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I know I’m going to regret this, but in an effort to hopefully stop Hello Kitty fanatics sending me so much email, I’ve decided to put together a frequently asked questions section (yes, it’s a sad day in Hello Kitty Hell when I have to create a FAQ section). Have a question? Here’s your chance.

You can now find all the answers to the questions below at Hello Kitty Hell FAQs

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  1. becky wrote:
    > … why did you marry someone that you knew loved Hello Kitty?

    That is not what he wrote.
    His wife was not a HK fanatic (to today’s degree) when they got married.
    You should read the first episode:
    Hello Kitty Hell – The Beginning

    BTW, this is a real evidence that women will evolve to something “evil” once they got married 😉

  2. You could have gotten those photos of the bathroom anywhere. You probably gor them from another website. There is nothing in them that even shows that it was a bathroom where they were taken. Show more photos or you’re a liar.

  3. Do you remember the thing your wife bought that finally set you off the deep end?

    I often wonder what my husband’s limit is, but I haven’t hit it… yet.

  4. What’s the weirdest HK thing (not necessarily something you’ve posted on this blog) that your wife has bought that she has absolutely no use for?

  5. Don’t you think you are immature to insult the people who send photos that help make your site interesting? What would you do if they stopped sending you photos and you had nothing to blog about? Why do you lie about Hello Kitty so much? Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to your wife to constantly put down something she loves? Why are you so insecure of your masculininity to not be able to wear anything Hello Kitty?

  6. @darlene
    Can you one stop attacking one masculinity. MR. HKH masculinity is the lest of his issues. I think he very secured in his masculinity.

  7. As a physician, I say that what you are doing is quite healthy – not just for you, but for many of us. Obviously your mocking is heartfelt but (since your wife likes it) not mean-spirited. My children and I love your blog and you definitely lower my blood pressure. To let out your emotions really does help your health.

    Now, those uptight HK lovers who can’t take some criticism – they are the ones who probably need to see a doctor (preferably a psychiatrist). I wonder if they have a “Hello Kitty Home Shock Therapy Kit”. Hmmm….. I hear the cash registers ringing already…..

  8. I’ve been a reader for quite awhile, and one thing that’s always struck me is that you and your wife must really love each other to put up with your respective quirks (her loving Hello Kitty enough to plaster your lives with it, and you loathing it enough to keep this somewhat spiteful but never to the point of being hateful blog about it). Can you tell us how you and your wife met?

  9. Sora wrote:
    > who is darlene?

    She must be very new to this blog.

    darlene is a messenger from the evil feline.
    Do I need to say anything more?

  10. Ahhh… I KNEW those comments were from Darlene before I even read her comment later on!!!!
    Wow, some people just can’t take a joke or constructive critizism…
    Everyone not in the loop: get a clue.
    Everyone who loves hello kitty in a NORMAL, not insane way (i.e. Darlene): good for you 🙂
    Everyone who is on Mr. HKH’s side, and doesn’t ask stupid questions they could have found answers to within 5 minutes of looking on this site and not wasting Mr. HKHs time: You get a cookie/pop/whatever!

    Mr. HKH- you da man! Keep up the great work!

  11. OK let get right to the point why this site. Your not going to change anybodies mind, pro or against. Is this one time of therapy for you. What has this site done for you.
    Think about this before replying.

  12. I’m fascinated by those bathroom pictures. Can you take some more? Is there actually enough room in the bathroom to use the toilet? Or do you knock HK stuff off the shelves a lot?

  13. I am French, I like very much your blog and I collect Hello Kitty for years, as who it is not incompatible ^^ Good continuation in this blog which to laugh me:) even if I collect I share your point of view on many subjects and I am not a bad for all that ^ _ ^

  14. If you’re so anti Hello Kitty, then why do you have advertisements on your website selling Hello Kitty stuff? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

  15. Can you list any redeeming qualities that your wife has? I can’t really remember you ever saying anything good about her, so I am very confused here.
    Constantly saying you are in a living hell is a pretty bad marriage environment, so there must be something amazing about her to counteract her craziness.

  16. I know this isn’t an FAQ, but I’d like to say thanks Mr HKH, because I’ve met some very nice and very interesting people through this blog.

    You know who you all are guys!

  17. I liked this blog entry a lot. It didn’t totally answer a lot of my questions, but your vague “I don’t give a crap” attitute is kind of proof in itself. Plus Acton showed me the articles, so I’m a believer 🙂

  18. Okay guys, why can’t you just take this site a face value?
    It’s entertainment!

    Why do you need to question it so much?
    The man loves his wife and he intends to make good on the ‘for better or worse’ part. At least he’s not a flaming alcoholic and doesn’t beat his wife so what’s the big deal with a little ol’ blog?

  19. I agree MHK; it’s entertainment, and should be treated as such. In fact, anyone who’s so much in love as to put up with a glaring flaw like an HK tat obcession is clearly one of the good guys, and I think that complaining about Mr HKH venting is a Freudian cover for your jealousy of Mrs HKH!

  20. mhkitty06, your right. It’s a blog site, get over it. Who really cares about his personal life anyway. Take the site for what it is, his way of relieving his tension and maybe selling some HK stuff. No harm done.

  21. The thing with ad sites is they are keyword driven.
    I think the bathroom picayune is due to the high cost of land in Japan, one would probably need to take out a second mortgage to afford storage space. As for clutter and EBay I know the feeling, I had to dump 60% of my inventory because it was cluttering my apartment. I do estate items and network equipment. I have sold Hello Kitty items in the past as part of doing some Vulture capitalism, reselling close store inventory. This how I eventually fell for the cute one.

    Out of curiosity where do you live.

    in addition have you ever thought trying to create for yourself a Hello Kitty free man room with sleeping bag.
    Perhaps we can take up a collection and by one from REI.

    [drama class=” sarcastic humor” ]
    Finally I am going to “fall on my sword” and ask do I scare you becasue I am your future. You will embrace the kitty
    Resistance (of the cute one) is futile .

  22. How did you avoid getting signed up for the Hello Kitty online beta? I am glad for your sake that you squeaked past but still curious.

  23. Do you ever want to just put a bullet in your head from all the dumb questions and dumber HK items that are made?

    I think if I was in your shoes I may need serious medication to make it through the day…

  24. @Catherine
    No I am everywhere. I might be next to you wearing Hello Kitty boxers and you never know it. LOL 😉

    don’t sweat it, I just playing with you and Mr. HKH minds.
    I keed I Keed its a joke.

    One thing about me is I hate to be normal. Still I do have my limits that is I planning to Kitty/plushie/fu-ize my apartment * but what happens in my apartment stays in my apartment office cube, and truck. I not going to think any less of you all because you think I am eccentric and dislike HK unlike darline. Just remember I am not asking for anybodies acceptance.

    *plushie count now at 20 including and growing, soon to add 3ft Hello Kitty (I hope) and a visit to Sanrio store in Bellevue, Washington this week.

  25. time to come here….and meet … Hello Doggy.

    part Rott, Part German Pinscher, all Mutt, and tired as hell of stupid pink KITTYS!!!!!

    Get yours today

  26. I won’t ask questions, but just say that the “bright side” in your HK Hell is that this blog was born, and you have a style of writting that is awsome and full of nicely sarcastic humor.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face with each of your entries, and for exposing once and for all how ridiculously insane HK has turned out to be…you rock!

  27. Sorry Mr. HK, Mine was a totally rhetorical question, you didn’t really need to answer.
    But, it is probably true your evil wife may just get her final revenge by dressing you in the HK Tux, getting an HK Flower arrangement placed on your Coffin, drape you in your HK sleeping bag, and then get an HK tombstone.
    I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but you DO realize you are going to have knock her off first to keep that from happening, right?
    We’ll all go together and get you a real nice criminal attorney 🙂

  28. Im surprised your blog went on for this long Mr.HKH. o_o

    I got a question.
    How do you feel when darlene attacks your masculinity and puts all this rediculous stuff into your blog even when your only trying to vent?

  29. How useful! I think this is a great idea, Mr. HK. Oh, I have a few questions: 1) You said that you take very little time on this blog. Does that mean you write what you’re thinking, like jokes and things, at the time when you make these posts? 2)You said in your Beginning post that your wife chose a hobby to make money off of. Do you do something similar?(I’ve always wondered) 3) What HK product have you most been insulted by? and 4) I saw the pics of your bathroom. They look like a freaking toystore! How do you even move through your house??

  30. Liz, ref your (1), I can’t actually speak for Mr HKH (nor would I), but I know several other people who can produce this sort of quantity of humour on this sort of notice in a few minutes.

  31. why do you hate hello kitty so bad i know howyou feel cuz when i was 7 i HATED hello kitty so bad, i drew pics of her farting on sanrios face but now i like the nice cat 🙂

  32. I have something to say: I think that the reason why poeple send you so many hk related e-mails is because
    1. Hello?! You created a website called hellokitty which is completely based on hello kitty.
    2. Because you are purposely showing poeple that you get annoyed off of it and your trying to make a joke out of it so they must think it’s pretty funny to send you e-mails about it.
    3. You blog about nothing but hellokitty and you live with someone that loves it so ofcourse you’re the one giving poeple something to talk about – not them. Another thing that I have to say is that I get annoyed off the crap that you have to say. Oh!.. And that I just proved your really weird blogging about something you hate poeple mentioning to you.

  33. you and my hubby should do lunch. he allowed me the kitchen with my hk stuff but it is slowly showing up around the house. *evil laugh* how did your wife start? with one room or a few?


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