Hello Kitty Eye Mask

You have the Hello Kitty face mask, the Hello Kitty Mexican wrestling mask and even the Hello Kitty welding helmet mask to scare the Hello Kitty Hell out of you, but the evil feline doesn’t like to stop when she is on a roll. That is the only conceivable reason that the people at Sanrio would think that the Hello Kitty eye mask could be a good idea:

Hello Kitty night mask

See, it’s things like this that make me scared to go to sleep at night. Step back and think about it for a second. You are sleeping soundly, the alarm goes off and you rub your eyes to wake yourself up. As you take your hands away from your eyes, the first thing you see is this staring back at you. If you managed not to have an instant heart attack out of fear and die on the spot, you’d have to do a thorough cleaning of the Hello Kitty futon and sheets due to the mess that would undoubtedly be left. Even worse, your Hello Kitty fanatic significant other could put the damn thing on you and take a photo like this and you’d have to live with it for the rest of your life like this poor guy. Either way, it certainly adds up to Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by maryjane who should have to walk around day and night with one of these on for thinking it could ever be a positive thing for me to see something like this…

51 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Eye Mask”

  1. What is giving the the screaming abdabs is the male model, not the mask itself! The mask might look good on the right woman, particularly combined with the HK earmuffs and the HK handcuffs!

  2. If you wore that on Halloween, you wouldn’t need anything else, that right there would easily be the scariest mask in the whole neighborhood!

  3. is it really sanrio?
    it looks bootleggy….

    I dont like sleeping with stuff over my face… I hate those masks… even if they are HK or not.

    And it would be much more creepier if HK eyes were “open”

  4. @ Lucy
    true it does look bootleggy, K-mart-ish if you will.
    I thought the same thing about the open eyes.
    Do basement walls look like that? How awful that would be.

  5. Puts some eye holes in it and you have the Hello Kitty Fetish Mask. Great for the certain hotel room. (nudge nudge wink wink) The mask is cheesy (not well made) but harmless. The guy is another story, even as a male hello kitty fan this guy grates me. Its like”look at me I did a funny and post it on the internet” look. The guy needs to get out of his mama’s basement and get a life.

  6. @Cathrine
    Actually it looks more like a wall in a college dorm.

    I seriously doubt this is a Male Model, lol. Looks more like a tormented HK Fanatics Boyfriend to me.

  7. @Cathrine
    OOh below the belt shot.

    I got out of my mama’s basement in 1980 thank you I been doing my own thing for that long before most of you were born.
    I do have a problem with Idontgivea****whatothersthink-itis and being dark and sarcastic in my humor.

  8. That eye mask looks really fake. o_o

    And Catherine, get your facts right before your insult someone. That insult was unneccessary and very….

    …..Well, to put it nicely, Preschoolish. Act your age, Missy! 🙂

  9. Adriane, I meant “model” in the sense of someone who’s posing for a picture, not in the sense of someone who’s paid for modelling clothing (or in this case meaningless marketting tat!) 😉

  10. The only place I wear eye masks are in airplnes or over night trains to catch a few zzz, and I would rather be dead than having to wear this thing in public!

    As for the wall, it looks like one of those textures that comes with photoshop or paintshop pro, and if you look at it, there is no shadow on the wall, and the face of the guy appear to have been cut out of another picture as there is a small black edge all around it.

  11. @Cathrine
    I know I just being a drama lama
    I am bit hight on the geek scale.

    But most of the time I fail to see what the outrage is all about.

  12. @Cyn,

    The black line you speak of is the shadow. It was obviously taken in a bright room with direct flash, which would give you that odd black line-ish shadow. As for the wall, it could be a texture, but I’m pretty sure it’s a wall.

  13. I’m thinking this is a dorm hallway or something and that guys is $hitfaced!
    Thus the tongue sticking out and face looking a bit flushed from too much beer!

  14. @Catherine
    I have 3 weeks off. Secondary school Term 3 holidays before term 4.
    So…yeah, I pretty much don’t until 3 weeks. xD

    Yep, it’s good being a kid. 🙂

  15. I know for a fact that this is indeed a real Sanrio product, not some fake bootleg item. I actually own one of these eyemasks. It was part of a pj set I purchased about 3yrs ago at a Sanrio store. The bow is actually red, not pink like in the pic above. My husband laughed at me whenever I wore it and took pictures to boot! Whenever I want to scare him out of his sleep I put it on, then wake him up like he’s gonna get some… The look, as well as the disappointment on his face is priceless. It’s a little mean, but it’s a small payback for the times he teases me about my love for HK. I now have it put away as part of my collection.

  16. Those are handy when you live in a bright area or your bedroom window is right where the sun rises :3
    It looks pretty cute because her eyes are closed 😀
    And look at it this way, with it over your eyes you can’t see other hello kitty products, so is it REALLY all that bad?

  17. @mandie:
    Good point! 😉

    @sanriobaby: You’ve achieved a new level of mean… you’re my hero!!!!! Can I be like you when I grow up!

  18. Just nifty. Your lover will fall in love with you again and again every morning when she wakes up and sees you besides her in that looks.


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