Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer

Yep, this pretty much typifies what I imagine Hell looks like (warning: you don’t want to watch it – spare yourself the trauma and move onto something else. You’ll save yourself from numerous nightmares in the nights to come).

I warned you…

Sent in by far too many people than is healthy to even know about the evil feline including the people at Sanrio Digital who truly deserved to be banished to this game for life for even coming up with the concept…

58 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Online Game Trailer”

  1. I watch it … until (after 2 seconds or so)the evil kitten announced that it is a ‘Massively Multiplayer Game’.
    My mind wandered of to a virtual place were fanatics all played their favorite HK-imitation.

    ooooohhhhh the horror!!

  2. *screams* NOO! They’re doing an..ONLINE GAME.

    ….*grabs pepsi* Massively multiplayer game huh? Well, we’ll see. We’ll see.

    ………..*Grabs Gun* We’ll definately see. xD

  3. I’m embarassed to say I’m confused. I don’t get the on line game thing. So, you would go on line make up a “HK person” and then roam around in HK land with other made up HK people????

  4. @ Indiana… I love how you grab the pepsi first!

    A friend of mine sent me a link to the site… I should have known better than to click it. There was lots of pink and the song burrowed in to my brain altogether too quickly. At least all the HK lovers will be there instead of pestering Mr. HKH for the items he posts!

  5. @ Indiana
    You’re so right! That’s the way to handle this game.
    I’m right behind you 😀
    But if we go in, then let’s go in in style.
    /* … grabs the HK AK-47 … *

    I knew those HK-guns could come in handy ROFL

  6. ..can I make myself AngelinaHK, steal a dream boat HK from another and adopt a bunch of unwanted baby Hk’s?
    If so I’m sooo there….hahaha

  7. I’m SO going to get that so I can annoy my roommate with the music…
    Not… I can not see wasting however much money they’ll ask just to play a stupid game that I don’t even have time for!
    Online farming??? Are you kidding me??? Go rent a plot of land somewhere and grow REAL plants! Come on, people… how much fatter and lazier do we want kids to be????
    UGH… this is seriously getting outta hand!
    @Grace: I agree!

  8. Lol ya, I remember reading about this many months ago and I got a good laugh out of it.

    Do you like… kill stuff in the game? Get a 25 man raid goin on Hello Kitty and steal her phat loots!

  9. Did Sanrio Digital put you up to this by sending you a video knowing that you will put it up and go ape on it? Sanrio should thank you for the free publicity and set up your own account.
    I would drabble in it but I just do not have the time for this, ditto with Second Life. I mean to blog on it. They are some interesting developments involving World of War Craft players. A small but notable size of WOW players applied as beta testers including many guys.
    It has caused a bit of a stir in WOW forums and some interest. The best reply is from a 10 year old girl. She said the game probably made of 1/3 young girls, 1/3 old perverts pretending they are 10 year olds in order to hit up on the girls and , 1/3 old perverts hitting up on the 1/3 perves pretending they are 10 year old girls. I hope Sanrio has a good security plan for the online game.

  10. Acton wrote:
    … snip …
    She said the game probably made of 1/3 young girls, 1/3 old perverts pretending they are 10 year olds in order to hit up on the girls and , 1/3 old perverts hitting up on the 1/3 perves pretending they are 10 year old girls.

    That’s really interesting. It is almost funny thinking of those perverts trying to pretend to be 10 year olds.
    But, as Acton pointed out, this must be a real concern.

    But how could she tell if a player is a real 10 year girl or a pervert pretending to be a one?

  11. *yawn* MMO’s are over rated as is.. *shrug*
    Nice try Sanrio.. though if they did put an age limit I could see a certain 8 year old I know playing that… but the blog and email thing.. it’s like a cutesy myspace. *head shake* like we need that.

  12. i played it during closed beta and i can’t wait to play it when open beta comes ;x

    >_> *sneaks away and hangs her head in shame*

  13. @ webwanderer,

    Yes, who knew they could be so useful.
    Oh, don’t forget the HK douches we can throw and we’ll…”Evolve” it into HK grenades. xD

    @ moriyah, I was quite….parched. xD

  14. When I used to work at Sanrio, I would have to wear the Hello Kitty costume. The first time I wore it, my manager sternly informed me that “Hello Kitty doesn’t talk.” and I was banished into silence every time I was wearing that dreadful thing.

    After listening to the voice-overs on the video, Sanrio seriously needs to start following it’s own rules.

    *dops dead of an heart attack*

    That’s.. that’s HORRIBLE!
    And I’m really into MMO, normally and I’ve tried out almost every MMO in any language, I understand but this is just ridiculous! That’s not a game! That’s the newest try of evil powers to turn the young generation into mindless zombies!
    Isn’t there any law, that forbids such torture?! T_T
    We sould take the HK-Gun and shot the guy, who came up with this idea!

  16. OMG!!!! its already bad enough! but an ONLINE GAME?????????? SERIOUSLY!!!!! when it comes out…
    *Grabs shotgun*
    I’ll be ready
    *Goes to pratice on a hello kitty doll*
    Hello kitty = Hell kitty with an L.

  17. *hyperventaliting*
    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!
    Im gonna have nightmares now.
    AND DEAF!!!!
    AND BLIND!!!!
    AND DEAD!!!!!!

    @ ayane
    Totaly agree.
    *Grabs rocket launcher*

  18. I’ve BEEN playing this game…lol
    i signed up early enough to get into the Closed Beta biotches…haha
    It’s not that great though (for me at least) my laptop is too crappy for it.

  19. This is so cute…. for children. If my husband caught me playing this on our home pc, he would throw it out, claiming I’ve contaminated it with the world of HK. I would definitely tell my nieces about this game though.

  20. This. Is. Awesome. Watch the video closely: In a few short shots you see that the game still has combat. Yup, it appears to be a traditional MMORPG in that regard, which probably means that you can spend your whole time grinding — read: beating up small fuzzy animals.

    So it is the cutest game world ever. Big deal. This game not only condones violence against exceedingly cute animals but also effectively allows you to beat up Sanrio characters for fun and profit. And the fact that it associates these two things with Hello Kitty makes it almost as awesome as the KH AK47.

  21. “Cutest game world ever”?
    “GORGEOUS LANDS”?!??!!!
    Really now.
    Jesus Christ.

    I’m not going to lie, the game looks sick.
    But the voices are annoying as hell.

  22. I had two reactions. My brain exploding from the horrible dubbing and the over-cuteness.

    The second was diabolical thoughts of making an evil profile so that it will stand out like a blight on the HKscape.

    Those cities don’t even come close except the Paris one! Geez, at least put Big Ben or the Tower of London for London and etc.

  23. O.o whoa. I watched it and I must say there is a zillion reasons why I would not want to play that… ever… EVER! And the bunnie’s voice will haunt me forever now. *shivers* scary.

  24. [IMG]//img.photobucket.com/albums/v611/intuitionseeker/army.jpg[/IMG]

    They’re forming an army! HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

  25. Hello Kitty is so cool,and I just love it,who can’t stand it is wicked a’en’t it man. Quality. The first time I played the game was the race against the roller sKaters.

    I Realy enjoyed reading your comments…………………………………..

  26. Is everybody who has this game diabetic now or what? Bleeeah.

    I know I’ve seen online flash games of shooting moving photos of real kittens or catapulting cartoon kittens, so let’s hope someone does the world a real service and makes a shoot ’em up Hello Kitty game soon.

  27. Whoooop! I am a Founders Beta tester of that game! It’s amazing-there’s alot more to it then that dumb trailer says! ^^ I will email screenshots to you and burn your eyes off you evil Hello Kitty hater!!! 😛

  28. omg it looks awesome, im off to download it now!
    i didnt really know who hello kitty was until i found this site, thankyou 😀

  29. I don’t even know what to say… I do have a few HK items, but I actually never would have thought that people could be this fanatic about HK 😡
    HK is cute in VERY SMALL doses, but this blog scares the living shit out of me, seriously.
    I’m a girl, I play online games, but never in hell if I’ll play this crappy shit.. Oh and Darlene sweetie, if you read this… I love your comments, because they prove that there really are insane people in the world. HK doesn’t have “her own personality”, she is a product, made to make money for people who wanna get filthy rich of fanatic fangirls like yourself… Please develop a brain and open your eyes to reality X_x


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