Hello Kitty Cat Hood in Death

Remember those poor cats (and more cats) and dogs (and even babies and adults) that had were forced to wear Hello Kitty head gear to satisfy the cravings of the Hello Kitty fanatic in their family? One would assume that it couldn’t get much worse than this, but oh, it surely does. If you need proof, I present to you the Hello Kitty cat hood of death:

Hello Kitty cat hood of death

I really thought it couldn’t get much worse than the Hello Kitty tombstone, but apparently I now have to fear a Hello Kitty head placed on me while lying in my casket. This is why I fear living in Hello Kitty Hell. Even upon death, the Hello Kitty fanatic will make sure that you suffer…

Sent in by a number of different people who should all have to wear Hello Kitty costume as punishment when finally being put to rest for thinking for even an instant that sending me this photo could be a good idea…

26 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cat Hood in Death”

  1. “I’ll swallow your soul!!!!!”

    That looks like a HK demon rousing herself from the pit of Hell with all her bulk and gluttonousness, etc. to devour a figurative soul.

    I really hope that’s a pet casket. I mean it does look tack, but it would be even more numbing if that was a casket of ashes of a human being.

  2. oh i hope too that it is for a pet. it says on that gold name plate ‘spike’ and i see pictures of an animal in the background, so chances are good that it is an animal.

  3. Kitty-loch !
    Why does this remind me of In Fritz Lang’s 1927 dystopian film Metropolis.

    Is this an urn?
    If so, I see it as a bit creepy. The last act for hello kitty fans, next the hello kitty urn.

  4. Lets not discuss though the need to put fake Deer Antlers or Santa hats on the poor cats and dogs of America at Christmastime… 🙂
    I think animals with any kind of sweater, etc on them should attack their owners… What the heck do people think the fur is there for in the first place? Hairballs????

  5. All of my animals are buried on our property (hey, we have our own pet cemetery!) and we love our pets so NO to the HK after death torture!

  6. DAMN! I missed this GEM last night! Hahahahahaa! How friggin’ apropos that a HK fanatic would put this around their loved ones (cat, dog or otherwise) ashes. Ugh… if anyone did that to my ashes I would consider it the biggest insult after death…

  7. @mhkitty06
    That’s cool! In the SF Presidio, there is a pet cemetary used by the solidiers and their families. It’s weird but honors the animals. 🙂

  8. There is a Mass Grave for Pets in the area here but I refuse to do that my beloved babies!
    My parents live out in the woods so we can get away with it 🙂
    I know most places have special cemeteries for Police dogs and such…

  9. Disturbing.

    Other than that, I have no words. And you have no idea how unusual THAT is.

    Just…yeah. Wow. The big pink mouth is really…again, wow.

  10. This is just tacky and in poor taste b/c it looks like HK is swallowing up the dead ashes of that cat.

    On a side note, while on vaca in FL, while shopping at a Sanrio store (I shopped at 4 in Fort Lauderdale), I did come across this cat hat in the store. It is so much weirder in person. Funny thing is, it was on sale at 50% off. I witnessed someone purchasing it for their cat as part of costume to be worn on Halloween. That poor, poor cat…

    And yes, before anyone starts to comment, I do consider it as part of my vaca to shop in new Sanrio stores. It’s better than shopping for junk at the tourist shops.

  11. Oh man, this is nauseating. And yet, I’m really enjoying the schadenfreude. I wish the site had a “Hello Kitty Death” tag, because the coffin/headstone/this monstrosity are my favorite items so far. Something about the juxtaposition of Kapitalist Kitty with the final resting place — too funny!


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