Hello Kitty Disposable Solar Cell Phone Charger

While there are many things that trouble me in Hello Kitty Hell, whenever it has to do with my wife’s Hello Kitty cell phone I have no other choice but cringe. That’s exactly what I did when she discovered the Hello Kitty disposable solar cell phone charger:

Hello Kitty solar phone charger

Hello Kitty disposable cell phone charger

This shows Hello Kitty in all her marketing wisdom. She has introduced this mini Hello Kitty solar cell phone charger that’s about the size of a lighter with claims of how eco friendly it is. Of course, the solar charger only lasts for about 500 recharges where upon it goes to the landfill (she seems to have left out this minor detail in the eco friendly equation which forces Hello Kitty fanatics to repurchase it time and again).

These points are of no concern to my wife. As long as she gets to squeal “kawaiiiii, kawaiiii” a few hundred times upon seeing it, it has served its purpose in her book. Of course, me having to listen to this again and again confirms that I most definitely am living in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. I’m going to guess that it wouldn’t work with my black Razr, and let’s face it, would look pretty pump with a satin black phone anyway.
    That said, it would be useful in principle, and 500 charges for me ~ 500 weeks, say 10 years. I can’t actually say it’s that eco-unfriendly unless it takes more power to make and dispose of it than to do 500 mains charges!

    WTF is the point of a wrist lanyard on it though?

  2. > the solar charger only lasts for about 500 recharges

    Are you sure? It sounds too short for me.
    Solar panel lasts much longer.
    Well, they may purposely introduced a component that won’t last long so that people need to buy it again and again. How evil!

  3. Ok, if it’s eco friendly, then it wouldn’t be so easily disposable would it? The worst part is it’s made out of some plastic composite that most likely doesn’t give way to nature… those things will be around long after we’re gone.

    Japan is one of the worst purveyors of planned obsolescence out there…. with America in close second.

  4. Seriously (and I can’t believe I am actually defending Sanrio, even slightly) 500 recharges should be 5 to 10 years use if you let your phone battery go more or less flat before recharging every time.

  5. @Kitteh
    Can’t possibly be a wrist laniard. You would have to be 6ft tall and weigh 100 lbs….or missing a hand…..
    Perhaps it’s just to attach to your keys as an emergency back up?

  6. @Catherine

    I was going to say the same thing!

    wow… useful, eco friendly and a collectible.

    Im going to go “yay for sanrio” on this one… sorry everyone.

  7. I think the string is so you can attach it to your cell phone, you know like those little dangly charm things.. It’s a great idea, I’m sure there are others for different phones and without HK for people who don’t care for her…

  8. So bascially if you attach it to your phone, everytime you answer said phone you smack yourself in the face with it!!!!

  9. I wonder if this is the actual size of the charger or if it’s smaller?? I know Mr. HKH said lighter, but there are alot of those too.. If it is then it’s pretty much the same size as a phone lol… And now that I think about it wouldn’t you have to leave it out in the sun for a while to keep it charged? I guess it would be good for um camping?? πŸ˜€

  10. I found a posted video of the product on YouTube.


    The video seemed answer my question of why only 500 recharges.
    The HK charger must have a battery inside and it is being charged all the time (as far as sun shine around it). 500 rechages limit must be due to the battery inside the charger. They should use newer technology battery, which lasts much longer (but more expensive).

  11. OGODS.

    This makes me sad to be an eco freak. The evil kitten has made it impossible for me to boycott everything she stands for!

  12. YAA, cheers for the info. Possibly some third party will come up with a way of opening the charger and replacing the battery, like has been done for I-pods?

    Jason, maybe HK wants to suck her thumb, and can’t, because she has no mouth!? πŸ˜‰

  13. Hey that’s pretty useful, I hope they make one for the Sansa and iPod too, maybe a universal charger with a few different heads.
    And different HK designs of course…I’d totally buy a choco cat one even if it didn’t charge anything i own

  14. The idea of a solar charger unit is a good one, but one you need to throw away after 500 use is a dumb idea. And I bet Sanrio’s idea is that since it’s disposable they will have special editions model coming pretty soon which will sadly prompt any Hk fanatic out there to purchase more solar chargers they can possibly use and heck since the toilet paper incident you mentionned I’m sure that some HK fanantic might not even want to use the charger in the first place, or as in your Stamp misadventure, never want to throw the god damn thing away once out and have a house full of those useless thing leaving poor guy like you shake their head and beg to be taken out of Hello Kitty Hell real fast.

  15. Wow, this blog just makes me laugh. What’s wrong with the Hello Kitty franchise? You could say the same thing about Pokemon and other major franchises that are reaching out to other things.

    This whole blog is just stupid.

  16. Ok Kenichi, produce genuine (not fan art) weblinks to Pokemon white goods or “adult” computers (not the maybe $100 kiddie toys).

  17. Kitteh!!:
    Ignore the dumb newbie… apparently they have not seen the many useless and non ‘age-appropriate’ items that Sanrio or bootleg marketers have come up with for HK…
    I bet Pokemon isn’t nearly as bad…
    I mean how many of us have seen Pokemon Tampons and Condoms???
    “What’s wrong with the Hello Kitty franchise?” Indeed.

  18. My “Pokethulhu” tee-shirt is about the closest to a “non-age appropriate” Pokemon item I can name, and it’s deliberate satire on Pokemon and the Cthulhu mythos that most under 10s won’t get, not something like, say, Pikachu snapping the elastic of a bikini model’s briefs (the HK equivalent does exist).
    In any event, I fully expect that talking to the newbie will be like talking to Darlene.

  19. I’m really thinking she’s
    A) had a pshycotic episode and is locked in a hospital somewhere
    B) taken a new identity and is acting sane as someone else
    C) on a compond somewhere getting ready to drink the Coolade (sp) and wait for the HK mothership to pick her up!

  20. It’s a great idea in theory, but of course like what many have already said, it’s just another ploy to keep collectors wanting to buy more. I might be tempted to buy this if I came across it, but I don’t particularly like this “retro” image of HK.

  21. I would be willing to bet these are low grade China imports and the chances of them lasting for a full 500 charges is pretty slim.

    The good news is that people will save them in a drawer to add to their Hello Kitty collection so the landfills will actually benefit a bit

  22. I have been reading this blog for three days. in the result i have barfed around five times, cryed 28 times, and fainted at the monstrosties twice. I feel extremely sorry for you HKH. Sanrio should be destroyed for even thinking of making Hello Kitty, let alone the products.


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