine for home hobbyists, but MIG, TIG and stick welders could be blinded if the lenses aren’t truly protective.

    And if it ain’t auto-darkening, it’s practically useless.

  38. I stumbled on this site. I love hello kitty and I am a woman who welds. Frankly I think that the “culture” ( corporate or otherwise) within the construction industry could only benefit from mandatory hello kitty emblazoned protective Equipment.

    Hello kitty is so cool that she would improve moral, manners and increase duty cycle by 50%!

    * OK she cant really increase duty cycle ( unless she can spin that whip faster than the wire feed rate)

    I agree with #66 if the quality is there so am I! Aut0-darkening ROCKS!

  39. That is actually only a flat black welding hood with the hello kitty car decals you can buy at walmart. I have those exact same stickers but not on my welding hood.


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