27 thoughts on “Hello Kitty True Feelings”

  1. Eeek the tables have been turned on me. I sent in to bug Mr HKH, oh well if I am in Tokyo youowe me one.
    About the video, just search Youtube, it a poorly done video towrds the end this picture was inserted. I guess the person shooting the bird does not work for Sanrio anymore.

  2. This is just a HK impostor who’s trying to ruin her reputation because he has nothing better to do in his sad, pathetic life, where he has no friends and everyone questions his masculinity, even himself.

    Just look at the mess behind him – I bet he’s kicked out of where he lives at least once a month.

  3. Hi, I just came across your website when I was searching for some HK stuffs. I just wanna let you know that I may be a huge HK fan but I certainly understand your dilemma…my sister is just like his wife and my sister wont stop unless her daughter’s face becomes Hello Kitty 😛

    Besides, I like the way you blog about it, you don’t actually whine about it or anything (which was apparently) discussed in one of your entries, and you’re certainly not rude to others who love HK 🙂

    More power to your site 🙂

  4. @Yette

    Your sister pushes K on her daughter? Ouch I feel sorry for the girl.
    How could any HK fanatic ever be with somene anyway, especially long enough to have a kid with? The moment I found out the girl I was dating was crazy like that, she’d be dumped lol.

  5. I LOVE HK!! But your site is hilarious! If I ever get married, my hubby is going to go thru HK symptoms close to yours. I never get enough, with the HK fuzzy steering wheel cover, checkbook & checks, toilet cover, body pillow, towels, washcloths, hats, toaster, alarm clock, and this week the entire hk inspired room may be in the works……..2 shades of pink & chocolate with a loft bed painted matching colors and hello kitti heads all over it? Matching HK murals on the walls? possibilities……..will he want to kill me? Hell yeah! But with a lot of love, good food, and some very good sex, i’m sure I can keep him from murdering me and placing me in a hello kitty bodybag, lol. At least for the first 5 years maybe. If I could afford to have my Ford Taurus painted Hot Pink and Baby Pink with giant HK’s all over it, I would.

    ^ ^
    . .
    > <

    It’s a pop icon man, just gotta luv her. But I also luv her bud, AfroKen just as much…..that dog has great hair!

  6. Speaking of checks… I’m happy to announce that I am getting RID of my Hello Kitty Checks and Checkbook cover!
    One small step for mankind 🙂

  7. Oh and Kittilover, I’m going to say with as much patience and civility I muster…you may need help…and I’ve been told by several eligable men I know that they will NOT date a woman who has a HK fetish… no how, no way!
    So good luck finding another schmuck starry-eyed enough to put up with the same $hit Mr. HK has…

  8. @mhkitty06
    I bet there are equally number of eligible men who would not mind or hold it against her.
    In my case it would be the opposite and it not just Hello Kitty.

  9. ps. I did not read Kittilover reply as carefully the first time, she has all the bases covered. A hot meal and some good loving and easy to Christmas shop for to boot.

  10. @ Acton

    You have just showed the world the REAL Hello Kitty.

    Thanks to you, millions of lives will be saved from this Hello Kitty Hell.

    Thank you…………..You are our hero.

  11. MHKitty06, I see what you mean. There are people posting here who I wouldn’t touch with the “Hello Kitty bargepole” 😉 but there are others (and not necessarily the ones who don’t own collectables, have HK tats…) that I’d consider, subject to there being a cetain something between us.

  12. @Kitteh!!: I hear ya, I’d like a man to accept that I have a few things left of HK that will not go away… like some of my early collection from when I was 8-10.
    If he can’t handle it…too damn bad 😉
    But I’m not going to make the poor man use a HK towel to dry off his junx! That’s just mean and emasculating to the poor man.


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