Hello Kitty Roomba

Hello Kitty couldn’t leave hands free house clean-up with the Hello Kitty robomop and decided that they also needed to have a Hello Kitty Roomba:

Hello Kitty Roomba

Of course, my wife took one look at this and decided that it was an upgraded version of the robomop and that she absolutely had to have it. I tried to explained that it would be a bad idea because I would likely step on it and break it at some god awful hour in the morning when I was still half asleep and wake up all the neighbors. Now, this logic would work on most people, but don’t forget that we’re talking about a Hello Kitty fanatic here. Instead of hearing the hoped for “Yes, dear, you’re right” (ha, you can tell I was dreaming) she simply looked at me and said, “If you are not responsible enough to watch where you are walking, then you can’t leave the bedroom until you’re fully awake.”

So now not only am I going to have this monstrosity of a vacuum cleaner nipping at my feet during the daylight hours, I will be forced to decide whether it is worthwhile making a midnight trip to go to the bathroom and risk the wrath of a Hello Kitty fanatic if I take the wrong step, or hold everything until morning. Then again, I could just piss in the Hello Kitty futon and blame it on not being able to leave the room, but that would obviously lead me to sleeping in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the rest of the month. Anyway you look at it, it adds up to Hello Kitty Hell…

First sent in by Rhonda (and then thereafter by far too many people who really need to find something more productive to do with their lives than send me Hello Kitty Roomba photos) who should have to have this contraptions at her feet blaring the Hello Kitty theme song 24/7 for ever thinking that sending this information to me would be a good idea…

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  1. What is wrong with you?! Why do you have no respect for your wife?

    Do you really want your wife to slave by vacuuming the house everyday? I suppose that you think that it’s her job. Why don’t you get off your rear and do a little help? If you are the lazy man I imagine you to be, then you should be thankful that there is something that can help your wife with the housework and is cute at the same time.

    It’s not your wife’s job to agree with you and you are old enough to not wet your bed. If you damage it, she will know that you did it on purpose so I hope that if you do, she throws you out of the house. Maybe if you showed a little more appreciation for the things that she loves, you would enjoy seeing Hello kitty everyday.

  2. I saw step on the thing “on accident” and throw the remains in down the trash chute. Doesn’t it make noise while working? Something like that would keep me up all night and I would then be forced to destroy the damn thing.

    Darlene is crazy…

  3. Darlene is back!
    Good to see your rants.
    It is almost seeing an old evil friend from high school after years.

    Enough of joking.
    I’m a bit amused that not a company from Japan but Roomba (Massachusetts company) decided to use HK to promote their products.

    I found people were saying that Roomba is useful if you have pets in your house as it can pick up pet hairs.

  4. I’ve gotta have it! I’m a clean freak and it’s so adorable.
    Besides Mr. HKH you can program it to go on and off as you wish. You don’t need it to be on all night unless you and Mrs. HKH are pigs!

  5. I love the idea of having a Roomba to help me along in my housework, but the idea of spending so much money for it just didn’t seem worth it, untill… lol! Yes, seeing HK on a Roomba has just about changed my mind, except for the fact that I really don’t like the retro HK image. It it was a current HK image and pink, then I would totally get it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m such a HK fan!

    @Darlene: I wouldn’t call vaccuming the house slave work, annoying yes, but really not a big deal. And if you really want to go there, then for the price of buying this Roomba Mr. HKH can pay someone else, like a housekeeper, to really clean up his house, top to bottom, and then take his wife out to dinner. That is wayyyy better than buying that Roomba. Any wife, or live in girlfriend for that matter, would agree that’s a better way for thier man/hubby to show thier love and appriciation for them.

  6. Lucy wrote:
    > whatโ€™s a roomba exactly?

    Guys from MIT spending decades studying robotics but couldn’t find any good use of their knowledge to make a business. Finally they came up with was a robotic vacume cleaner. This is what my friend told me.

    It sweeps the floor automatically like a robot ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The problem is the vacuming is not so powerful.
    So, if you have a hardwood floor and if you have pets inside, then this gadget may do a job for you.
    In short, your mileage may vary …
    Of course, this won’t climb the steps.

  7. Roomba’s don’t work very well. Adult (meaning target audience, not, ah, adult only interest) marketting tat is all pointless, over-priced and sub-standard. Why does this thing seem so much less than surprising?

  8. When your wife says:
    โ€œIf you are not responsible enough to watch where you are walking, then you canโ€™t leave the bedroom until youโ€™re fully awake.โ€

    Theres a few choice things she can do in the morning to make sure you are fully awake… She owes you EVERY morning anyway for being a HK freak. Seriously, she must be an f’ing goddess in bed or something, cause that has to be the reason you haven’t divorced her yet.

  9. @Catherine, I think why people are obsessing about the $ is because this thing will work for a month then break…
    MIT sucks a$$!

    The Scuba (roomba that mops) isn’t much better because it gets clogged…
    And P.S. the cheapest version starts at $150, they go up to $1,000 for the ‘professional’ series. The ‘pet’ series starts at $300…

  10. I sort of see an idea of the Roomba if you have an indoor cat or there’s a lot of dirt tracked in.

    But yeah, I kind of wonder if there’s spending too much on a cleaning appliance. I mean, a freaking Dyson is about 500-600USD. Geez! I mean I am sure it is a great vaccuum, but man!

  11. Once again I think it’s kind of stupid to ‘have’ to have everything JUST because it has Hello Kitty on it…
    I’ve passed up many a thing because it wasn’t something I needed… otherwise I’d still be sleeping in a twin bed just to have HK sheets with an HK humidifier next to said bed. Oh, and I’d be broke!

  12. Dear god! Anything that zip and zap around my house all by itself is bad news especially in the morning (and that include my sweet dog). And I bet the HK version of that useless gadjet cost double the price of the non HK one.

    Speaking of my dog, I can lend her for an efficient disposal of HK crap, she will start by chasing the roomba around the house and retire it pronto, and then chew down all the stuffed Hello Kitty, shoes, and clothes, she also have an obsession with toilet paper, and I’m sure she will put an end to the HK sleeping bag reall fast as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Well. Look on the bright side.
    The feline will be doing something helpful for you.
    You put your feet up and watch the little feline work away vigorously.


  14. I concider my obsession with Hello Kitty to be a healthy one – I love just about anything that has been Kittyfied, but I also have no problem – I even enjoy – hearing people rant about her, I bothers me none and I enjoy it because I can have a good debate with the heathen, smile, and walk away totally unfazed in my HK faith, with no hard feelings to the Hell-bound disbeliever. : ) Now Darlene, her obsession IS NOT healthy. Hers is the the first comment – Freak needs to CHILL-OUT!!!!!!!!!! And yes, she is a freak, just look-up ‘Hello Kitty KKK’ and read her comment there…you’ll see…

  15. Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that Darlene comments on almost every single entry involving official HK merchandise? I won’t count the HK Cocaine, because, as she said, “Hello Kitty doesn’t do cocaine!!!” I’m sure Sanrio in no way has any association with drug cartels, always looking for new and innovative ways to make their junk appealing to kids. *cough*
    She hardly ever seems to ave an opinion on cheap HK knockoff items. Hmmmm…..

  16. Darlene, I’d like to point out that there are home appliences without hello kitty on them, if you have no heard of them there is something wrong with you. There are perfectly nice (and more energy efficient) washing machines, and roombas without the kitty on them, I use them, and as a woman enjoy them just fine. I would also like to say that insisting an entire life be based around one’s OWN whims is as selfish as you claim the blog owner’s behavior to be

  17. I just had to comment on this because it seems like most (if not all) the people posting comments about the product have never actually owned a roomba, they work great! I’ve owned mine for a couple of months and have had no problems, I hear storys of it getting stuck once in a while (hasnt happened to me yet) in tight spots or wires but meh, when the time comes not such a bid deal. As far as cleaning powers go these things seriously pick up a lot and my place looks cleaner then ever, lol then once its done its job itll automatically go back to the charging station for the next day. Living on my own i never vacummed, & now that I have a roomba..I still don’t, but at least my place is clean :D.

  18. i dont like this…i’m always half awake in the morning with very bad temper and having this roaming my house then bumping to my feet…i dont care if its HK…i will kick this hard till it breaks…


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