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There are many things wrong in the Hello Kitty universe which is readily apparent by simply going through a few posts on this blog, but there are some that are worse than others. I categorize the Hello Kitty tongue stud as one of these:

Hello Kitty tongue stud

This may look innocent on the scale of Hello Kitty branded merchandise, but it’s never a good sign when my wife takes one look at something and announces that it’s “totally sexy” and that she wants one. That’s a sure sign that Hello Kitty Hell will be getting infinitely worse in the future. While I have nothing against pierced tongues, I truly have no desire for the evil feline to be in there as part of the equation when I’m kissing my wife. Just one more thing to worry about in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in originally by Wedea (and several others via o0orespireo0o) who all should have to get multiple Hello Kitty piercings for ever thinking it could be a good idea to encourage my wife with something like this by sending me the photo…

Update: This is a fashion statement that I hope never catches on:

Hello Kitty tongue piercing with stud

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! All I can think of is little HK going “Help Me Please Don’t Eat Me” Ahahaha!! This is so funny πŸ˜€

  2. Ugh, I should send one of these to my neighbors. At least then I’d have something good to look at (and yes, I dislike HK as much as the rest of you, so you now know exactly how much I detest my neighbor).

  3. Huh. Well that would be the last place I would expect to see HK. No, wait… nevermind!

    Take out the HK ring and you have a sexy picture!

  4. I am not keen on tongue piercings sill I do not see the outrage. Oh yes this is the “I want to be the angst ridden bad girl punk, Goth (fill in the blank) but still want to hold on to part of my childhood” shtick. [Sarcasm] Hey, this would go great with the Hello Kitty Teen Attitude punk plush. [/Sarcasm]

  5. I’m pretty sure that Hello Kitty will end up in places on your body that are much worse than your mouth……………

    Only I won’t say which parts of your body (that are private, by the way) because I don’t want the rest of you to lose your lunch (or whenever you ate before you read this) over what I just said………..

    Not that it’s not already happening to some of you reading this blog upon seeing this picture………………

    You’ve already seen the Hello Kitty Pasties………………….

    In Hello Kitty Hell, things can get worse…………….And they often do

  6. Ewwwww It almost made me throw up my lunch! I don’t particularly like tongue studs as I find them disgusting, but a HK one??? Even more disguting, sorry really can’t look at this picture without feeling like gagging and running off to the bathroom.

  7. Oh dear… all I can thing of it ‘Hello Kitty Horror Picture Show’…
    @Tamichiko, I agree: there are ‘worse’ places to have a HK ring πŸ˜‰

  8. @Kitteh!

    Uh well… I have heard that a tongue piercing seems to show a person that is orally fixated, but not necessarily on themselves. (whew) In a way it seems to advertise this, but it on the whole is distracting to the piercee and the people talking and interacting with them, due to the fact that the piercee is always mucking about with their tongue stud.

  9. @Lucy:
    HA!!! I can see it now!
    You know the movie Penelope with Christina Ricci… I could see her with an ‘HK face shaped’ nose!
    Too funny!

  10. Hooo boy… the worst part is that it looks legit, not home made or anything. *sigh* Oh, hey! You know what? I heard that if you aren’t really, REALLY cafeful getting a toungue piercing, you can hit a vital artery in your toungue and die in a few minutes. Heard it from my old babysitter years ago, no lie.

    On another note, where’s darlene? Not that I miss the heartless insults.

  11. @ mhkitty06 & Lucy
    Ah yes, we will soon be living in a world with little girls wanting to have their faces flattened and a bow surgically implanted in their head… I better stop now before someone at Sanrio gets the idea to make some sort of turn yourself into HK at home kit!! It will be short limbed, fat head pandemonium!!! πŸ™‚

  12. @Everyone wondering where darlene is,

    There IS a God. Let’s just say that. xD

    Also, “daughter of darlene” said she took a vow of silence against us. ^_^

  13. @Indiana
    You’re so very right…

    Asking for that asinine woman to post is like looking a gift horse in the arse… why would you do it? πŸ˜€

  14. Ando, Well, if anyone is “orally fixated” on or with me, I can think of other ways I’d prefer them to show the fact! ;->

  15. From Wikipedia:
    Tongue piercings are sometimes considered useful for oral $ex, but that’s certainly not the only reason people do it.

    People with tongue piercings also say it’s especially good when kissing. Many like playing with their partner’s piercing jewelry when kissing and say it drives them crazy – in a good way. While a number of people get it to supposedly improve their “oral abilities”, it’s also often said to be an awkward piece of jewelry that more often just gets in the way. It has been said to act as weight training for the tongue!

  16. And also:

    Medically speaking: Here are the 6 good Reasons Not To have your tongue pierced (see also ‘risks’ above this section):

    . You may wind up with broken teeth! The majority of dental patients with pierced tongues wind up with chips, cracks or fractures in their front teeth.
    . You may wind up needing Surgery Need for surgical correction of damage caused by rubbing tongue barbells.
    . You can swallow it! The barbells can come un-screwed and wind up in a lung. The ball end should pass through harmlessly if swallowed. However the long part would carry the risk of lodging or causing internal tears in the intestine.
    . Infection or worse! The mouth is moist and full of bacteria, and the tongue has major blood vessels ideal for spreading infection to the brain and elsewhere. This can disfigure or worse. There have been brain abscesses following tongue piercing.
    . Bleeding. The tongue contains large blood vessels, and there can be trouble if one of them is perforated.
    –D. Paul M.D – with a pierced tongue.

  17. “Tongue piercings are sometimes considered useful for oral $ex, but that’s certainly not the only reason people do it.”

    No way

  18. I have my tongue pierced and there’s nothing wrong with it. I took the precautions and knew what i was getting into. It’s also the fastest healing piercing and since the mouth has somewhat it’s own immune system it heals faster and is a lot cleaner than most piercings. And yeah there’s major blood vessels but if you go to an experienced piercer, they won’t hit it and there will be minor bleeding like all piercings. The barbells can unscrew but that’s for people who didn’t put it on tight enough, that’s just on them.

  19. Imagine this:
    Slowly waking up with a coffee and a sandwich … staring at a picture of a kitty tongue stud ………

    I need a bucket!!

    btw. Am i the only one NOT missing Darlene? πŸ˜€

  20. @mhkitty06: i was going to point out infection, but you did it better ^_^
    @Mr. HKH: GET YOUR WIFE TO READ mhkitty06’s POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. @webwanderer

    I don’t think anybody here misses darlene, and neither do I.

    She is a deranged lunatic who needs to be locked up in a windowless cell and the key needs to be destroyed and disposed of. Besides, the fact that the beeyatch constantly bullies Mr. HKH annoys the crap out of me. A REAL man basically doesn’t like Hello Kitty and Mr. HKH is that, A REAL MAN. Not only that, but NOT EVERYONE likes the evil feline, as darlene claims. This proves that she is dellusional and needs some serious psychiatric help. I don’t know a man who likes Hello Kitty.

    If I were that crazy beeyatch I would take myself out of that Hello Kitty World of hers and go out and experience the REAL WORLD.

  22. I’ve never seen the HK Anime (no-one bought a UK licence for it that I know of). What I hate is the cheap marketting tat. I enjoy the fan art and the chat here though.

  23. OhMyGoth!
    can i buy one for my snakebite? xD
    its soooo cute and Soo hot!
    i just have to get one of thoes!
    (i have the earings looks just like )

  24. my tongue is pierced and I love it. (it has the most meaning to me than the 12 other man-made holes. and it hurt the least.)
    my ex decided to get his done too, so i bought him (me!) a vibrating tongue bar. WIN. he sounded like he had swallowed a bumble bee.
    all my studs are star shaped though. (I have one hk one but I generally don’t wear it. and it’s surrounded by squishy plastic so no teeth chipping.)


  26. you guys are dumb hello kitty tounge rings are soo freaking cute! and its not trashy its not the 1900’s anymore danggg

  27. OMG ! I would freaking love this. I have hellp kitty like all over except on a tongue ring so this would definately just put the icing on the cake. Peace Love HelloKitty (;


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