Hello Kitty Sushi

I know it’s going to be an extra special Hello Kitty Hell day when my wife comes into the room with a bright, shining smile and announces that Hello Kitty sushi (which pretty much ranks up there on the nausea scale with Hello Kitty bento) will be something I should be looking forward to trying next week:

Hello Kitty sushi

I dislike Hello Kitty in many ways, but I especially dislike her as part of my food. There is just something about the comments of how Hello Kitty is giving us sustenance to live that makes me want to hurl everything up. Then again, that queasy feeling of not being able to keep your food down pretty much sums up how your body reacts to virtually everything when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by britty who should have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty sushi for the rest of her life for bringing the entire Hello Kitty food disaster to our house again by thinking it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

Update: Although it makes no sense to all of us that are sane, more than one person thought this would be a good idea:

Sent in by Kiz

51 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sushi”

  1. Well this makes sense more than anything else on the site… HK the thoroughly Japanese and well, so is sushi. It is a sad sight… what I don’t understand is what FLAVOR kitty is.

    I’m guessing kitty poop flavor.

  2. Hahaha! That is the most disgusting sushi I’ve ever seen.
    I can’t wait to see what useless items she will plaster her face on next!

  3. its… pink O_____O
    and what is it anyways? i love sushi, but i usually would like to know what’s in it before it ends up in my stomach…and stamping hello kitty’s face on there is going to make me reconsider whether i wanna eat it or not

  4. Reminds me of the Hello Kitty cell phone charm somebody got me. Its somewhat cute in cell phone charm form but the actual sushi looks rather gross.

  5. yeah thats pretty disgusting looking actually, the bento was pretty creative but this is plain and also completely unappetizing.

  6. The bentos were way too pretty to be eaten. These sushis are the perfect solution to the problem: while you eat one, you can always feist your eyes with the other ones!

  7. Eat the Kitty Mr HKH and she with be with you forever and ever and ever.

    One again Mr. HKH amuses us with his obsession. I see this less offensive than eating the Hello Kitty Bent or far worst a henti photo I stumbled into that gives box lunch a new meaning.

    Probable goes good with some paw sushi (sushi shaped as a animal paw print)

  8. I’d eat it.

    Just because the imagination of my caustic stomach acids dissolving her into a pile of muck that I would promptly expel from my body with its own built-in sanitation system.

    Oh yeah, if it tasted good too. If it was tasting like a bunch of rice, I would then take Sirachu sauce (I love that stuff) and slather it all over her face, laughing as I imagine that unholy creature crying in pain at her eyeballs burning into her skull at that sauce) and say, “Awwwww, noon appoh?” which means, “Eyes hurt?” in Korean.

    But then I just finished watching a clip of some guy playing “I Wanna Be the Guy” and it’s Friday.

  9. I don’t like Sushi at all so I’m the last person who should be commenting, but yeah that looks pretty nasty…
    I have tried Sushi- in case anyone wonders, and both times have gotten violently ill from the smell/taste/texture… it’s just plain icky 🙁

  10. aw… no more body modifying stuff??

    but……. what are the kitties made of anyway?
    im a sushi enthusiast and always want to know wtf im eating… maybe masago por the bow?

  11. I can imagine what kind of response darlene would post for this.
    She is going to potrait the HKH guy as a husband who doesn’t appreciate anything his wife does for him.
    I don’t know if that is true or not. But I would be delighted to eat such sushi if such hand-made foods are offered, even they come with scary faces.

  12. I love sushis, but those don’t really look appetizing at all. The only “pkeasure” Mr HKH could get is the satisfaction to chew her head hard real hard and think “Die kitty…DIE!!!” but is it really worth it considering they look hard to digest anyway?

  13. Hmmm………….

    If you eat Hello Kitty Sushi, it’s like you’re eating Hello Kitty herself, and if Hello Kitty goes into your mouth (in the form of food, of course), you know exactly WHERE she will come out (if she doesn’t come out of your mouth in the form of puke, that is)

    Hello Kittified items are already crap, and Hello Kitty food is edible crap that you can digest, then crap out of your system.

    By the way, I hope that “YOU KNOW WHO” is reading this.

  14. I think is made of artificial crab meat with food coloring with a steady hand + really good knife and sushi rolling skills.

  15. I had hello kitty fish paste in Japan last year, and I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. It’s pre-formed colored fish product, and it kind of tastes like fish. It doesn’t turn your poo hello kitty colored, and it doesn’t taste like any other different kind of fish paste.

  16. i love sushi and hello kitty but i don’t even know if i’d eat this. it looks like fake crab and i hate that kind. make me some hk sushi out of eel or salmon and then we’ll talk.

    it’s very cute though!

  17. Just remember if yo hate hello kitty eating Hello Kitty Sushi may not be the answer. Just remember you are just pooping out the residue. You still have molecule of Hello Kitty in you for the rest of your life.

  18. Alfred has a point. Of course, for best effect the sushi has to be small enough pieces to be picked up and ingested using just lips and tongue.
    Then, ideally, for best effect on her, the girl should agree to be blindfolded and earmuffed, and left like that for an hour or so before being “used as a plate”. There is actually sound reasoning for this; suppressing your sight and hearing will increase the acuity of your sense of touch.


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